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  1. I finally had a chance to check out these tones with my upgraded guitar. The tones Hanmer created weren't very punchy with the stock pickups in either of my Schecters, but when I upgraded my C1+ (passive Duncan Designed) to the James Hetfield 'HetSets' from EMG, holy crap! Incredible difference in tone and sound. I don't even have to punch in the compressor to break through the mix on solos. These pickups took my $180 Craig's List guitar to extreme levels. The pickups cost more than the guitar, but I saved about $500 in not buying a better guitar. My Firehawk sounds even better now. I uploaded my tone, created from scratch, to the cloud. Search for CaliDiamond if you want to give it a try. I don't even know what to type here, I sounded like a pro through the PA, never happier with my sound. Turn down the guitar volume for a little more crunch, turn it up to get hot and noisy. The volume level changed very little through most of the knob range. I'm sure there are better pickups out there, but these are 'effin awesome.
  2. yigba, you are experiencing the same thing we all ran into, but just consider this, when you are playing with the band, the 1/2 second patch change isn't as bad as it sounds. I change from clean to dirty and back over and over and I'm also switching from bridge to neck pickups at the same time. Take the song from Pop Evil, Torn to Pieces, I thought I would never get the transitions on time, then add the fact there is a delay, oh my. After a couple times through with the band, it all came together and sounds great. Stomps on and off, on the same patch shouldn't be noticeable, just changing from patch to patch takes some practice to make smooth. Just food for thought for ya, I was in the same place as you, I'm sure lots of us were. If you are playing by yourself, yea, it might be more than you care to have, with the rest of the band playing, no one really notices.
  3. I've use the "BJ Clean" patch. I feel a little leary about it, if we were supposed to have 4 FX blocks, wouldn't Line 6 made it that way? I'm afraid the 4th block might crash the system. It hasn't yet and I haven't read about anyone having issues, just makes me a little worried.
  4. No. I was going to after I could try them first. I need to tweak them a bit for my rig. I don't think the EMG 81/85 combo is quite right for the setup Peter has.
  5. Yea, I was going to tell you that, but you figured it out. I did it when I went through the Peter Hanmer video you posted, creating the tones he had. I wander how many other tones I over-wrote...haha, oops.
  6. haha, I'm pretty sure the app uses the metadata in the mp3 to wildcard search the cloud. It rarely comes up with a sound that works well. If I get my sounds dialed in, I should post them for you guys. They sound great soft and loud, but your guitar pickups, sustain and playing style make a big difference in a good patch and waste of time. For instance, none of the Green Day patches sound, well good, let alone like Billy Joe. I just chalk it up to my setup not being the same as the author. I just make my own with the Mesa head and add gain and grind until I can get the sound dialed in. I've gone away from trying to match the sound of a band, I have a Brown/Slash type sound, a Grunge type sound and a metal sound. Each bank with a pretty, clean patch in it and a reverb and delay setting for each patch. I can go to bank #2, Grunge, and play Green Day, STP, Nirvana, Lit and they sound great, but I am playing in front of a bunch of drunks just just want to bang their heads and dance to a good beat.
  7. yea, I'm rehashing this post..... a Firehawk 1500 that's just an amp would be stupendous! I'm in the market for a bigger system to stand in front of. I've considered a Mustang 5 half stack and the local MusicGoRound has the Spider 150HD + cabinet for about $460. I want more bass in the guitar. Deeper, badder sound. My Mustang 3 will get plenty loud and sounds great mic'd, but I want to be a bit bigger on stage.
  8. I'm sure it will sell quick. Good luck to you with that. You might look into this, but your sound probably isn't what you want because you are using patches from the cloud. I couldn't get any of the downloaded patches to sound good, except for the STP Solo one, that was good. I created my own patches based off guitar rigs from pros. After I did up a couple of my own patches, my bass player told me "finally, your guitar doesn't sound like a $10 guitar anymore". Just a thought for you, I was where you are at, I know the feeling.
  9. we could go wild with this type of question. Is there a forum for asking advice about guitar rig modeling? I would like help creating a good patch for Chevelle's, Take Out the Gunman. I just think the sound Pete gets is bad-a$$ on that album. oh, also, thanks Mcbeddall, that is an awesome tutorial. The Line 6 videos aren't bad, but Mr. Hanmer explains why he's doing things, like with the eq adjustments. That's very helpful.
