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  1. Hi funnbobby, I have a similar setup to you, I have an Amplifi 150 and POD HD500x. These days I mostly use the pod pedal for all my effects and amp modelling, and leave the amplifi as a foldback or FOH speaker depending on the situation. I created a patch for the Amplifi called FRFR (Full Range Frequency Response) which has all the effects off except reverb, which along with EQ I can control from the physical controls on the amp. I saved this patch to 1A so it automatically selects it when switched on. My signal chain is Guitar -> POD Guitar in -> POD headphones out -> Amplifi Guitar in. I used this setup in the pit band for a musical I played in, with the XLR outs on the POD going to the FOH mixing console and the Amplifi acting as my foldback. I had separate patches on my POD for my Strat, Maton and 12 string, each with their own inputs so no plugging and unplugging of cables was required. It worked perfectly for 15 shows and I continued to use the same setup for at home. With this setup you still have the functionality of the Amplifi if required, but you'll be primarily using the better effects processing and modelling from the pedalboard, in your case the Helix. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer.
  2. Hi Ryder, The one firmware update should handle all the updates. Generally for any hardware if an update requires at least a certain version to update further it will tell you or the latest version just may not be available until you update to the latest version you can first. Remember to back up all your tones before the update and see how you go. Good luck! Riley.
  3. Hi, I have a Pod HD500x and Amplifi 150 that I use together with no issues. I set up a FRFR (full range frequency response) patch in slot 1A of the amplifi so it automatically selects it when I turn it on. The patch has only reverb that is defaulted to 0% mix. The reverb knob on the amp gives me the ability to adjust it as I need. The amp's EQ acts as a master EQ. I used this exact setup in the orchestra when I was playing guitar for a professional production of Mamma Mia and it worked perfectly. I had the out L and R on the pod going to the FOH mixer and the headphone port going to guitar in on the Amplifi. The setup was flawless and I now use it like this most of the time. For your situation (I assume you mean the HX Effects) you could set up patches with no effects but amp models you can adjust. That way you can use effects on the stomp box and amps are handled by the Amplifi. Should work well. So, to answer your question, yes you can use a Helix with Amplifi with no issues. Hope this is helpful! Riley.
  4. Hi Chuck, I also have the Amplifi 150 and Shortboard Mk II, and from what I can tell, only the 25 banks of 4 tones are stored on the amp, the rest are on the device or your L6 account. I came to this conclusion by switching to a new device and connecting to my amp. The onboard tones were the same and the other tones I loaded from my account. That's the conclusion I came to anyway. I hope this helps!
  5. Hey Penax, Is it only the controls on the amp that failed or have the EQ parameters in the app failed too? If it is only the physical knobs, it may just be a small fault with the board of potentiometers, or maybe the wires, otherwise it may be something software-related if the app doesn't work either. If the app works and the amp is out of warranty, try taking off the back and having a look. There is really sticky thermal paste and a heat sync so be careful not to get it all over your skin, but the whole dismantle process is very quick and easy. I hope it is just a loose wire or something that you can fix easily. Riley.
  6. Hi Jeff, It has been a common theme on this forum that iOS devices (especially older ones) don't work well with the Amplifi series. I have never used Apple device with my 150, so I'm not much help, but this is what I've heard a lot. I hope it works out for you.
  7. G'day Jergles, I use my Amplifi 150 for an FRFR system with my Pod HD500X with no issues, so I see no reason that the HX Stomp wouldn't work. I don't use the AUX in port though, I have had issues with getting it to work in stereo. I have set up a FRFR patch with all effects disabled except reverb, which I can control with the reverb control knob on the amp. I saved this in tone 1A so the system automatically starts working when the amp is turned on. My signal chain is guitar -> Pod HD500x Guitar in -> Headphones out (To combine L and R if using stereo effects) -> Amplifi Guitar in. System works flawlessly and is perfect for a foldback or small-medium sized gig. I set up the patch on a whim one day because I needed a foldback and didn't want to go out and buy a Yamaha DBR10 or similar. I was playing guitar for a professional production of Mamma Mia for about a month, and I had all my patches for my strat, acoustic and 12 string set up in my Pod pedal. I had my patches set up with different inputs so switching instruments was as simple as putting one down and picking another up. I had XLR out L and R going to front of house (I had a stereo chorus in play for a few songs, plus stereo effects sound nicer in general), and the Amplifi connected to the headphones out as a foldback. I could control my own level and reverb easily. Regarding the AUX in and issues with stereo, I now have a similar system set up as a studio in my university accommodation, but I have added a Yamaha MG10XU mixer to the mix (*badum tsss*) I use the headphones out on the POD with a 1/4 in TRS-2xTS to one of the stereo channels in the mixer, the the main out 1/4 in with a 2xTS to 3.5mm TRS connector in the Aux in port. I believe there is an issue with polarity however, because I can get one channel to work or the other, but never in true stereo. I have tried everything to no avail. I use headphones when mixing anyway so it isn't a real issue. Hope this is at least somewhat helpful for you, and I hope you find something that works for your setup. Riley
  8. Yes, Line 6 has a couple of issues, but all things considered, they are a great company creating great gear. I own an Amplifi 150, FBV Shortboard MkII, Pod HD500x and Relay G10 and Over the last 6 years on owning them I have had issues twice. (I blew up the power supply and mother board at a gig, I think it was a power surge, and I had this thread's issue which I fixed.) That is a hell of a lot better than Behringer's reputation. If you have this problem, try my accidental fix and let us know how it goes: Good luck with your amp!
