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  1. How the heck could you be a member since 1969 ???




  2. Simple Question. Just thought that I'd try to tell you why it didn't work after you put it in. Shawn
  3. AHHH ! My favorite subject ! HOWEVER .......I'm no longer allowed to discuss the facts in public. Just a little heads up tho'.............even if you put the mainboard in yourself.....it still has to go in to get it programmed. The new mainboard is blank as I understand it. At least yer not in Australia. Shawn
  4. What are you controlling with the pedal???? There are NO up-dates to be had for the pedal itself.......you use the connection thru the pedal to up-date whatever that it is that you have it hooked up to, ie: Spider Amp, etc. Any assignments as to pedal functions are controlled by that unit alone and not the pedal itself. Read the manuals....not much, if anything can be done to the pedal itself. Shawn
  5.                                  "Dirty Deeds and they're Done Dirt Cheap"




                         Wow!  After 4 years, now I'm some kinda' Secret Agent ?

  6. I don't think larger service centres that you might get a picture of in your mind exist - well not in Adelaide at least My sick sense of humor compels me to ask "Where is the other one located ???? In a brokedown trailer out at the nearest Billabong ??? A "Service Center" without any parts and just one guy, is just a fancy term for a "Waiting Room". I've been in more than several dozen one man repair shops, in more than one country, but NONE of them were ever touted as a "Service Center" for a major flagship brand. Especially in a major city. The bottom line here is Bsewart is the only one who should be happy or disappointed. Another week has gone by.......so keep us informed will 'Ya ? Have you heard anything? Parts on the way ? Has L6 USA actually stepped in and helped at all ? Shawn
  7. Models/amp/cab sims...everything worked much better for me going direct/FRFR. You also need to learn and spend some time in Workbench HD to get the models to sound their best....took me a while with the 500X too. Rocks it now tho'. Anything acoustic just didn't cut the mustard for the reasons stated. Hope you get what you need....but a nice new GOOD acoustic/w/pick-ups at your disposal is never a bad thing ! You'll never have a problem that more new gear won't fix.........LOL ! "HONEY ! ................. I NEED a new Taylor 814 "........O.K. ? Shawn
  8. There are many reasons that trying to make an electric guitar PERFORM like an acoustic is a waste of time......... Even after going full FRFR, the first thing that any experienced player will notice is that the missing factor of the actual presence of the guitar itself. An acoustic is a live thing..you can feel it...not a deadstick electric in your lap while you hear something else entirely through your speaker/amp. Try Alt Tunings and it gets even worse. You learned or were taught to play by listening to the instrument itself, and now the disconnect is something that I could never get used to.Then everyone will tell you that you need to change your playing style, ie: "Pick Softly".."Use a Soft Pick", ETC, ETC, the list goes on and on. I play a 500X FRFR "Dream Rig" after trying to sort out the same things as yourself, but now for any acoustic sets I just go direct with a real acoustic guitar. Latest is a Muiderman OM. Wow! Model that ! The Doctor knows his stuff ! I'm gonna say that if your a person that is looking for the acoustic to work as a mainstay, experience tells me that you won't find it foots the bill. Try an accompanying percussion finger line on your Variax....Go ahead...I'll wait. And that's just one thing out of a long list that you won't be able to replicate. Try out an E-Bow and a slide sometime.... AND...Last but not least....I've never had any reliability/service/ parts issues with ANY acoustic guitar that I own. Never. Try the powered speakers out if you can rent or borrow 'em. But approach it as an acoustic player first if that's what you use or need the most. Not Visa-Versa. You'll be a lot happier. "Good Enough" also means you will never get any better than this.................Hope that ain't 'yer goal ? Shawn
