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  1. I fixed all my Firehawk issues with one simple update.....bought a Headrush. Don't get me wrong, I really like my Firehawk, but it seems like the patches weren't very "professional". Not that I'm good enough to sound like a professional, but the sound that comes from the Headrush is more grown-up, so-to-speak. Google Choptones.
  2. TriPPleX

    cases ? I have a separate volume pedal and wireless rx'r Velcro'd down. Takes me a hot minute to get setup for shows.
  3. can you go back to 1.20? Could be a hardware issue, but if it started with the noise after the 1.30 upgrade, I'd say it's the update. Maybe go back, hopefully the noise goes away, then try to update via USB again.
  4. My Bugera Trirec works fine on 4cm, just seems to have more noise than I would like using the preamp section. Very little noise with the guitar plugged directly into the amp. Just thought that maybe the input level to the JSX or Bugera might be real low, so the preamp tubes aren't saturating, creating distortion. A "how-to" on proper 4cm level setup would be nice.
  5. I don't think I'll buy another Line 6 product, especially not the Helix for way too much. I like the sound I get, but changing presets is still too slow. The 1.30 helped some, but not enough. My band mates HD500 changes sounds almost instantly. I feel like the Firehawk was the cash cow for Helix. I know you can't please everybody, but showing some effort to correct some of these issues would be nice. I'm considering a Headrush.
  6. Hi, I'm asking for a little advice. I was on a mission to change my tubes, and maybe I still need to, because I wasn't getting the drive and crunch I'm after. I have a Bugera Trirec, used, so the tubes could be 6 years old. If I plug my guitar in the guitar in on the amp and crank it, it sounds great. If I use the 4 cable method, without amp and cab, without stomps, it doesn't seem to have the punch. I setup a test with a dB meter and played some chords with just the guitar in at 100dB, sounded great. Did the same thing with the FH and I was only at 82dB, so I started tweaking. I couldn't seem to get the same sound and volume without getting tons of noise and hiss, sometimes with feedback. I didn't adjust the amp at all, just the FX Loop, guitar in, the "no Amp", and master out. The FX Loop outputs are on stomp and the FH output is on AMP. If I change to LINE on the output, of course it cranks. There are levels on the FX Loop, I've adjusted them up, makes bad noises, not too good, +5dB seems OK. I think I can lower the master output and use the LINE output setting, but that doesn't seem right. Anyone else? Thanks, Jason
  7. is there a list of fixes? only a firmware file in the download. I have all my presets backed up, but will it wipe them out? I don't really care to update and re-patch everything if it's not worth it.
  8. Thanks. They are about $100US here at Best Buy and Walmart. Have you tried the app on it? Sometimes my singer helps me by adjusting my sound as I play. A little bigger screen would be nice.
  9. I do as Kinglerxt with my Fender Mustang 3 with the output at around 30%. If I go too high on the output (input to the amp in amp mode), I will get a bit of fludder in the driver. I can still turn up the amp to a ear bleeding level, but I think the input to the amp is too high. My Peavey ValveKing will take the 75% input and drive like no tomorrow. Punchy and aggressive with the 2x12 Carvin drivers. It sound amazing for a cheap tube amp. I run it on the clean channel with amp modeling and no cab sim. I don't like the dirty channel so much on the Peavey, so I sim a Plexi or AC30 or something.
  10. Like most, I've been just using my Android phone to adjust tones and mess around, but I would like a little bigger display. I would like to buy a real cheap, < $100 Android tablet that works nicely with my FH. any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. That's odd. I just downloaded it from the cloud with the app. I did just search bj. Came up with 2 BJ Clean 1's and the aOrange. I just reposted it under a slightly different name, BJ Clean 1 - Repost. Hope this helps. I checked to see if it came up in the search at 8:07PM CST, and it was not there yet. I don't know if it was flagged by Line6 or it takes a while to refresh the tone listings. cheers.
  12. I was just about to post on that also. It's real annoying. Not like this is an app to log onto your bank account or anything :)
  13. maybe the cord? I have 2 active Schecters, an active Ibanez bass, passive Ibanez guitar and they all work just fine. Make sure it's an instrument cord and not a stereo cord. I was just thinking a grounding issue or something. Lots of people have active pickups.
  14. just an update.....I stopped using my iPad, the load errors went away. Been about a week now. Maybe a coincidence.
