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    Crackling static noise

    I kind off solved it, I still think it is more noisy than the hardware, but the main problem is that i was coming in way too hot. When direct in, i was using the old rule of play hard and use the input until it is not clipping. But when your record raw track from helix, you realise how quiet the levels are, so i matched that. there is still a lot of static but when i add a noise gate at the start it is all fine. I haven't done an in depth solving of why so much static, probably an accumulation of many things, but now i can play : Keeping my input level in check and noise gate. try that
  2. olivierJez

    Crackling static noise

    I have that same problem. It crackles all the time. and on high gain patches there is so much noise when i stop playing that it is unberable. I tried to increase the buffers, lower the input gain, forcing number of processors to match physical ones.... no difference. The gear and patches are fine on helix hardware. And Using helix hardware is not why i bough native too. Clearly there is an issue somewhere. It kind of ruin the fun a bit. Even with no guitar plugged, high gain patches always have a lot of static noise.
  3. Ok, My mistake. I got sort of worried for a minute (than my ears would not spot that i messed up the signals more than my signal being messed up) :) cheers
  4. Line 6 used to have a promotion for Native on top of the price for registered Helix owners. I got mine for £50 ish I think. I didn't need it, but jumped on the offer, and actually, now it a very useful tool for me. If your rack is registered, you already have a big discount. Check the shop for further promotions. maybe around black friday they may do an extra big discount... ?? cheers
  5. Do you mean that all the unused blocks I keep off for possible use, are affecting the signal ??? That's a big news to me and a definitive request. I don't see why programming wise it would be difficult, "If block is off then go to next block..." It should at least be an option in the global settings, true byPass or not.... I will have to review all my patches :(
  6. Hiya, Has anybody experience recording via usb and when listening not getting the rendition you were hearing through headphone ? I was playing with a very lead sound some very defined legato licks. While recording, i was very pleased with the sound and fingering, but when i listen the recording it feels somewhat messy kind of clippy. Like if there is not enough bit depth and some notes are getting muddy. The tone is there, just the fine subtleties of the fingering that are affected. I have never really noticed the problem before, but to be honest it could be i simply didn't pay attention enough. We are more in the realm of subtle, which i m not always :) I am using logic pro X with both the project settings and the helix set to 48Khz recording. Helix is on 2.50 firmware I suppose i have to try setting the helix to 96KHz to see if it makes a difference, but i have to let my session to 48Khz or i will not be able to match any video recording, and i always though 48K was good enough that you would not ear a diff. But in the meantime if anybody experienced something similar that can be useful. Cheers, Olivier
  7. olivierJez

    usb recording not as defined that headphone sound

    i don't have any global EQ set and i tried the patch with a bit of high cut, which is i thing where i can feel the issue. I even tried recording the raw direct sound and use native instead, the problem is still there. It does really feel like tiny compression or micro time skip issue. If i had listen to it in the mix from start i would have just think i had be a bit sloppy, but i was really doing a little lick test. I guess I have to try few things and tick them off before getting back here.
  8. olivierJez

    Need help with this tone on Helix...suggestions?

    starting from the customtone area of line6 website is always a good start. Search for the player you want and there is usually some patches already there if he/her is famous enough. you can tweek from there if it is close enough. An other way i sometime try to start is finding what gear the player use and try to recreate it on helix. There are plenty of video showing player's gear so that's also a good start point. don't underestimate the "fingers tone" sometime no matter how close the rig copy or sound is, it is just how the other guys are playing too, the vibrato, the little quirks and fine subtleties... For exempIe still haven't find an acdc sound that i am happy with, even though i own an SG and angus rig is really simple.... ;) cheers
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    Helix Challenge sound samples

    I don't know about any challenge sound samples, but if you are looking for presets, dig into the custom tone download area.
  10. olivierJez

    Power Cab 112

    If you helix ir list is full, i think you have to accept it and consider yourself an IR nut :) haha
  11. olivierJez

    Helix Sync Over L6 LINK

    I think it works already, see in the cleatwater video :
  12. olivierJez

    Power Cab 112

    Totally agree ! This is not really a product for Helix users... at least not the non rich ones ! :) Headrush frfr 112 is £300 has 2 independent inputs, nothing more nothing less than the Helix needs. I would have loved line 6 to have a similar simple option in this amp format that looks nice.
  13. olivierJez

    Tips for use with Power amp + Cab

    it seems so that the new Line 6 powercab 112 is what you want : https://line6.com/powercab/
  14. olivierJez

    Power Cab 112

    found out i think : Powercab 112—$599.99 US street Powercab 112 Plus—$799.99 US street Sorry Line 6, Headrush frfr price still win for me and the use i would have. If you decide to make a simpler version for £300 ish with 2 independent inputs, the would be awesome ! Or add the possibility to plug real amp heads in. This looks an nice product and looks legit, but having an helix with plenty of cabs and IR, that would be redundant to have again speaker emulations and presets..... You still need an helix cab simple straight. Make a other model, the 112 straight, no modeling, tru frfr, 3 independent input (input, mic, mp3), no usb out, line6 link why not). You can probably sell it cheaper because less gadgets inside and you would fit the bills of a lot more people, me first, cash in hand.
  15. olivierJez

