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  1. I realize that there are other options _ I will experiment with the 1/4" outs and "loop" sends to the mixer_ I just didn't realize until recently that the XLR outs could be a problem with mixer XLR inputs and the related phantom power. I got the idea that the statement in the OM --- "IMPORTANT! Never connect the Helix device's XLR outputs to a device whose XLR inputs have 48V phantom power enabled!" I have seen a few comments here stating that the phantom power will not damage the Helix but that warning in the manual looks like the classic CYA protection for Line 6 when it comes to a warranty issue. Like I said, there goes another few hundred dollars if I find it necessary to use the XLR outs to the mixing board. I guess that horse is long dead now and I clearly have more to learn so I'll sign off. Thanks for the response. TW
  2. ...and if there is an accidental Phantom power activation (which isn't that unlikely) or not so accidental power activation by the sound guy (which is highly likely) you are boned. There goes your warranty or another $100-$300 for the gear required to protect the Helix.
  3. I have to say I agree - one of the selling points for me was that the Helix has so many I/O's that I wouldn't have to be going down the rabbit hole chasing the extra gear it would take after purchasing this "all-in-one" effects machine. I also agree that I love this Helix beast but I didn't think I would have to buy extra gear to "protect" it from other commonly used gear.
  4. I have been using the Helix since 2017 and I have always gotten this error message when plugging in the USB from the Helix (thru all of the Helix updates). Is this the same fix for Windows 7? (yes I have put in a ticket on this problem with no resolution)
  5. I think I might have missed something here - I can understand the possibility of "overloading the circuit" (I haven't ever used both jacks at the same time but have always wondered about that) by using the two jacks at the same time but I shouldn't be using a TR (standard) cable from Variax to amp (or in my case Helix)? I have always used a TR "standard" cable as the user manual instructs. I see the note about connecting the XPS-DI box with a TRS cable to power the Variax in place of the battery but the manual explicitly says use a standard 1/4" cable for the "analog" output jack. Is this TRS instruction an amendment to the user guide?
  6. Hate to throw a wet blanket on this fire but I have had some problems with the HELIX/Variax interface. I'm not letting go of the VDI unless I just get tired of the Variax issues altogether and get rid of it.
  7. psarkissian - I have been browsing through the forum for a while and noticed that you have provided many recommendations on various topics. I have been trying to resolve a problem with erratic "Alt Tuning wheel" (JTV 69s) operation and my ticket with LINE6 support has gotten me no where and of coarse a phone call definitely results in nothing more than a solicitation to send  $ and my guitar. I am in the middle of trouble shooting this for myself and I am in the process of buying new VDI cables and building/testing the cat5e cables they are built from. Can you tell me if the tester I purchase should be able to do more than check continuity of the cables (as in check data flow qualities)? I have no idea if data transfer speeds are a big issue here and clearly no one is going to offer that info to me. Sorry to come off a little negative but less than adequate customer service has a way of doing that to a person.

  8. ....I agree with Kilrahi - less keep this idea alive!!!!! LINE6 - why not put some of the time you haven't spent helping me with other variax problems to this update? This is a no-brainer.
  9. This is not directly related to this DSP issue but could someone tell me where to get info on the total DSP values per Path 1 and Path 2 and the related DSP values of the models and effects so I can figure out DSP usage other than trial and error?
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