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  1. I would like the CustomTone site to have filters for IRs or the Variax. I use neither and would appreciate being able to filter out the noise. Conversely, I would imagine that IR or Variax users could select to filter those into the list.
  2. Just bumping this, as it's still an issue in 2.82.
  3. Helix, hxedit and drivers all updated to 2.80. My laptop is set up for a left-hand mouse. When trying to re-position effects blocks in hxedit, or drag one down to split paths, the primary mouse button (the right one, in this case) is ignored. I can't drag effects blocks at all. When using a right-hand orientation, works as expected.
  4. That's the first time I've seen "quick (re)read" and Kant in the same sentence. :lol:
  5. Awesome job, Line 6. :) Amazingly robust for a beta.
  6. This is the Helix Application. You download that and run it. It is the installer for the Helix Application. You are given the choice of also installing the Updater and Drivers. Version 1.04 Released 2/16/16 Works with: Helix Helix Rack Helix Application v1.04 Release Notes Helix Application 1.04 is a free software update that includes new features, fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations. It is highly recommended that all Helix users perform this update! IMPORTANT! Before restoring your backed up presets to Helix, you must first install the latest 1.04 version of the Helix application! Bug Fixes - CC Toggle With Larger Dim Value Than Lit Value Not Restoring Properly Upon Export/Import - Importing multiple IRs or Presets can crash app - CC Toggle Dim and Lit States Switch After Exporting and Importing Known Issues - In rare cases, the Helix application may fail to connect when set to autolaunch on Mac OS X - Importing or exporting a preset bundle while streaming audio may cause Helix to disconnect OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 ( 72.66 MB ) GET DOWNLOAD
  7. Just to be clear, it's the Helix app installer that also provides drivers and updater.
  8. If there is any confusion about versions between drivers, updater and app, the Helix app installer has all the latest. So, for an all-in-one update: 1. Backup presets IRs with the current Helix app. 2. Uninstall the Helix app, drivers and updater. 3. Run the installer for the latest Helix app. Let it install all three items. 4. Run the updater to install the latest firmware. 5. Do a global reset (switches 9 & 10). 6. Restore your presets and IRs. It's overkill for those of us used to juggling varying sofware versions but removes the ambiguity.
  9. If I can get away from work in time, I just might.
  10. Nice tip to know. I didn't realize the volume knob was assignable like that.
  11. That's easily solved by putting the youtube link in the description.
  12. Why not just put them on the Custom Tone page like everyone else? http://line6.com/customtone/browse/helix/
  13. The AC outlet on the back of the pedal power 2 is rated for 200 watts. I did a quick search and couldn't find Helix's power requirements. I'm sure someone around here knows though.
  14. Again, I must eat crow. (please pass the hot sauce.) There is a difference between assigning a foot switch and assigning a controller. Good lesson; easily forgotten.
  15. I am raising this issue again because on further experimentation, it is not operating as described. 1. Put in two gain blocks and drop one down to path B. 2. Set the Split for "Split A/B" and assign a footswitch to it. 3. Drop the Merge block down so it has a separate output. 4. Pan one output full-left, the other full-right. 5. Listen via headphones only. 6. With the split set for "even split", operate the footswitch. No change can be heard. 7. With the split set for A100, operate the footswitch. You will hear output in both ears or one ear. 8. With the split set for B100, operate the footswitch. You will hear output in both ears or the other ear. There is no combo of settings that I can find that offer A-only or B-only for the split function.
  16. http://www.amazon.com/Hosa-Cable-CMP105-Inch-TRS/dp/B000068O3F/ref=sr_1_14 I use Aux In and the cable above for my metronome.
  17. Another good reason to have an editor. ;)
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