  9. Hi Hosukgun, What I have done with my Amplifi to use with my other effects processor board is replace the 1A tone with a custom tone I created called FRFR (Full Range Frequency Response). In the tone I have turned off all effects and amps except reverb (which is on but set to 0 by default). This gives me the ability to use all my pedal board's effects with no Amplifi tones interfering with the sound, and I can simplify reverb simply by turning the knob on my amp to the level ideal to the situation I'm in. I used this setup when I was a guitarist in the orchestra for Mamma Mia in January and February this year and it worked flawlessly. I believe a similar setup may work for you, however I am not sure what the latency for the Neural DSP plugin will be like with the Amplifi. I am interested to see how it works out for you because I have been tossing up getting some plugins for a while, to use with my line 6 gear. Hopefully this helps for you! Riley.
  10. Hi rng52465, have you updated your Amplifi devices' firmware to the latest version? Usually after an Android or IOS update the amp needs more information about how to work with the new operating system and Line 6 releases that in the form of a firmware update. If you haven't yet, try updating the Amplifis through the Amplifi Updater utility on Mac or PC. If that doesn't work, try a factory reset by starting the amp with the volume knob and tone selector button pressed down and continue to hold until the master knob lights up. If none of that works, I am not sure how to help you sorry. I don't use any Apple products at all and from everything I have read, iPads and iPhones don't work as well with the Amplifi series as Android typically does, however I have had trouble with cheaper Android tablets and my Amplifi 150 before. I hope it all works out for you! Riley.
  11. Fantastic to hear! I'm glad you got it working without much trouble. What a steal for $100! Feel free to upvote if you like, lots of people have this problem and this seems to be the only easy fix.
  12. Hi WeWereDinosaurs, What a shame! I am sorry you have had trouble. All I can suggest is to try a factory reset by booting the unit while holding down the volume and tone buttons until all the volume lights light up and try again. If that doesn't work, try updating using Line 6 Updater on a PC if you can. Hopefully one of these works. Also, what device are you using with the Bluetooth? If I remember correctly, some devices (especially iPhones and iPads I think) don't work very well with the bluetooth on the Amplifi series amps and end up dropping out a lot when they aren't within a metre or less of each other. I know that my Amplifi 150 was very unreliable with Bluetooth (even with my Samsung devices and when they were in contact with each other) in certain spaces with lots of wireless signals flying around, such as in the Performing Arts Centre, so I had to make sure all my patches were sorted either prior to the audio and light techs booting up their systems, or take the amp away if anything needed changing. I just wish that I could plug in my computer and do any changes on a dedicated Amplifi Edit program, similar to POD HD500x edit and Helix Edit, but Line 6 says they have no plan to release such an app for the Amplifi series. If there are a lot of wireless signals travelling where you're trying to update, you may be getting some interference from one of them causing the connection to drop. Hopefully some of this is helpful! Riley.
  13. Great to hear that my random attempt at fixing it has worked for so many people! Feel free to upvote the original solution to help more unfortunate people solve the problem without forking out fortunes. Happy playing! Riley.
  14. Hi again, I have stopped having any problems at all with my Amplifi 150. It works a dream and is perfect for both practice and gigging. One thing I have noticed is that if I am in a venue with lots of data transfer wirelessly, (for lights, stage control, communications, lapel mics, etc.) the Amplifi doesn't work well with the app. depending on the unique Bluetooth frequency of your particular Amplifi and the signals around it, it may be a signal frequency (i.e. a particular wifi network) that may interfere and cause issues. Another thing I noticed is the terrible range on the bluetooth control. It really is quite abysmal at times and causes problems. Now, however, I refrain from using the app unless I am making tones, and do everything via my FBV Shortboard MKii where possible. I have come to the conclusion that the Amplifi and app combination is really designed for practicing, and if you want to gig with the amp, it is nearly essential to have the bluetooth switched off and a control pedal to switch tones if required. I love my Amplifi and it does exactly what I want it to when I follow these "rules".
  15. No worries, best of luck with the tone creation!
  16. That's fantastic! I am glad you have fixed the problem. Feel free to give me a +1 if you feel like it. Enjoy recording! Riley.
