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  1. Just confirmed audio is coming out of the Torpedo Live's line out correctly. I plugged a cable from that output and into a little practice amp...sounded fine.
  2. No idea what's going on... Just got a Torpedo Live. I hooked everything up the way it's supposed to be...guitar > amp > Torpedo Live, then Torpedo Live 1/4" line out > UX2 1/4" line in. Also have the Torpedo Live > PC via USB for controlling the Torpedo Live. Well...come to find out, whenever I run a 1/4" cable from the line out of the Torpedo Live (it's the only analog out on the thing) and plug it into ANY 1/4" input on the UX2, I lose all audio. The entire computer. Silence. Unplug the cable from the Torpedo Live, audio works again. Now, when I say no audio, I don't mean 'no audio from the Torpedo'...I mean no audio, period. Youtube, my DAW, nothing. I can see proper audio on the little level meters on the UX2 which are set in the Line 6 software to show output, and I can see proper audio levels all over the place in Windows. Torpedo Live also appears to have proper input...doesn't appear to be going to the UX2 though...Torpedo Live software shows proper input and output, but nothing appears to be registering on the UX2. I'm lost...anyone have any idea why this would happen?
  3. Just wondering, what is the impedance of the DT50 combo's 2x12? Can't seem to find the info online. Anyone use external heads with their combo's cab/speakers?
  4. How can I get the loop to stop being affected by channel changes? Volume changes, tone changes, all kinds of weird stuff is happening despite being "after the amp". HD500x -> DT50 via L6Link
  5. Are you using the ASIO drivers?
  6. The way I've been going amp-only with the 4 cable method is selecting "fx-loop" in the pedal instead of an amp/cab sim. This just tells the pedal where to put the front of amp/fx-loop line. That doesn't work over L6Link? Interesting with the "amp a only" thing. That's kind of handy in a way, though. If that's how it works, that kind of turns the thing into two 2-channel amps. That'll be fun to play with, too! Thanks.
  7. Got ya. Sweet. Just wanted to make sure. I actually prefer to use the tones from the amp as the amp itself sounds quite good. I will tinker with it though and try some of the pre-models though and see how they work out. Between it and the pedal, the sky is the limit. Thanks!
  8. Jeez...epic fail on my part...sorry. Yea. HD500x and a DT50 4x12. Thanks.
  9. So, just got the cable for the L6 Link thing (aka another mic cable...lol) and I'm wondering, can I get rid of all the "4 cable method" cabling now and still do the "in front of the amp/through the loop" stuff like before? Thanks.
  10. Make the looper pre...maybe THAT'S what's wrong with mine. I gotta play with that setting a bit. Didn't even know it was an option but I couldn't get it to do what I wanted it to do... Anyway...got a couple tones from Giorgos02 and I'm quite pleased!! Highly recommended!
  11. I'm looking forward to trying it out. It's one of the main reasons I bought the amp and pedal was to utilize the flexibility it affords in the studio. Will post results! Thanks man.
  12. I didn't have the correct cable to connect the pedal to the amp that way. I just got one yesterday so I'll be toying with that soon.
  13. Oh I know, man...I do...the routing options in that thing are unREAL!! I have faith, my friend. Give it a shot. I can't quite put my finger on what makes that tone so I just call it "the Axe-FX tone". lol
  14. Make me this tone (or show me one like it), I'll give you 10 bucks. GOD I love that...I'd bet my right nut it's an Axe-FX, too. https://soundcloud.com/seanashe/hemisphere-single-sean-ashe-1
  15. I have EMG 81/85s in one of my main guitars. I'm curious. I'll tell you what...2 for 10 and I'll try out a couple of those Polyphia tones.
  16. If it was a guaranteed-match type of thing, maybe ten bucks for the 4 in this case. I know it takes time and all, but that's pretty steep...especially considering there's no real way to know what they'll sound like with someone's specific gear.