    Power Cab 112

    Nice, Any pricing yet ? I like the idea and versatility to plug a real head in that the headrush frfr don't have, I kind of regret they didn't ad the second input to the smaller version too, with separate controls like headrush to plug a mic or mp3 player. I guess it will come to the price tag for which i may go in the future between this or headrush frfr.... Edit : apparently you can't plug a real head, i read it somwhere, so cannot be used just for real amp cab, shame that would be a killer feature.
  16. olivierJez

    Supro drive equivalent on helix

    Hi, i am looking to get that thick almost fuzz tone in the low frequencies that paul gilbert and Now days joe satriani tones have. I tried to get it with a fuzz, but it is too much. i know paul gilbert uses a supro drive to get that. Satriani, i am not sure, he changed his rig since his new amp and chicken foot, which i like the way it sounds now. anybody has an idea what disto block i could use to get that ? I have not find yet something close to that result. cheers olivier
  17. olivierJez

    Supro drive equivalent on helix

    Actually there is a supro preamp in helix ! damn i didn't realise with all those fancy names soup pro :) I'll try will that when i get time in front of the amp to see what i can get out of it.
  18. olivierJez

    Right, I'm out.

    not strange, a bit extreme. I found it difficult to read it too not, i did prefer how it was layout before. And that wasn't the best layout already. dunno just a bit confusing. And the voting on questions i am not sure that is the best way to deal with forum readability...not many people seems to use it anyway. I think the forum need to be re think a bit. With all due respects. I'll stay :) Olivier
  19. olivierJez

    Latency when connecting Helix to Mac with USB...

    Same thing happened to me yesterday. All good until a weird glitch and then a 1 second ish latency. I had the restart helix, then all good. it happened to me once with an other device to plug the guitar direct to computer. So i wonder if the prob is not from core audio.... i am on mac os el captain. You should open a proper support ticket if it happens on regular basis. I had it only once with the helix, so i am not gonna panic yet :)
  20. olivierJez

    Problem with Helix. Please Help!

    If there is a real big difference on all your patches, you could do a factory reset and reinstall your patches to see if that fix your problem. could it be a jack or earphone that got busted... ?
  21. whamy pedal maybe an idea. To get a more alike violin sound, your best approach would be to play the guitar with a bow. That would get you close enough and with a cool act like Jimmy Page ;)
  22. olivierJez

    Steel Guitar?

    I remember watching a Steve Morse video where he explains how he does it, but i couldn't find it again. this one seems not bad and showing the principle quiet well. cheers
  23. olivierJez

    Logic turns off Helix monitoring

    Hiya, I have a weird problem that happens since i updated logic... or my system... I am using the helix as output with headphone (got family sleeping) Everything is fine until i launch Logic, then the helix sound is turned off. Not the playback, just the live guitar, the output from logic works, and guitar is back on monitoring when i hit record. I tried the input monitor but it makes no difference, the live guitar output is gone, even if i turn of Logic. The only way to get it back is to reboot the helix. I didn't have that problem before, and i don't know if the problem came with a logic update or system upgrade (el captain), or something else. I didn't made changes in the helix at that time for sure. The problem is there did it with v2.1 i have updated to v2.3 same. And is more likely to be a logic related answer. I think, somehow, logic is sending an order to the helix to "shut up". Any ideas how to bring back the guitar live monitoring ? cheers Olivier
  24. olivierJez

    Logic turns off Helix monitoring

    Ok, i tried few things. The problem in fact comes when i open or close logic audio. On all the presets. Funnily enough if i just recall the preset on the stomp, or any other preset, i get the sound back. As i use 1 preset for most what i record these days, i didn't realise that quicker. So this is a quick and easy work around it, but it still bugs me that it wasn't happening before. Something happen when logic open or close, maybe related to core audio or a midi signal.... I tried without headphone using my computer speakers but there is no sound coming out in any case i tried. (yes i have selected helix as input and my line out as output) It used to work. I can see the sound passing when i play, the input meter react to what i play, and if i open logic and record it will be recorded on the track. It is more pointing to the computer or core audio being the trouble... I couldn't find any option in sound pref that would make it work
  25. olivierJez

    Logic turns off Helix monitoring

    Hiya, It is not the Helix Native i am using, sorry if it wasn't clear. It is the helix floor pedal board. I use headphones plugged to the helix pedal board to get the guitar and the sound from the computer (plugged via usb) All used to be fine, and still is until i turn on Logic pro (latest version or near, i suppose. OSx el captain). Once logic is on, no more direct guitar sound from the helix, but logic playback is passing through fine. While recording i get everything fine, guitar and tracks. cheers