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  1. I thought I tried that many moons ago. I will look at that again. I just have it on the guitar input. Didn't know if it would make a difference.
  2. Kevin, I have a Fender Mustang III and I set it to a clean channel. I don't use the "models" built into the amp, they are not good. You definitely don't want to use models on both devices at the same time. I did that once on accident, someone bumped my amp to another model, other than clean, that was bad, bad, bad.
  3. I noticed the 'distorted fizzy' sound with the patch from JSwan23, I Hate Everything About You. I was messing with the sound, it was kinda cool, then the next day the update came out. I updated, then I got the tinny, fizzy sound instead of the darker chunky sound. I plugged my guitar directly in my amp and the sound was clean and loud, so I went back to the FH and adjusted the guitar input and outputs just to make sure I wasn't over driving the amp input. Sounded the same, just quieter. Not sure what's going on. Hopefully, not all the patches are that way now. Maybe it's just me. I'll mess around more on Sunday.
  4. Also, I couldn't update to 1.20 on my fresh computer with Windows 8.1. I used my laptop with Windows 7 and it worked like a charm. Just in case some of you are having issues like I did.
  5. mcbeddall - I thought it was only me. My guitar sounds "hollow" now, way too much treble I think. Gunna play with it. Realtime patch changing seems plenty fast now, I didn't notice anything weird or slow while playing. Thank You Line 6, you done good. Now get to work on the ability to backup/add/change tones with a PC :) . Would be nice to browse for tones on the PC or at least use wildcards to get ALL the patches to sort through. Typing in a search word leaves a bit to be desired. Maybe browse by amp or cabinet, maybe tones using a specific pedal. Just a thought.
  6. vote for me:
  7. I was kinda having the same issue with the tuner, at least I suspect the same issue. I turn the volume on the guitar down just a little and it seemed to help. I don't know if that was a real fix or it just started working properly.
  8. which sucks because I have a show tonight and I'll really have to be on my game to mitigate how bad it is on the front side of the speakers.
  9. I hate to be "that guy", but, aside from the lag issue, mine is working just fine. I have the 1.1 firmware in it, probably over 50 hours since it shut down on me last (that was on 1.01 firmware if that makes a difference). Maybe I got one of the good ones from the factory or what, I don't know. Fix the lag and add a better way (PC) of moving, storing and saving tones, this thing is gold to me. Sound is great! Everything I have tried has worked just fine. So, in my mind, the concept and design is solid, just maybe some cheap components internally, maybe something in the way the sounds come together in the tone setup causes crashes. I mean with this is, "YES, it's Line 6's problem", but maybe it's something that needs to be re-thought out in the firmware or maybe better constraints in the tweaks. I'm an industrial machine designer and programmer, so I can see how the operator would find issues that would really mess things up. Just need to do a better job in the underlining program to make it more stable. It's getting tough right now, I only have 7 days left to return it or ask them for an extension. oh, I forgot, I have used all the USER preset location, then just nuked the first 25 or so for custom sounds. I have downloaded a couple that made that squeal sound, but it didn't lock up the unit.
  10. happened to me too, just once at practice. All I can tell you is it was a factory preset, I was adjusting one of the knobs, I think the drive. I had to reboot to get it back. I have about 20 hours playing time on it and I usually leave it powered up and guitar connected at home. This way I can grab and jam when the TV shows are a suckin'. Hasn't done it since, but a little scary. My first show with it will be at my house on the 3rd of July. I will use my Digitech on stage for now. If it shuts me out at my house, not a big deal, except my 30 day return will be LONG over by then.
  11. thank for taking the time with the list. A spreadsheet view would be great, with all the effects and amps and cabinets and such, but if you make a change, your spreadsheet is obsolete already. Maybe they will make a way to export the setup pretty soon. I nuked my first 10 banks with custom sounds. Backed up the original tones first, placing a "o." in front of them and saving them to myTones.
  12. this is all I wanted to hear, some confirmation that something is being done. I for one, really like the unit. I will need to beg [my local retailer here] to get an extension on returns, in writing. Let's not beat up Digital_Igloo or any of the other Line 6 people that give us information on these topics. Anyone from the inside posting information and answering questions is a show of support, even if it isn't something you want to hear. I am an Electro/Mechanical Engineering Technician. Many times we will build a machine for a production line that will do nearly everything it needs to do to make money for the company, but needs further enhancements and optimization to be fully production ready. I have been programming for this single company for 15 years now. My team and I still find things we can improve on for machines that have been running fine for years. Engineering will improve their processes, we update the software to make it better. So, I for one, understand that a company will release a product that isn't quite up to their standards, but will continue to work on correcting issues and adding features after the fact. In my programming experience, the everyday operator is the best person to find everything you screwed up in the program. You run a machine for weeks, pushing every button is the correct order to do something, then the normal person does something slightly out of process that send the machine into "stupid mode". Keep up the good work guys. Get 1.1 through the app stores so I can evaluate it and hopefully forget about taking my Firehawk back.