  15. just got it for the first time, had the Firehawk since the day it was released at GuitarCenter....also the first time using my iPad in at least 6 months. I'm on firmware 1.20, iPad is 1.3.3 build 068 rebooted the Firehawk and it's working again. I'm thinking, stupid Apple crap. Might just find a new Android tablet and dump this apple junk.
  16. Thanks mbeddall. I should have messed around a little more before posting, but maybe someone else will find this helpful. While moving my fx loop in the chain, I noticed the 'send' and 'return' levels for the loop. I started out by maxing them to +12db, to see how much effect it would have, well I'll be, I needed to turn the amp down to about 2 on the 10 scale. Then I also could turn down the master volume (red ring). So now I'm going to play with levels using my sound db meter and try again to level out all the tones. I'll set the amp to 3 of 10, visual volume pedal (in the fx loop) to 7 of 10, the master on the Firehawk to about 1/3, guitar in to 1/2 (as you stated) and +10db on the fx loop. I'll see how loud that is, might be too much already. I'll set my tones to the digital levels, then to the ear levels. It's a plan, don't know if it's a good one :)
  17. Hello, Tuesday last week, I bought a Peavey ValveKing 100W used and a 2x12 Carvin custom made cabinet. We had our annual 3rd of July party, where my band plays in my backyard for a few hours, and I took the chance of using this combo for the first time live. I will need to work on my sounds a bit, but that's what the Firehawk is for, all is good there. My problem was, in order for me to get a good loud sound, I needed to crank up the master volume on the Firehawk and run the amp at about 2/3 volume level. I'm only using the clean channel on the amp and letting the patches give the modeling, I had plenty of power even for the open venue, but the output of the amp is low. If I switch to the Line Output mode, of course it gets extremely loud. Line output sounds fine, just a bit more noise, but tons more volume. I'm simply hooking my external volume pedal to the effects loop and 1/4 output of the Firehawk to the In 1 on the amp. Nothing tricky. Did try the 4 cable method a little bit ago, would have to completely change all my tones for that too work properly, and still the volume was real low. I'm curious about your experiences with that. Should I run in Amp Output or Line Output? Will Line Output damage my amp? Thanks, Jason
  18. Peter, I use the Plexi tone you created for some of the older songs we do. It also works well with the other guitarist, who can't seem to get any other tone than a "brown sound" :) . I added a bit more gain and some of the treble back, but it is one of my favorite tones. Thank you so much for the instructional video, I learned quite a bit. Now the tones I use can crank up without getting 'fizzy' and nasty. thanks Peter! create more videos, I'd love to learn more about getting the right sound.
  19. I just started using it a couple weeks ago. I was having a growling noise issue that just popped up with my Visual Volume pedal. Hooking it up on the effects loop corrected it, for what ever reason. I use the Visual Volume pedal so I don't have to guess where my level is with respect to the other guitar. I can just glance down and see where I am, even if I can't hear myself in the monitor. We've coordinated our setups, then when the sound guys get done on his end, we can adjust according to the song and who is the lead.
  20. I have: gate, vol, wah, stomp, synth (bender), synth (smart harmony), amp/cab, comp, eq, fx loop, reverb, looper Maybe, thinking about it, the bender might be better in front of the stomp. I might try that and the 48% and see how that sounds.
  21. I have mine at (from top to bottom): 100% - Position -24 - Heel -2 - Toe 100% - Mix no - assign to pedal maybe this isn't quite right, a little help is appreciated. I boosted the mids and high/mids with the EQ to bring out the higher strings a bit. Sounds OK for us. On the hard hitting drop songs, I still use me DropC guitar.
  22. I used my phone as my "display", just to check I did change to the right tone and assist in tuning. We ended up moving out amps out front to be a sun block/monitor and relied on the PA system for the sound.
  23. if you change it on purpose, you need to save the preset to keep the change.
  24. Well, I thought my Firehawk was perfect....guess not. I have noticed on a few tones, if you have the synth dropping you 2 frets and you crank up the bass from the knob on the top of the device, the output fades away. I though maybe my cable was flaky or something else, but I believe cranking the bass is over driving something, in a bad way. In the way that something is cutting out, causing the processor to stop processing the tone. Still loving my FH, especially with the new pickups, just need to watch how hard I push my luck.
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