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  1. Almost got me on that one - I was going to ask where until I actually read what you wrote. :)
  2. I'm not trying to start any grief here - just saying I made it clear I wasn't asking if they make JTV necks, just whether they have necks that work on JTV's so I guessing we are discussing a lack of interest by the company if they can't hire someone willing to make even the slightest effort. My experience in the last couple decades is that quality of products and salesmanship has dropped considerably in the business world. I will have to keep my thoughts open on making this mod and investigate further. Thanks for the response.
  3. I just got off the phone with a warmoth sales rep and he told me they don't have necks for Variax guitars !? Is he possibly so green that he thinks drilling a new hole means they don't fit? I'm thinking of changing the neck because I am just not adjusting well to the "high E string slip-off" the fretboard and I am partial to the maple, tele style neck/fretboard. Any comments out there - I'm not fragile.
  4. I get it - sometimes it's just hard to let go#?!
  5. I can't get WB to rename a preset. I can save it to the computer, rename it there but it won't transfer to the WB screen. The HELP page says you can drag the file over to the WB preset slot but it doesn't take. I've tried every combination of "upload", "download", save and retyping the name I can think of. The preset name will not change (in the CUSTOM 1 block) iit just continues to keep the original title. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?
  6. Clayman, thanks for your input but I guess I don't know what you are trying to say about my use of the mags and piezo pick ups being blended together? I wasn't thinking of synthesizing any of the signal from the mags. I now have both the Helix and the JTV 69s in my possession, I'm happy to say, so I better just dig in and figure this stuff out. I know I'm not done with this forum. There are great topics here and great discussions to go with them. I hope to get to the point where I can offer info instead of just being an inquisitor.
  7. Are you saying that when the signals from the piezo pups (processed) and the mag pups (unprocessed) are mixed by the Helilx an unprocessed signal cannot be achieved from the mag pick ups?
  8. To me the point is that I can mix the mag's with the JTV features at any value I choose via the Helix board.
  9. Thanks Silverhead - I thought I had that right. Getting old is supposed to make you forget things not necessarily get new things wrong! You may or may not recognize me from some of the JTV and HELIX threads but I have done my due diligence on both. I have made my purchases (with some confidence thanks to you and several others), added a QSC K12 to the mix and the UPS truck is at my door as I'm writing this post. Time to quit talking and do it! One of the first things I wanted to do was experiment with mixing the mags and the models in a wet/dry/wet-alt tuning, stereo combination. I will have to do some homework on an alt tuning that will harmonize with the dry tuning. And of course that is also a subject for another thread. Thanks to everyone for their contributions to the forums. Bye for now - off on a new journey, TW
  10. I thought I heard it said somewhere that the models and the mags could be mixed. What could I have misunderstood there? EDIT: I see where I got the wrong idea. I believe "leemh" was asking if the alt tuning could be applied to the mag pups - I took it as if he was asking about mixing the two. My bad.
  11. It makes me wonder if some of us have gotten to the point where the world only exists on the interwebs? These forums are great for sharing info and when you are somewhat isolated but at some point you have to go into the real world and deal with it. Go down to the shop you took it to and talk to them maybe. I think I would be willing to pay a little extra and send it to Line 6 for repair.
  12. I agree. I purchased my first Line 6 product about five years ago and they have stayed true to form. I had to reload my Helix floorboard, and its accompanying editing app, four times yesterday. Three of those times I called the techs and they were helpful and patient. Job done. In case anyone is interested - The editor app didn't download properly and in the process of reloading the app the floorboard locked up. Using the 6/12 button "SAFE MODE" re-boot I was able to get the Helix running again so I could reload Helix ver 2.0. There are sooooo many steps to loading the Helix, I couldn't tell you what the suspect action was. I think the L6 design team had to deal with many obstacles making the new technology so they just couldn't use the older download tools. I have read through all of the topics in the NEW users manual. I'm not a techno-musician but I can see how much thought went into not only making a very usable/versatile unit but about as, dare I say, "intuitive" as it can be. My imagination will be the only limiting factor here! (aside from the ever present software/firmware glitches) At this point I'd have to say my favorite feature of this unit is the ability to easily build any pedalboard/boards I want with the touch of a few buttons. Any stomp boxes in my future will have be impressive to get my attention.
  13. Yes, same experience. Thanks to everyone for your help. I now have current manuals. Working on how I screwed up the backup process and lost my IR's. Helix board is up to ver 2.0. Took three tries to get "Helix Editor" up to ver 2.0. Correct me if I'm wrong but while in the Helix app shouldn't the EDIT window reflect the settings highlighted in the LIBRARIAN window? No matter which preset I choose in the LIBRARIAN window the "signal flow ad "low panel", effects etc never change in the EDIT window? All the settings stay the same as presented in the initial opening of the app. Only the title changes as I go through the presets. (using in Windows 7)
  14. About that "CURRENT EXISTING Helix editor app" - 1- I bought this unit used so I really don't know what I'm doing. 2- I couldn't get the app to back up anything (before anyone says it - I know, just another techno challenged user). 3- I thought since nothing would back up that the IR's were part of the factory presets (duh) and obviously I lost about 24 of them that came with the unit from the previous owner. Any chance I can recover them? 4- Why can't I find any detailed instructions about "backing up setlist/presets etc or using the new SNAPSHOTS? I haven't found anything in the users manual. Is there an updated users manual for 2.0? 5- Are the bundles you make going to continue working with 2.0 and future updates? - I am looking at purchasing some of them? Thanks, TW
  15. DannyMcO--- "It's a tough path, but someone has to walk it." I feel your pain Danny. TW
  16. That's a good one - I don't think China produces anything that is completely void of some lead product! (they still might try it)
  17. Yes, I took more than a passing interest in this after I saw the video presentations and purchased a Helix unit. When I went back and reviewed the videos I noticed that "No WB interface" was mentioned very quickly and just barely audible. Since Helix took five years to get out there I think they just wanted to get it moving and do the update later. I believe in all fairness they should have made full disclosure and a commitment whether of not they were going to support Workbench (for the owners/future owners of the variax) while they were introducing the Helix - IMHO. I can wait (if they are actually going to do it).
