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  1. Same for me, HTTP ERROR 500
  2. The Analogue to Digital converter is built into the Pod, you don't need any additional device. When you plug the Pod through USB, the Pod acts like a sound card and you can play the tracks through this card. You can even record from the Pod through USB. After you plug in the Pod, if you got to control panel (System preferences in Mac) you should be able to see the Pod as a audio device.
  3. Strat2Die4


    Ya hay versiones alternativas de Helix como Helix LT, Helix Effects, Helix Stomp. Google translate :)
  4. I am guessing DH0M3 meant driver. DH0M3, have you installed Line 6 Monkey?
  5. I read this thread today only, the track is gone from soundcloud, can you please upload it again. Meanwhile try recording with nothing playing and check if still exists.
  6. I would suggest getting an El Cheapo laptop for the Pod.
  7. Also he will need a long guitar cable unless there is an arm extender available ;) You can use the looper but it would be far more easier to move the pod near the computer or computer near pod.
  8. Looks like you want to record dry and wet signals, but why are you connecting mic? With USB you can only record one channel. Can you give some details as to what you are trying to achieve? Then rather than troubleshooting the current setup, someone may be able to advice better options.
  9. One way to test it would be to connect a different mic to Pod which does not require phantom power (SM87 or something similar).
  10. See https://line6.com/stagesource-pa-speaker/
  11. I just change my display resolution to 1024 x 768, it does the job.
  12. The switch details are in the Pod pilot guide.
  13. I was talking about the output mode, I have attached the page from Line 6 manual. If you have not read the tone guide from Meambobbo yet, I would strongly recommend reading it. http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/
  14. Its just that I am used to changing the global setting based on whether I am using a combo or PA speakers, it is not ideal.
  15. As Joel mentioned, the PA speakers are not always FRFR, I have used the full amp version with Mackie SRM 450 V2, worked fine for me. Another option could be to create the patch with full amp and then change the output mode in the global settings.
  16. Can you please upload the patch to custom tone and post the link here, may be useful to others.
  17. Can you use a simple Y - cable? You will be effective shorting the two channels isnt? I connect only the left XLR output to the mixer.
  18. I am assuming that the sound output when playing a guitar through the Pod is fine. One way to quickly check is to try reducing the level on the computer, also open the mixer control/audio control to check that the output is not clipping.
  19. That's interesting, so everything was fine was with your earlier computer and all this happens only on the new laptop. Is your earlier laptop still around to check if things still work with that, just to rule out any issues with the POD.
  20. This could also be due to Laptop getting "Overloaded", were you running any heavy applications? . Try restarting the laptop and play the audio directly from windows media player (dont open any other applications while doing this). Also worth checking the processor loading through task manager.
  21. Are you not getting the "save as" option as in the attachment?
  22. I use M-Audio BX8, they are decent and compact.
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