  9. Adelaide is the Capital of South Australia. It is the 5th most populous city in Australia. It is the most centralized population in Australia and holds 75% of the Southern population. It has a population of over 1.4 million residents. It is a very modern city with a vibrant economy. They build and launch warships, Chrysler and GM built plants there,have a large manufacturing and defence industry, have many museums, They hold International Arts Festivals, and many others and are the center of a major wine industry. They are ranked as one of the top ten cities in the world to live in, and are ranked as the most desirable place to live in Australia. Doesn't sound like you live in the Outback...sounds more like San Diego, Calif. They are also the home of a one man Yamaha/Line6 Service Center that's in the back of a guy's house. Not to bash someone that I don't know, but there is only so much one person can do, and it's more like a "Service Dude", than "Service Center" just by definition. I have no idea how many places sell Yamaha/L6 gear around there,or how much is sold, but this sounds highly inadequate given the region that would encompass the service area. Is this the only one anywhere around? Plus, a simple phone call or e-mail should confirm if a replacement board is available. Should also be much easier to just replace a defective item than to jerk the customer around while he waits for what ? When ? So, if you think parts are hard to get....try someone that would have a ZERO L6 parts inventory. If you needed something as simple as a knob...it would have to be ordered..."Special", from I don't know ? But Yamaha/ L6 stands by the "Everything is Rosie Here" fantasy while the customer knows better. Now just imagine that your gear is no longer under warranty, 1 year, and you get to foot the bill while you wait, and wait. You're going to need the "Best O Luck" along with any other Yamaha/L6 users in your area. Shawn
  10. First, I have to say that you have to be one of the most patient, nicest people in Australia. I'm all for giving some body the benefit of a "Little" doubt....but this is just plain ridiculous. "The repair centre is just one guy working at the back of his house.".........REALLY LINE 6 ???????................SPEECHLESS !!!!! You said before that " I can't wait !". Looks like you're in for more of that. They might be waiting for some guy in a pushcart to come by with the mainboard from China.............? I'd like to know where the H E L L is the guy's amp ? He paid for a new amp.....not a back room refurbished one . You get a discount to buy those. Wow! I'd be jacked up and hopping around like a kangaroo with his arse on fire ! What else do you want to buy from L6 now ??? Australia is well covered.....choke, choke, puke.... Shawn
  11. So...Friday has come and gone in Australia.....any news? Mainboard in stock? New unit being sent ? Has anybody from L6 been in contact with the Service Center? Or.....Zippo ? Shawn
  12. You're gonna need a controller anyway ....the Express has the least features of the FBV's How much time have you spent with the manuals? You need to check the other FBV's features with the Spider 5..they might not do it either. FBV /Spider manuals and Spider Edit manuals take some time investment on your part. Until you go "There" you really have no idea what the set-up will or won't do. And the Spiders do alot as I'm finding out myself with a Spider IV75. There are no short-cuts, just hasty decisions. Shawn
  13. If this helps anybody, Charging Specifications: Input voltage 12 to 18 VDC Charging Method Constant current/Constant Voltage Charging Current 1000 mA Trickle Charge Current 100 mA Standby Current 20 mA Shawn
  14. 7 hours ago, psarkissian said: Main board for which?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's a real confidence boost.. I Repeat, Best 'O Luck Mate. Shawn
  15. He's waiting for a mainboard that he doesn't know if they have it in stock or not...BUT !!!!!....it should be done by Friday ? Maybe ? Or we might send you the new one you deserve ?? Sad . Two months to come up with this...........LOL ! Well, you can always hope that the mailman is slightly better at his job when and if a new one is really on it's way......................................? I repeat, Best "O Luck Mate Shawn
  16. More people need to learn to use the lounge instead of endless off topic posts about movies and zombies and frickin' New Zealand. But Hey..idiots are already on page 2 talking about Retail Returns ruining the planet on a Helix Topic thread. Probably will go 5 or 6 pages of drivel. Why hasn't anyone moved that piece of artwork ? Never had anything to do with a Helix. It really get abused to the point of nonsense most of the time. Of course the lounge doesn't get as many hits, so one would guess that's an explanation as to why all the BS posting goes on.......... Shawn
  17. Does everybody know that the toilet water actually spins the opposite way when you flush the thing in New Zealand ?? THIS IS A HELIX THREAD......learn to use the forum BEFORE you come on and talk smack. Bashing The U.S. ain't never gonna work for you here. "Turned Negative".....no, you started a bunch of negative crap that had NOTHING to do with L6 or Helix. Maybe you could use a different forum for your personal/political views instead of a thread that's supposed to offer help, or to discuss a specific piece of gear. Shawn