  17. Nice, man. The Polyphia ones on your site sound pretty good, too. I'd like to try them out but...dude...ten bucks a pop? lol
  18. Awesome, man. That's cool. Everything really has come SO FAR in the emulation, modeling and sound reproduction world over the past few years. If I played live, I would DEFINITELY look into going the FRFR route. Again...simplicity. It's worth its weight in gold on the road. You using the L2T? That thing is a lot more expensive than I thought. I've wanted an Axe-FX for a loooooooong time but, like you said, the cost...it's hard to justify. There are options out there that cost much less that sound just as good if not better. I wouldn't mind getting one someday for the epic ambient/spacy sort of presets but I'm hoping to eventually make a couple of those on the 500x at some point too. Gotta get the basics setup first though. The main issue I had with VSTs dawned on me when I bought Positive Grid's BIAS software. Sure, it sounded killer...when it worked and apparently I'm the oddball out when it comes to this, but it glitched out constantly for me. Positive Grid ended up refunding me my purchase price. Their customer service was quite good. But, I digress...as soon as I bought it (200 bucks) I was like, "well...that sucks."...it dawned on me that that money was gone. All us music guys are gear hounds to one degree or another and being able to buy and sell is pretty important. Well...can't do that with software. If I buy a pedal for $200 new, I can expect to be able to sell it for 100-150 bucks when it's time to upgrade or whatever and depreciation is even less of a concern when buying used (which is why pretty much everything I buy is used)...but, once you buy a piece of software, that's it. I couldn't sell BIAS to anyone else. It was tied to my credentials. This is the BIGGEST downside to software plugins in my eyes. I never had a problem with latency or anything performance wise as I custom built my machine for recording. Sure, there is technically more latency and all but I never noticed anything. Honestly, I got used to double tracking guitars in a way that is very difficult to do now that I don't use the VST stuff anymore...relearning how to do stuff is a bit of a pain but, hey...always learning!!
  19. Another fan of "The Axe-FX Tone"! Nice! :-P I know the hardware has it in it. I know it. It may not be an Axe-FX, but it's got a ton of great sounds in it and it sounds good the way I have it...I'm just looking for the few tones I fall in love with. I knew it had it in it. Good to see I wasn't wrong! lol Yea, I've ended up mostly just using the CustomTone stuff as tools, kinda. Some do sound good but it's always a gamble, for sure. What amps and stuff did you end up settling on? Have any recordings?
  20. Interesting. I've toyed with that pitch thing before a bit while trying to pull off a shimmer/ambient patch (which came out sortakinda right). I'll mess with it some more. Thought about going the FRFR route for simplicity's sake...how do you like it compared to a "real amp"? Oh for sure. I do keep stuff pretty barren but it definitely comes down to inexperience/ignorance when it comes to the hardware. No doubt. Like I said...I've got lots to learn. lol (But...dude...NOTHING is easier than VSTs. lol I really miss them in a way but, after BIAS decided to freak out on me, I decided to get away from software and get back to hardware for a variety of reasons. Here's the little video I tossed together to send to Positive Grid to show what it's doing: Man...I really miss recording dry and tweaking away sometimes, though. lol)
  21. Killer vids, my friend! Thank you!!
  22. lol...yea, sorry. Intervals and Polyphia are bands. They both rely heavily on what I think of as "The Axe-FX Tone". Very controlled, not super gainy but a bit of bite, etc. Eg: Intervals - https://youtu.be/t8RFcWCWkcI?list=PLuj-WzKNCr7-QfPCi5VEkvFErx2oCwxof (This is actually all only one guy, Aaron Marshall...not really a band. If this isn't inspiring, I don't know what is. lol) Polyphia - (This is a group of kids out of Dallas...so awesome.) Not that I'm anywhere near as good as these guys, but I LOVE their tones. I know the HD500x != Axe-FX, nor do I want to completely copy-cat anyone, but I'd like to get close. All the patches I make come out WAY too loud and...harsh, I guess you could say. Yes. I am actually quite pleased with the tone of the amp so I'd like to use its tone, then the 500x for stomps and maybe USB-recording cleans (I quite like some of the cleans I can get out of the thing over USB) but I'm not sure if I'm putting the FX-loop block in the wrong place (if that's even necessary all the time) or what but I can't quite get it to sound the way I want through the amp...not to mention, half the time I get blasted by the amp as it switches to a patch that isn't volume matched...as pretty much none of them are. lol If all else fails, it'll just take more tinkering. I haven't put a *ton* of time into it yet and I still haven't gotten a cable to do the correct link between the pedal and amp (I'm just 4 cabling it for now) but I have messed with it some and it's proving to be more complicated that expected...especially when coming from VSTs that are SO EASY to tweak, setup, reamp, etc. All that being said, it's fun to tinker with and does sound good. I've got lots to learn, though!!
  23. Exactly!! Have any good resources for this? The 500x sounds good but I'm having a helluva time getting the tones I'm looking for out of this thing. Would love to be able to get Axe-FX-ish, Intervals, Polyphia types of tones but am having a real time with it, ESPECIALLY when trying to integrate the DT50 2x12. Any tips, anyone?
  24. I was wondering if anyone knew of a convenient way of converting/setting up patches that use emulated amps/cabs to use my DT50 instead? Do I just delete the amp/cab block? Ideally, I'd like to have one bank of tones for DI recording and have that same bank of patches set up to use the amp (getting the tones as close as possible...of course they won't be exactly the same but that's ok) and going in and just manually doing it like I have been trying to do it so far has resulted in me BLASTING myself with ludicrous volume more than once (DAMN the DT50 2x12 is loud!!!) while changing between patches.
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