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  1. Garland, you play a Kemper powrerack, don't you? When using a FH1500, do you utilize Kemper's power amp in any way?
  2. Can confirm this, use it at home daily since half a year, no problems. Also during two gigs, seems reliable.
  3. You can use FH1500 as active FRFR speaker. Simply connect Kemper's Main out with FH's Monitor in. Doing so, you use FH's power amp only, Kemper's power amp is not used. I do not know any way to use FH's speakers bypassing FH's power amp without hardware interventions. Do not connect Kemper's speaker out with any of FH's jacks.
  4. After some testing and reading, i think, this is related to the clipping issue (which in fact might not really be one) http://line6.com/support/topic/22837-clipping-issue-when-connecting-to-pa-system/?p=175503
  5. I am afraid, ritchiecat, I experienced that clipping from XLR main out as well, and it is definitely already in the signal coming from the xlr main out. I tested different devices' aux ins. My assumption: It depends on the amp and signal path. If you use "loud" amps, than though hearing good FH1500 speaker sound, the signal is to loud for line level output. Don't know what kind of device is between DSP and xlr main out, but that thing does the clipping if the amp simulation output is too high. So before using main out, I adjust the guitar output level (grey led ring on volume knob) until no clipping occurs. It is a little bit like microphoning amps: you have to use different mic-preamp-volumes for different amps.
  6. Thank you guys! Here are my experiences so far: FX send -> external looper-> FX return works, the engaged signalchains have to be adjusted (FX loop on, tweaking a little bit send/return dB). Guitar > FH1500 guitar input | Mainout > JamMan | JamMan out > Monitor In does not work, the signal which my FH1500 delivers to Mainout is distorted. First time I thought it's my looper that distorts the signal, but it's the main out. Sound coming from the speakers is good, but sound from main out xlr ---- ouch. To proove that it is the main out, I tested FH1500 main out -> Aux of a Bose Soundlink Mini and FH1500 main out ->Aux of a Yamaha THR10. Signal coming from guitar signal path is alway distorted. Very strange: only the Guitar/bass-signal is distorted. Music playing via firehawk app is ok. I can reduce distortion only by setting guitar level in the output level menu (or volume knob pressed 2x) to 20% or so, which is not what I like to do. Nick, do you have an advice for me? Something wrong with my FH1500?
  7. I use a DigiTech JamMan Stereo Looper. Which connection scheme would you prefer? "FX send -> external looper-> FX return" or "monitor out -> external looper -> monitor in ". Or something else? Why? I would like to record/overdub different sounds, e.g. Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, therefore the simplest connection scheme "guitar/bass -> external looper -> FH's guitar input" I would not like to use, because then my looper records the dry, unprocessed instrument signal, which always runs through the currently chosen FH signalprocessing. Cheers Peter
  8. After launch or BT connecting it happens that remote app autostarts a song from my iTunes library without me having selected it and pressed play. I cannot figure out exactly when and when not, but every now and then after launching the remote app or establishing the BT connection. It is always the same song (strange enough a song which I never played before via the remote app) , so I have to go to the tab in the remote app and stop the song manually. Any suggestions how to fix that? Cheers Peter
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