  13. unfortunately, none of these items are up to us, the consumer. Being uninformed and new to the Line 6 products, I wonder if the feature issues were the reason for all the delays in the release. lefttygtr - I am using my Motorola Turbo to connect. I have had no dropouts and it almost always connects back up automatically when I power on the unit. I have an ancient Acer tablet I wish would work, but I think it is too old. Aside from the lag, the biggest issue I had last night a rehearsal was hitting the wrong tone (once). I am still used to my RP500 toggling between sounds with one button. I guess I can always take this Firehawk back and stay with my Digitech or go with the Boss. I like the tones, but it really doesn't do anything special I need for playing live. I do like switching tones with my phone between songs, just wish it would actually switch to the bank and button and not just "in memory". If it completely switched to the bank and button, I would be on the correct bank to hit the next preset. I just thought it would be sweet to have something that just hit the market, something new and cool. Line 6 - don't get me as complaining, I just think fixing features the pros and people like myself require is the best thing for you. You can add features to make it more "badderass" later. - 2 cents
  14. HD vs. Non is better. The app didn't seem to make a difference for me. I will play with switching only the effects, but the volume levels change quite a bit sometimes.
  15. Good idea mcbeddall, I might try that when I get closer. I really like the Firehawk's functionality, the layout is something I will need to get used to, but I have too many songs that use multiple tones, that need to change instantly. Some songs, it doesn't matter as much on, but we do a few covers I need the instant change, Torn to Pieces from Pop Evil is one. The other guitarist/singer has the HD500X. He had the same issue when he first setup his tones, but found a setting he could turn off to give the instant change. We can't find that setting on the Firehawk (I don't remember what it was right now). I can't find anything stated from Line 6 saying "we know it's a problem, we are going to fix it". Luckily, I'm just barely a good enough guitarist to not let the lag mess up my timing :D , just sounds weird in house speakers. Line 6, quit messing with the looper and fix the lag first! I only use the looper live on Blurry from Puddle of Mudd, Who really uses the looper anyways? :) I like smiles, need more smiles in life.
  16. 2 weeks would put me out of the 30 day return policy. I hope in a few days to a week they can give a change log of the fixes and enhancements. This way I know if I should hold out or punt. Lag when changing tones is my only real issue.
  17. Visibility on the process to address this issues, and possibly some visibility on feature additions would be great. This is my first Line 6 product. I like my Firehawk. The sounds are better than my Digitech RP500, but the layout is better on the Digitech. Nothing we can do about the second row of switches except just get used to them, not like a firmware update can fix the physical layout. The switches are too close together also, I will probably get used to that, buy narrower shoes :) . One feature they could add with a firmware update, that would be stupendous, would be tone queuing. By that I mean, if I am using tones 1 and 2, I could press 2 then 1, where 2 would be queued up. When I want to switch to 2, I can either press 2 or press 1 to get it. My Digitech does that and it is really handy. I jam out on tone 1 and press 1 again (which is lit up on stage, easy to see) and I switch to tone 2. Sweet feature to add in my opinion. While I'm typing, here's some more: add/delete My Tones from web browser. After you get it all setup, you can download a file to your remote and push it to the pedal. place to get the default tones from after you delete them from your pedal better way to assign and move tones around (web maybe?) select what directory the music library pulls from and allow network ability full backups of currently assigned tones instead of just reading the mp3 tag for artist, search online tones by genre. Green Day might bring up Lit or STP or something like that. So far I am a fan, hopefully all the good ideas can be programmed in to make everybody happy.
  18. I'm right there with you gshamusphoto. I just figured it would take me a while to get used to tip-toeing over the preset row. For now, I am using two presets for sounds I need to activate or deactivate the stomp on. Which stinks sometimes, because of the lag on changes. I noticed if you use non-HD features, the lag is much less on preset changes.
  19. this needs to happen before my 30 days runs up. The lag between tone changes is too much for many of my songs, hoping they fix that in this update.
  20. I've had the lockup on tuning also, just once. I've also had the outputs completely go mute while adjusting with the knobs, had to reboot to get the output back on. Can't happen during a show.
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