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  1. Back in 2015, I came up with this diagram after watching video, pictures and interview. Don't know if Mike Kerr shared his secret sound since then, I guess note... The source of this diagram is located here : I also made 2 presets, one for Figure It Out, with an IR (to be played with a bass, octave up for guitar parts) and Little Monster (to be played with guitar, octave down for base parts). Just let me know if you're interessed.
  2. Got an answer yesterday from L6 Support : Hi,Thanks for your patience with this bug. We have a fix and it will be released soon with a new firmware release.Will - Line 6 Support
  3. Got an answer yesterday from L6 Support : Hi,Thanks for your patience with this bug. We have a fix and it will be released soon with a new firmware release.Will - Line 6 Support
  4. Same issue here, Ticket has been opened with L6 Support. If you did a Setlist export before the update, I can give you a python script that I've made that will extract all the infomation from the Setlist file and display the content in readable format so you will able the recreate you preset.
  5. Hi everyone, Same issue here with v2.10. Two different behevior, one preset not showing any block from dsp1 (2 last paths). I can export that preset, with 2.10, and see all the missing blocks. The other preset, anything from dsp0 is not showing up, cannot see anything from the export preset file either. Hopefully, I can find all the missing info from the Setlist export made before v2.10 update. These 2 presets were using Snapshot, might be related, cause so far, from that setlist, only these 2 has this issue. Ticket has just been opened with L6 Support.
  6. I believe that opening it will void the warranty. FYI, I have the same issue here for which I opened a ticket. They told me to bring it the an authorized service center to fix it.
  7. Helix Single Cab vs Dual Cab block icon must be different. There is no way, from the Home screen, to determine the Cab block type being used: 'Single' vs 'Dual', like for Amp+Cab and Amp which in this case the icons are different. The only way to know, is by manually selecting the actual Cab block and look if there is 2 white speakers Cab icons next to the Cab name (see dual-cab-icons.png attachment) For instance, check preset '08B Electric Version' from Factory 2 set list. The first Cab, in path 1B, is a Dual type one, while the other 2 Cabs in Path 2A/2B are 'Single' type ones, but from that screen all Cab blocks look the same. See 'Dual Cab block.png' suggestion for Dual Cab block.
  8. There is this guy who makes IRs (7 guitar cabs pack available for download) from original sound track (mainly metal band): I tried the Metallica and System of Down ones, they sounds great. He also explain how to create them with a DAW and some other VST pluggins on his Youtube channel Based on his explanation, I was able to make my first IR, of the Nirvana song's Breed with these tools: DAW Presonus Studio One, (I'm using Pro version, but there is a free one avail. (http:// Voxenco Deconvolver app ( Voxengo Curve EQ ( and Helix for reamping (instead of TSE 808 / TSE X30 VST pluggins as suggested in his video)
  9. While in 'Global' any change you've made (Variax wize) will not be save into the preset. If you open a preset file, there is a section Global for each preset where Variax settings are stored: '@variax_customtuning': True, '@variax_lockctrls': 0, '@variax_magmode': True, '@variax_model': 0, '@variax_str1tuning': 0, '@variax_str2tuning': 0, '@variax_str3tuning': 0, '@variax_str4tuning': 0, '@variax_str5tuning': 0, '@variax_str6tuning': 0, '@variax_toneknob': -0.10000000000000001, '@variax_volumeknob': -0.10000000000000001}}}, For instance, while in 'Per preset' mode, select Lester on your Variax, save the preset you're in. Now switch to 'Global' mode, select any other model other than Lester, save your preset again. Switch to 'Per preset' once more, the Lester model will still be there again. 'Global' just means than anything you do with Variax settings won't be saved within the preset, in fact it will be saved somewhere in the Helix, but will never be saved in any presets/setlist/bundle. Being in this mode, only, override anything specified in the Vaxiax settings for each preset. So if you select Semi, it will stay on Semi model for the entire 1024 presets available.
  10. Paul Hindmarsh is sharing his Helix preset too. See his message from Nov 21th on Line 6 Helix User Group (
  11. You can emulate the feedback by using: the Twin Harmony block, set the V1 Shift to 8th (octave), assign the Mix to a controler (Exp Pedal or Variax Tone Knob) and make sure the V2 Level is set to 0, just to hear the V1 note only.
  12. Hi welzijnswerker, Someone has submited the auto-save idea here:
  13. That's true. Someone has already suggest to change that here: Meanwhile, you can set the 'Variax settings' to Global, that way none of the Variax params will be saved with each preset.
  14. You need to go the the Input block, Page 2, and press the 2nd knob under 'Preset Variax Model' to reselect "Don't force" before saving the preset. Of course while being in the preset, anytime you will rotate the Model knob on your Variax will set the above parameter to the selected Varaix model, not a big deal if you don't save the preset, it will remains to "Don't force".
  15. This one is working: Check out this thread:
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