  18. Part of the interest in this guitar for me is the fact that I don't already own a Strat (2 Tele's and I love them). All the more reason to own a JTV 69 as a stand alone Strat. After all the discussion about these guitars I couldn't remember if the mag humbuckers can be split.
  19. Okay guys! My last question, due to my lack of experimentation with Strat style guitars: does the HSS set of mag pickups make it difficult to get all of the "genuine Strat Squawk" that comes from the SSS set of mag pickups? There seems to be quite a few of the HSS models available.
  20. Hi Tboneous - no offense intended. There have been several references to this issue of crosstalk through out this thread. I don't want to rehash them at this point but if you start at the beginning you will read other comments about it. I have done multiple searches on the subject - "problems with the JTV variax" - and the crosstalk issue comes up many times. I found it confusing to say the least. There have been a couple posts here that have been more precise. Sorry I neglected to answer your question about styles. I am not a pro, I have more than a beginners understanding of music theory, I have dabbled in guitar construction/repair enough to be dangerous (one of my best friends here is a certified Fender repairman and owns/operates a guitar shop), my shotgun approach to learning (bluegrass, country, rockabilly, blues) has prevented me from becoming proficient at any of them and I own (try to play) Uke, banjo, dobro, electric guitar (six and bass), lap steel, pedal steel guitar and a keyboard (due to my days as a kid learning on an upright). I am enjoying the interaction on this site. Thanks to everyone.
  21. "So yes, crosstalk really becomes a problem with CERTAIN alt tunings, and certain playing techniques...if you can avoid resting your hand on that low E when palm-muting, the problem largely disappears. Easier said than done however, unless you're a contortionist." Thanks cruisinon2, your responses continue to cut straight through to the answer. I have to believe you reasoned this one out to the correct description. If I do end up purchasing a used model I will make sure it is understood that it will get scrutinized thoroughly and will be returned if not found to be satisfactory. I suspect that somebody selling one is getting rid of one with issues - not in every case though. I still think there are reputable people out there.
  22. I don't know if it's the only way to buy, but it's how I've done it, and been satisfied. None of my guitars were brand new when I got them,... including the four JTV's I have. I played them, spent time with them, got to know the in's and out's before I got them. Never had a problem with any of them. But then, I've been repairing, rebuilding and maintaining guitars since I was fourteen. Studied music, electronics, physics and acoustics,... so it comes natural to me. Thanks psarkissian - there have been several responses here that have helped me considerably. I have continued posting on this thread looking for simple, non-ego, non-ethereal related comments. I figured if I kept digging more responses would come out of the woodwork. I don't have your resume and need to hear from those who do. I don't mean to appear negative but I have had my share of bad experiences listening to the hype from the manufacturers and sales people. I decided some time ago to get as much info as possible before making decisions about gear that is new to me. Sitting down in a guitar shop and trying to go through all the capabilities of this guitar will be a pleasure at this point. Negativity isn't always a bad thing - now I know what to look for.
  23. Tboneous - That makes sense! I haven't experienced "cross talk" with my Variax. The first time I heard about it was from you. You misunderstand me Tboneous. Apparently you aren't the only one here that thinks I am attacking this guitar. I'm not trying to TELL anyone I have any of these problems. I am here asking questions to determine if this guitar is for me. That is why this topic interested me. I am hopeful that the JTV will continue to be manufactured and improved. I have filtered through many topics on this guitar and seen various problems described, particularly the one continuing theme about the "crosstalk" issue. There continues to be some very reasonable posts here that are clearing the waters for me. This subject goes round and round with in some cases differing answers. My conclusion so far is that the problem is there and surfaces in varying degrees depending on the alternate tuning used and the technique applied to it. I still haven't determine if the problem varies from guitar to guitar. If it is the "Standard" that is to represent this line of guitars I may go for the ONS or used. I might be successful buying a used JTV if I am careful to check for the problems unique to this guitar (I won't rehash said problems here).
  24. Maybe I have been misunderstanding the problem - Are you saying that the acoustic modeling (or other electric modeling) crosstalk is only an issue in the alternate tunings mode? I have heard sooooo many versions of the problem. I would think the sensors would crosstalk in any mode if they do it in one mode.
  25. Thank you silverhead for that response. Sometimes the precise answer doesn't get it. You can research and come up with all the negatives you want but in the end it's the intangibles that give you the answer.
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