  17. Hi vincentlewis, I had a Amplifi 150 do something very similar, but it happened at a gig, about 10 minutes before our set. When mine failed, the amp hissed for half a second and the right tweeter "tapped" 5 or 6 times before the amp powered off again. I got mine taken to a Line 6 service centre (this was pre-yamaha days) and they diagnosed a failed power supply. In the repair they replaced the power supply and the mother board (I think) for a cost of ~$120AUD (~$80 USD) because it was about 2 months out of warranty *sigh*. I haven't had any problems since, maybe 3 years. I narrowed the cause of the fault down to the power at the venue, because at the same time my amp failed, one of the FOH power amps on the same power blew a fuse, most likely as a result of a power surge. I now run my amp on my own surge protected power board that has a $100 000 warranty against any device plugged into it failing because of a surge. They will replace any device up to $100k I hope you find the problem and (hopefully) it isn't something that will cost much to fix. All the best! Riley.
  18. Hi rkurbis, I have the 150 as well and unfortunately there isn't a way to switch banks without using either the app or an FBV control pedal. It is a bit of a shame. I have a FBV Shortboard MKII to use with my amp when performing and practicing, however I have used the app before too when I haven't had the pedal. I have found the app to be less reliable, especially in a venue with lots of wireless data transfer like the performing arts centre. On another note, I have read some articles relating to people custom-building pedals for the spider and Amplifi to change banks or toggle effects. They experimented with which ethernet wires receive what voltages when each button is pressed and custom-build a circuit that does what they want. If you are tech savvy and want a project, I am sure that someone has released the logic diagrams for the Shortboard pedals. Otherwise, it might be better to buy a Shortboard pedal. I hope this is at least somewhat helpful!
  19. Hi Russvind, Originally when I read this I was going to say it might be a latency issue because I have had a similar problem when recording my POD HD500x through ProTools before. However, after listening to the audio clip (great playing by the way), it sounds to me like an interference issue. Have you got a mobile device connected to the Amplifi via Bluetooth while recording? In theory it shouldn't be a problem if there is, but it could be what is causing the interference. I have had trouble using my Relay G10 while performing on stage as I get a similar interference from Wifi signals in the building. It usually takes 2 or 3 tries for it to find a frequency that isn't being used to transmit on. I did some research and apparently Wifi and Bluetooth can interfere with each-other too so if you have Bluetooth connected to the amp, a wifi network may be able to interfere. This might trick the amp into thinking there are incoming audio signals. I'm interested to hear what ends up being the problem turns out to be so I will be following this thread. I hope at least some of this is helpful! Riley.
  20. Hi Carson, Like Triryche said, you won't be able to control the AMPLIFi from the FX100. I would recommend the FBV Shortboard MkII or FBV 3. They are designed as foot controllers for the AMPLIFis and Spiders. I habe an AMPLIFi 150 and the FBV Shortboard MKII and they work great together. Alternatively, you could also get a different effects processor and use it with the AMPLIFi like Triryche said, but then all the effects on the AMPLIFi would be redundant and you still wouldn't be able to control them. I also have a POD HD500X which I use in conjunction with the AMPLIFi, using effects from both. But I still use my Shortboard to control the AMPLIFi. Overall, I would look into getting a FBV pedal because they will do what you want them to do. I hope this helps!
  21. Hey Rich, I always keep my Amplifi 150 on the newest firmware because they often fix bugs like that. I haven't had my amp drop connection with my phone in a very long time, but I suppose that could just mean I am lucky. I have found that the range of the bluetooth is very poor though. As for cloud tones, I mostly create my own tones these days, however when I do take tones from the cloud I can usually find something I can work with. I'm not sure if anybody is making new tones and posting them, but most of the songs I want to play have a tone available in the cloud. Otherwise I just make one. More recently I have been using my Amplifi as a hybrid FRFR system for my POD HD500X. I can use the Pod like it was designed and use its inbuilt amps with effects on either side and the amp with just eq and reverb, or I can use all 8 effects slots and an amp simulation from the Amplifi. It makes my rig more versatile. I was in the pit band for Mamma Mia in January this year and this is what I did for my guitar park. Direct out from my Pod to the FOH and headphones out to the Amplifi. I had 3 main patches; my strat (using guitar in), my Maton (using Aux in), and a 12 (string using the mic in). I changed the inputs for the patches so it automatically disabled the other channels when I was using one. I now use the same sort of thing for practice. This is what I have done to make my Amplifi more stable and alive, but I am not saying that you should go and spend money on a multi effects unit to use with the Amplifi. I hope this is somewhat helpful, and sorry for that huge tangent. Stay safe and happy playing! Riley.
  22. Hi, I don't know if you can get audio from the amp to the PC via USB without using a DAW on direct monitor. I would recommend doing that, using headphones or getting a small FRFR system, like the Line 6 Powercab series but smaller. Or you could return the TT and get a 30. Sorry that isn't too helpful. Unfortunately the AMPLIFi series doesn't have a PC-based tone editing software. I wish I could use my PC too but unfortunately not. I hope this helps at least a bit.
  23. Hi Harrison, The tone you found online is made for a Helix, not an AMPLIFi. With Helix and POD pedals and racks you can load tones directly from your computer via USB but unfortunately you can't do the same with AMPLIFi. I suggest watching the Performance and Dialing in videos in the comments of the tone you found ( and making your own. You may not be able to make it sound the same but you should be able to get pretty close. Hopefully this helps! Riley.
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