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  1. Obviously a mono pedal is only going to affect (effect?) one side of the stereo loop. This may or may not be exactly what you want. For example, if you were to use a Mimiq pedal, this is exactly how I'd use it. You could also put a mono block (EQ, volume, etc) after the stereo loop block, and activate it when you want the stereo block to be summed to mono. Almost anything is possible with Helix. If we could just split/rejoin the signal more than once per path it'd be perfect. :)
  2. Yes. I run an H9 and a Mobius in stereo using sends 3/4. I use midi to bypass/engage them separately. Some of my patches put that loop in front of the amps (for H9 pitch fuzz and Mobius rotary, which sound better in front). Some patches put 3/4 in the fx loop of my amp (for delay or spacey reverb stuff).
  3. Yes. You might check out the templates in the preset list.
  4. I'm rolling the dice............ Installed Updater 1.14 and 2.54 is going down right now. (nervously chewing on fingernails).............
  5. silverhead, you better add "Close HX Edit after doing the backup, BEFORE running the updater". If HX Edit is still open when you try to run the updater the USB port is busy and your Helix device won't show up. You'd think Line 6 would have a reminder dialogue box saying "Please close all Line 6 programs", but they don't.
  6. Those are interesting articles. Being able to customize the text and icon would be the solution. The icon needs to mean something, and link to a familiar experience. If I could assign the icon picture AND change the text, I could personalize the UI for my own experience. It'd be what is familiar to me, just like my pedalboard. I don't have to memorize 200 icons. But I can draw you a EP boost, a tube screamer, and an SD1 from memory. I use them all the time. Right now the generic icons and text are not enough visual feedback. Not the end of the world, I just want it to be more descriptive.
  7. If I'm running in 8 snap mode, and pull up a preset that has a kinky into a screamer, I can't tell one orange block from another. It looks exactly like the preset that might have a kinky into a compulsive. If they used the pedal icons, I'd instantly recognize it. What if I have a preset with three distortion blocks, and I only want one engaged at a time? I can't tell just from looking at it which of the orange blocks is scream, which is boost, which is drive. Maybe I don't have a free pedal scribble to assign to just that block just so I can "read" which block is active. It's not "cutesy", it's just good UI feedback.
  8. It's not like they aren't using the icons at all. They're in HX edit just to the left of every single choice in HX edit. Does somebody else own the patent on that? I really wish Helix would show the same pedal Icon they use in HX Edit for the block picture. A Kinky Boost and a Scream 808 show up as the same generic orangish block called "Dist" (which we apparently can't rename?). I get annoyed having to navigate to the block or click on it in HX Edit to figure out which block it is.
  9. Well then get to selling some new stuff, cause I need a friggin JP2C model. I don't care how you fund it. Like you said, it's free. :)
  10. I actually bought the Helix with the expectation that updates would be forthcoming. It was priced into the $1500. If updates weren't included, or there was a licensing scheme to get new model packs (like the H9 algorithms, for example), then the purchase price would have to reflect that business model up front. So updates aren't "free". I paid for them when I bought the Helix. I can understand the implied sense of entitlement. I paid some premium cash up front for future upgrades. I did the same with my H9 Max. I paid for the all the existing upgrades, plus future upgrades. I could have bought the H9 Core at a considerable discount. It's a different business model, I get it. But L6 doesn't use that model, so yes, I feel entitled to the update because I already paid for it. I'd actually prefer a model where you pay for the content you use. I don't need a single bass cab or effect. I dislike a lot of the models and effects and won't every use them (but I paid for them anyway). Ownhammer is doing it. Want some Mesa IRs but don't give a crap about Fender Twins? Here you go, buy this pack. Eventide is doing it. Want the Timefactor stuff, but have no use for Pitchfuzz? Buy this algorithm, skip that one. Maybe Helix should have been $799 and you can buy license packs for the new models (IF YOU WANT THEM). The vast majority of new models/effects that get released go right into the "not for me" category. "Dom and the QA team found a couple blocker bugs this morning. Looks like next week for 2.50; sorry, guys. " Thanks! :) That exactly what I suggested (but I'm apparently in the minority).