  18. This is a LOT of drivel.....not once have you even mentioned Helix ???? Are we here talking about f'ing movies and earthquakes in New Zealand ???? Zombies ?? REALLY ! Lord of the RINGS !!! AND we're the ones who're not focused ???? Maybe you could do some research....... and find the Lounge to post stuff like this.......in.............. OR..maybe you could just take it all back ? ;) ! Shawn
  19. Great............The PC Police weigh in... You can't be First, USA!, USA!,....but you CAN be next greatest if 'ya want . You be for your Country...We'll be for ours . OK ? What the HECK did this have to do with Helix anyway????? Shawn
  20. Just barely caught a VERY BRIEF flash of a Line 6 amp being used at the Britton/Keyes rehearsal on Monday nights show. Looked like a Spider Classic 15 or a Spider IV .... Maybe ??? Happened too fast to get a look at it though.... Wonder how deeply L6 is involved with the show and what else they might be using ??? I'm wondering if that wasn't a little promo ??? Like the show...great music, talented band. Shawn
  21. Friends of Line 6, We notice that many times, customers ask on our forums "Why is Line 6 not responding???" Please understand that our forums exist so that our community members can help one another and talk to each other. Our very knowledgeable Line 6 Experts monitor and moderate our forums, and have direct lines to Line 6 staff to report trouble or get useful information, but they are not paid employees of Line 6. Line 6 staff is generally aware of the most sensitive and/or active forum threads, and occasionally will post to certain threads. However, our forum is not the appropriate place to ask Line 6 for a response to your questions. Additionally, sending a private message to a Line 6 staff member does not guarantee a response. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Unpaid, "Experts," monitor and moderate the forum"---not L6 employees--then they report to L6 "Line 6 Staff is "Generally" aware" "The forum is not the appropriate place to ask L6 to respond" "Even a private e-mail to Staff will not guarantee a response" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seems I get a response to everything ! ;-) Anything else I can help somebody with ??? The squeaky wheel gets the grease first. I'm actually packing up my FRFR rig to play winery gigs this weekend..Like I said, I'm still using it. If everybody else wants to overlook the obvious , and L6 doesn't want to recognize where things could stand a large dose of improving,that's not realistic. But T.S....I'm a real customer who has spent real time (6 years) several "Shipping Events" (5) and real $$$$ and more money and own at least 8 pieces of L6 gear. The forum is here for OUR use, so we can talk to each other...... Enjoy life and go have some fun. Shawn Plus it looks like it got L6 USA looking into an Australian customers problem. TA ! DA ! AHH ! Users helping fellow users...ain't that the way it's supposed to work ?
  22. There you go BSEWART....in spite of L6 claiming to not monitoring this forum, make one disparraging post and they WILL be in immediate contact with you. Within minutes.... Didn't even have to file a support ticket. Hope maybe this kicked SOMEONE in the a** and that they actually take care of you and your current issue. Sounds like we got some action from them ! Come back and post your experience, I'm glad to take the heat if it actually gets the job done for 'ya ! You will also notice that they had no rebuttal to any of the facts posted..... You will also notice that I'm NOT the person who posted a Amplifi problem in this thread. Just a response. Defend the brand...but keep your head out of the sand. Pretending that things are without fault is just plain delusional. Only attention to details matters. Hope your up and running shortly......................Send me a PM LOVE HURTS, Shawn
  23. Your time would be better spent on correcting the customers problems. Why don't you pick up the phone and call HIM ????? Then you can tell HIM how great everything is..... 'Nit pickin a negitive post all because someone has a ligit complaint doesn't fix squat. You did read the guys post...Right ?? I didn't create his problem...L6/Yamaha/ Retailer did...... Plus, if you can teach me everything that I need to know about this stuff in a week....Where do I sign up ??????? It's also asinine to ask a customer in the USA if he shipped his gear to Australia ???? Just sounds kinda pissy and snide. Thought you would be above that. Shawn
  24. You are most welcome....Glad I could help Shawn
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