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  1. Ok!!! Everyfing's bleedin comin tageva! I already had such complex presets on the MC6 that MIDI mapping in Ableton would have been a real pain. So I created a helix preset with the exact cc commands I wanted to use to start the clips in Abelton, then map those switches easy peasy. Next go to the MC6 and programmed in those same commands in the desired presets, and I'm solid gold! Hit the snapshot button and the MC6 among numerous other things tells Ableton which clip to start playing!!! YaY! It's a friggin miracle! Love Love Love the MC6!!! Thanks again for your help and encouragement! Your man!!!
  2. Cheers!!! So detailed of a reply, I truly appreciate your interest, and help!!! I'll check out this presents! I think something that should be simple is getting way complicated though. No helix is not as good as it should he in the command center area, it's a great concept that I think has yet to see full fruition. I have gone round and round with it for yrs now, crazy to think! This is why I got the MC6, there were just so many things I've been trying to do that helix just doesn't pull off. Yes programming midi commands for snapshots is mind bending to say the least. This is a game for truly patient people... I think the MC6 is a freaking miracle actually. I'm not following on the whole issue you described. It's capable of 16 commands with the hit of one switch, 16 different channels if you want. I really wish the helix had that kinda ability! Anyway. I thought I'd try to elaborate a bit. As I go through my set I use all 8 snapshots in each preset, one preset per song. As I scroll through presets instant commands change the MC6 preset, timeline, whammy, etc... A typical snapshot change includes some on/off or parameter changes to various helix blocks, and a cc message to the MC6 in the form of a footswitch set to a toggle cc command triggering one of the MC6's switches. In turn the MC6 goes to work making all kinda stuff happen, sometimes I'm even talking back to the helix. Now I'm wanting to add controlling Ableton which is set up to run the DMXIS. I have the light show for all the songs programmed and broken up into 8 clips corresponding with 8 snapshots of each song. So what I'm wanting to do is set things up to we're each clip will be triggered by a specific snapshot change in a specific preset. I could just set it up to start at the beginning of each song and hope we keep with it, but I thought breaking it up into the 8 sections would really help ensure the lights are in sync with us. My fist assumption is that helix would be able to use the same midi command it sends to the MC6 to talk to Ableton, but perhaps this is not the best way to go about it. I figure between the helix and MC6 there's no way I can't find a way to make this work though. Practice tonight so will have to wait till tomorrow to dig back into it, gives me a little more time to contemplate though...
  3. I'm using cc commands to control the MC6, and actually I was hopping the same message that goes to the MC6 could also provide commands to Ableton through USB to the computer. If this isn't the case I could also control Ableton through the MC6 though, it definitely has free command slots. It's just that way I'll be plugging two things into the computer during setup, and just trying to keep it simple as possible. Thing is im not sure how to set in Ableton a certain command for a macro. The method of midi mapping I know is to hit the midi button at the top right. Then click on the parameter you want to control, then push the button on your midi controller and it automatically connects that switch to the selected parameter.
  4. I've now got all 8 switches mapped, but when I push the switches nothing happens, oh boy
  5. Your right, duh not random! I already have the helix switches set up to control my MC6, I was thinking I could use the existing midi commands to control Ableton as well. Wanting to break up the lights for each song into 8 sections one fir each snapshot. Then as I go through snapshots triggering the MC6, and lights as well.
  6. Abelton is picking these numbers automatically I think...
  7. I do have another device plugged in, MC6.. I'll unplug that and give it a shot. I have "track" and "remote" on, and "synch" off. Hoping this is correct.
  8. I'm running dmxis through Ableton to control our light show and trying to midi map switches to launch clips in Ableton. The first two switches I pick map fine, cc 60, and 61 but when I go to map the other 6 I'm trying to use I get a message from abelton saying the selected controller conflicts with the previous mapping to dmxis/slot4. Do I want to replace previous mapping... If I say no it seems to pick a random channel and velocity. No clue why this is happening. Midi PC on/off doesn't change this behavior. Any help would be much appreciated!
  9. Yeah, that way should probably work too.
  10. Maybe run effects send to the pog, then bass amp. I do a similar thing with the helix floor and a Pitchfork.
  11. I ordered that same saturnworks switcher, but confused how to connect it though. I have a trs cable, but I thought the switch needs two jacks? How does that work?