  11. I'm a software developer. This process isn't that hard, and it's about managing expectations. L6 knows what the feature set for the release candidate is. They're of course welcome to share update release notes. However, that should have been accompanied by a target release date. If they're doing effective defect management then they should have line of site on a reasonable convergence date. You pad that a little bit and push out the release notes and date. Hey guys, we're targeting release 2.50 with these features on 2/2, we'll keep you updated as the date gets closer. Everybody goes "cool, let's wait for 2/2, so excited, let's talk about what's coming". If release date is approaching, and they know they're not going to make it, then you push out the date. "sorry guys, trying to get you the highest quality code, we're slipping to 2/14". If they hit the date then everybody goes "allright, 2.50 released! Let's go back to hating on the tuner." It's not really that complicated. If they slip dates for the next 6 months, then they deserve to take some lollipop. It means you didn't plan well or didn't execute well. Slip once or twice, and your customers will be accepting. Make a habit of it, and you lose trust and confidence. Ambiguity is the problem here. "Soon" doesn't mean lollipop. I'm grateful they're releasing updates, but it could be managed better without pissing off your customers. The endless "where is the update" threads on every L6 forum (TGP, FB, here, etc) could have been avoided with some decent release management. I'm sick of reading about it, I'm sick of people complaining about it. It's all just noise, but it didn't have to be. I've been doing this job for 20+ years. I develop and deliver firmware for enterprise class storage. And I can tell you, unequivocally, that ambiguity is one thing customers won't tolerate. Just look at the complaint storm that "soon" created. You never tell your customer "you'll get it when you get it". Ok fine, then I'll go get your competitor's product, since I can least plan around it. If L6 had zero competition and completely owned the market, then you have a little more leverage. But that isn't the case here.
  12. The new tuner. (expecting the ban-hammer). Really hoping the new verbs can compete with a Big Sky, but I'm not super confident having heard the one preview video. Same thing with the BE100. What I've heard so far doesn't trip my trigger. No disrespect intended to L6, I'm just not sure it's my cup of tea. In the preview I saw it sounded like a flubby marshall.
  13. I use the H9 in stereo loop 3/4. With the exception of the Pitchfuzz (which is awesome, btw), I run the H9 after the amp, 100%. I do have to adjust either the amp output, or the fx send/return, as well as the Input Gain on the H9. I use the H9 fuzz with my strat (low output pickups), and a bunch of other algorithms with my humbucker guitars. I've run the H9 in a parallel path, but you have to remember to set "kill dry" on the h9 for those patches. Pretty sure I ended up using it in serial stereo for everything, but it definitely takes some level tweaking. At least H9 gives you a clue it's clipping (hint, hint, Eric....). My latest favorite is a patch I downloaded off of customtone called SnapsTrain. I made a few mods, threw in the H9 and am digging it. Right now I have no band, so I'm one of those dudes sitting at home between two L2s in stereo playing "For the Love of God" badly. Stereo is awesome!
  14. I did it frequently with my Triaxis, my JMP 1, and my HK Mkiii years ago. Lots of tube amps are supporting MIDI these days. :)
  15. When I try out the "Streets" snap I'm only getting one delay repeat. Am I missing a stereo path? I always thought there were two different delays going. Just wondering if maybe I turned something off?
  16. It was NOT me that posted that to Chad’s group. I just thought it'd funny to post it here. 😂
  17. No thanks. (Lol. Inside joke) Cool patch!
  18. One more update without a Metal Zone and the duck gets it.
  19. If a volume pedal at the end of the chain is good enough for Mr Petrucci, it's good enough for me. I can never get along with noise gates (Helix or analog). But yes, I've found that the Helix gate has tone suck.
  20. The only thing that worries me is that open-box aren't eligible for the Service Plus warranty. "B-STOCK/BLEM/SCRATCH AND DENT purchases do not qualify. "
  21. Not Helix related, but have a listen to Mr. Gilbert in the middle. It's like a hot knife through butter. This is the kind of tone I want!
  22. It’s definitely possible to assign one stomp switch to control bypass on multiple blocks. Undoing that tends to be the part I can never remember how to do. Highlight the dirty block, bypass block, touch the FS, assign controller OK. Highlight the clean block, make sure it is NOT bypassed, touch the same FS, assign controller OK. The scribble strip will say “multiple†or something like that. Now when you hit the stomp it’ll bypass one and engage the other.
  23. For those of us that already own loop switches and effects galore, that already have pedalboards they like, but would like a small “strymon sized†amp modeler with midi selectable patches. Two TRS pre/post loops, single expression pedal input. Single path would be ok. Helix is way too big for a pedalboard with external effects. It’s either Helix with nothing, or my pedalboards with amps. Something in the middle would be great. I love the Eventide editor app on my iPad, iPhone, and Mac. I’d be just fine with something like that for a sub-Helix (Sublix? Trademark!)
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