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  1. Get the 75. Of course you can turn it down to bedroom volumes. It's basically a bedroom amp. In fact it has a nice feature that when you start it up it starts on a super low volume.
  2. There's no way around latency with blue tooth. It's inherent in the technology.
  3. Yeah it's pretty much hit and miss with the available Cloud tones. I like all the tones that Line6 put in the presets so I mostly use those but finding a decent tone on the Cloud is just a guessing game. And a large number sound nothing like what they describe or just sound flat out awful.
  4. I don't know if I'd call it "quite simple" to duplicate a tone. If you listen to a lot of the user created tones you can see that many have failed at this. I only hear about 1 in 10 user created tones that come close to the actual tone in hte song. But those are the ones I save off.
  5. This is pretty much how it's worked for me since the last app update.
  6. I'd like a better system for finding decent tones in the cloud. Currently it's just a dumping ground for mediocre to average tones with occasional great ones. The star system is noit very useful. I'd like to see a pro tones section where people who know what they're doing add tones . Also tones that have huge volume settings should have a warning on them.
  7. Other than update the firmware, what does Windows 10 do with the Amp?
  8. You're just starting to sound like a troll with your pawn shop comments and this. I'm having no problems whatsoever with the latest app and my Amplifi 75.
  9. Agree with this. The app is pretty much what I've wanted all along. I used it for hours last night and didn't have an issue. Finally have the amp I paid for :wub:
  10. This worked for me when the tones wouldn't load. I have a question. I think the time this happened, I opened the app before I switched on the amp. Is there a recomended sequence? Should I start the amp first or open the app?
  11. I concur with this. The new app update is golden for me. Connects instantly, no dropoffs and love the new interface. It's pretty much trouble free for me now. Also love that they filled the banks with some great tones. :) Nice job Line6. I finally have the app I've been waiting for.
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