  12. I'm wanting to get a couple momentary switches for the stomp. I'm wondering weather the switch needs to be normally open or closed??? Anybody?
  13. Nice board, similar to my design. I'm dieing to get the hog 2 cause it has midi ports, that way that giant preset controller can get gone...
  14. Yeah I was seriously considering the G2 before helix was announced. You have a few options as far as as how you approach it. However, yes you will have to program every preset, and snapshot that has a specific requirement. First decide weather you want to turn an individual loop on off, or select a preset in the DPC8. (Programming presets on the DPC8 is very easy). Now choose between sending a message to DPC with instant command, or a footswitch, just depends on the scenario. Above I explained how to select a given DPC loop from helix so read that again, more than happy to help, but describing
  15. I haven't worked would the boss, but it seems like a great machine too, both will do the job. You like Porsches or Ferraris?
  16. Ok I'll give it a shot... Whammy pedal plugged into the DPC-8, DPC plugged into fx loop 1, and midi cable going from helix output to DPC input. Let's say you want the whammy automatically engage on when you load a certain preset. So first thing is to open a block for fx loop 1, now go to the command center and in the first instant command slot select cc comand set the channel to 16 (DPC factory set channel is 16). Set the cc to 50, and value to 127. Now save. As a far as kinks main example is you can only control one external device through midi using footswitches in snapshots. You can set up several different pedals in instant commands, but when I set more than one pedal on the footswitches glitches out. Other than that it seems to work. Just in general find it a challenge to make all the midi programming work with snapshots, seems pretty straight forward on paper, but reality is another thing... but it is possible!
  17. I currently use a HEX Pitchfork to create my bass signal. The helix pitch shifting abilities leave much to be desired. Any polyphonic shifter will do a much better job, so until line 6 catches up to the rest of the world it's best to outsource pitch shifting.
  18. I have all my mono guitar signal pedals plugged into the DPC-8EZ, and it's plugged into the 4the fx loop in the helix. Also have midi plugged into everything, so controlling it all from the helix is mostly in the bag minus a few kinks I pray will be worked out in the next firmware update. Anyway the thing is simply fantastic, and worth every penny. Not an expert on it, but always happy to be another head to bounce ideas off...
  19. Just praying the issue with sending midi messages with footswitches in snapshots gets fixed!!! The instant messaging works fine, but I can pick only one external pedal to Control with the footswitches. If I have one footswitch set to turn a pedal on and off, and on another footswitch set to change that pedals mix parameter everything is cool. However if I set a third switch to turn on off another pedal things get very glitchy and have to destroy the preset and start over programming the snapshots... So yeah, fixing the midi thang is #1 for me!
  20. Right on! Made my shelf outa dense wood, I bet the plexiglass is much lighter!
  21. Side note, when building, or more importantly editing a preset, always always make a copy first! Snaps are still very fickle, and prone to glitches.
  22. Besides having the abIlity to send midi with footswitches in snapshots I feel the one switch looper is probably my favorite step made in this update, YAY!!!
  23. So before they dropped the one switch I've been controlling the looper by setting up footswitches to send midi commands. Takes up less switches that way. (Of course you have to use a midi cable to go out of helix and back in it. Or if you have other devices your controlling there are a couple way to mange to feed midi back into helix. Anyway, you can do this with the one switch too! You can easily set up a footswitch to control full/half time, and forward/reverse. I'm Really wishing we could save the position of those parameters though! Anyway, hope this helps! Helix is such a wonderful playground!
  24. Hey man, yes I hear you! For me this is one of the most important aspects of the helix. I'm pretty sure it's not totally fixed, but I was able to accomplish all desired tasks I had in mind controlling two external loopers, and helix looper through snapshots.  Let me describe what I did. First I erased all midi commands on my preset. Then set up control of two devices, a timeline looper, and helix looper with the instant commands. The parameters of instant commands do save percentage snapshot! Then I setup several footswitches to control my 2880 looper. This IS working! If you have any questions let me know

  25. Ok, wait a sec... midi commands set to footswitches in snapshots seem to be working, as long as you only try to control one device with them I think? So not such a let down after all...
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