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  1. This is my new rig. I got rid of everything else I had (amps & pedals). Next Step is buying a Variax. Nowadays I have one Fender Strat, one Gibson Les Paul and one Gibson Flying V. I'm anxious to see what Variax can do with the Helix, but I'll have to wait until next year 'cause if I buy more gear, I'm sure my wife will leave me :lol:
  2. Have you tried searching on Customtone? I think there's already several Gilmour like tones in there. http://line6.com/customtone/browse/helix/
  3. I'm using the Helix XLR out to EV ZLX12P and I like it. A little boomy and sometimes harsh in some amp models but I managed it using the Global Settings EQ.
  4. I bought the Helix 2 weeks ago and did my first record with it. My signal chain was: Gibson Flying V -> Helix -> USB cable to Windows PC. For monitoring I used my ElectroVoice ZLX12P (powered FRFR) and some cheap JVC headphones (after I dialed my tones listening them thru my EV), I monitored the audio thru my headphones with little tweak. My friends liked it... I'm a hobbyist but I like my tone for this song... What do you guys think? Ps: I didn't ReAmp this record but I strongly recommend it! You can ReAmp following this simple instructions:
  5. I put the loop in the first block of the signal chain last week and did just the same as you and it's pretty useful cos' you can really dig into your tones just listening to them. Other thing I do is to REAMP via USB into my DAW, and I loop the dry guitar recorded in my daw and tweak my tone until I find it's good. Checkout this video from Line 6: bossgx700:Hope you find this useful.
  6. Oh man, that's just... just... Lollipop! This never happend to me, except freezing the Helix Editor on my PC once... Never got any of these problems of yours. I really don't know how to help you... If I were you, I'd backup my unit, reinstall all my drivers and re-flash my Helix unit and reset my global settings... But I can't tell you if this will work...
  7. Great work indeed! Would you care sharing the patches? Are they on Custom Tone for download? Best Regards,
  8. Channelk, I think you should reinstall all your Line 6 Drivers. I don't think the driver behavior while installing were ok at all. If I were you, I'd reinstall both drivers and Line 6 Updater, reboot the computer and test if there's conectivity between Helix and your PC. After that, try to reinstall the update. I myself did the ONLINE update, and it worked fine. I did it as follows (even thou there was no instructions to do that): 1 - Downloaded the latest drivers; 2 - Installed the latest drivers; 3 - Download the latest Helix Editor; 4 - Installed the latest Helix Editor; 5 - Backedup all my patches; 6 - Turned off Helix, turned on Helix and did a Global Settings RESET before update (don't ask me why, but I did it); 7 - Followed the instructions on Helix update page for ONLINE update; ---- That is one information that I think should be very useful to you... Some USA A/B cables have a "filter" that stands near one of the ends (they're mostly in a cilyndric shape) and I found it to be giving me problems while updating my past POD HD 500x. I then tried to update the POD HD with a normal cable, without the filter and everything went well. Maybe you should look if is there any filter in the cable you're using. (Sorry for my english writing as I'm a portuguese native speaker! I don't know if I explained it right)... Regards,
  9. Do you have any Antivirus or Windows UAC or SmartScreen enabled? If so, disable them while doing the update. I have Google Chrome too and it worked like a charm. I don't recommend you using USB HUBS at all! Don't forget to reset your global settings after updating in order to 2.20 to work properly.
  10. I think you shouldn't use Global Settings engaged with Glenn Patches cause they have their own eq already (as far as I know), someone correct me if I'm wrong. Regards,
  11. Tried the Litigator yesterday for the first time (I only have the Helix for 3 days) and I was blown away! What a nice amp indeed! I'll try it again today. I'm loving the Helix so far! Yesterday I simply forgot to eat and drink water spending 5 hours playing nonstop! :)
  12. I just bought the Helix and the EV ZLX 12P and with a few adjustments I could easily make it sound like my Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Series 1 Rect-O-Verb. In the Global Settings I adjusted the LowCut to 81Hz and the HiCut between 7 to 8.1. It worked wonders! Hope this helps! :-)
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