  10. we need a Line 6 pro to set us straight. The white being the guitar input, which would seriously affect the input stage of the pedal chain, makes some sense. A couple weeks ago, we were listening to a couple songs we thought about adding to our sets. I was playing them through bluetooth and messing around with the chords. I turned the white ring down, to quiet my guitar to the track. All night I couldn't quite figure out why my guitar was lacking the punch I normally had. I changed cables, battery and ended up cranking up the drive on the amp model. Maybe I'm crazy, but next practice I'm going to crank up the white ring and see what happens. If this is true, that would solve several problems I'm having with patch levels and punch.
  11. great. good to hear. I rebooted because I wasn't sure the app completely closed, but you got it working, all is well!
  12. I don't see the picture you thought you posted, but I had that once on my android phone. I rebooted the phone, ran the Firehawk app and logged in, then everything worked. Hope it works for you.
  13. great information, McBeddall. I never really thought about the higher volumes sounding different than low volumes. I have a Mustang III and run it into the return on back. At a show, I usually crank to about half way up on master and give it as much bass as I can get without cracking. When I've left the stage at a show to see what we sound like, my guitar is HUGE. I think our usual sound guy is amazing, he makes us sound great, all we need to do is be on time and hit the notes.
  14. It would be cool if there was a global gate. Seems like most of my presets are the same for the gate, at least by guitar. With the two guitars I play the most, I have separated my presets, mostly changing gate and drive, so if I am on the active Schecter, preset banks 1-15. My DropC Ibanez with the SD Invaders, banks 16-30. 31 and 32 are for jerking around.
  15. I'm slow, let's start there..... seems like I can get tone to tone levels real good, but most of the time I switch from a stomp or something like that, my levels change too much. I have been programming two buttons for stuff like that, so I can keep the levels level.
  16. mcbeddall - you take tap dancing lessons? Sometimes I get caught too far away from the board to get the sound on time..hehe. need a remote tone changer, faster than the bluetooth connection geeze, wouldn't that be awesome, two buttons on your phone you could program two tones to, so if you are not in front of your FH, like you are messing around with the crowd, you could at least not be too late on the change. Sounds like another idea for the IdeaScale!!
  17. just put your two tones on the same bank. there are 32 banks :) I think I have the same mesa tone on at least 5 different banks. I frequent between a clean, a 'dirty clean', heavy gate distortion and something wet for solos. works pretty good.
  18. maybe they could just release a version that's just an amp we could drive with our FH. I'd be down with that. Hopefully, I can convince the sound guy to drop two mics on me so the effects come through nicely.
  19. yes, it does. That's why I submitted an ticket on the Ideascale site to have a "toggle" function. For example, you could select 2a, switch to 1a, play, then press the 1a button again and it will switch to the 2a tone. When you are done with the solo, press the 2a button again and it will take you back to 1a.
  20. mostly, some good ones. I just make my own, sometimes based off a cloud tone. I us a mesa setup without distortion pedal and use the amp to get the crunch and grind I need.. Vary the volume on the guitar to get more bite. Sometimes use google to find an artists guitar rig to get me started.
  21. I'm not going that far eddiegordato, I like the pedal, just figured it was a hot rodded HD500X.
  22. It just seems like it was a stepping stone for the Helix and if the Helix wouldn't have come out so soon after the Firehawk, we would have PC editing and a few other features for online access. It's OK editing from a bluetooth device, but I'm still trying to find my sound, so to speak, and searching, backing up, editing and moving tones isn't great from these devices. It's a great pedal, but if the Helix was around $1000US and I hadn't bought the Firehawk, I would have bought a Helix :) At least this way, I would have been better setup for future enhancements.
  23. it's a little irritating that you can use your computer to download patches for the HD500's, Helix, Digitech pedals and most other systems, so I've heard. so why did I buy the Firehawk? Why isn't it a super version of the HD500X? Seems like you can do so much more with the HD500's. I'm not complaining about my Firehawk, it is real nice. Buttons are too close together and it still make bad sounds when changing from some patches to others. But all in all, it's a real good $300US pedal..yea, I meant $300, I paid $450, I'm not sure it is totally worth that.
  24. mine is slow also on the Ipad, android is fine. rebooted everything, no glory.
  25. Sweet, I will try that tonight at drinking, ahhh, I mean practice, thanks.
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