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  1. I have the floor, been playing since I posted and it sounds awesome but I agree. I did update off line for whatever that's worth. I did like I have always done and as you wrote. I agree, will update again and see what happens.
  2. So just updated and when I restarted holding 9 and 10 it did not give me the "Will reset globals..." message and did not rebuild presets. Just booted up, I see Firmware 2.21 and helix comes on. Any thoughts from you guys? Edit: I see the plastichorus and vintage swell so the presets appear to be there... More...I downloaded the update and then updated my helix off line. All of my global settings were wiped clean. New amps and effects are there. previous user presets, mix and feedback settings are all in place as well as my IR's.....hmmm
  3. Pre order and First Run from Sweetwater for me, No issues ever. My rotation is with 2 other great players both using toasters. Our very experienced sound tech loves the tone I am getting. My.02...
  4. You nailed it PeterHamm. "If you use the note value instead of milliseconds option, there is only one master BPM tempo for your delays at any given time" And I think this is true regardless of delay type, at least in a single snapshot. And Phil you are correct, I am just an analyst in my day job.... :D
  5. So I found myself spinning the tempo to various BPM's for different songs in last weeks set. I have been using the global setting for tap tempo. I use multiple snap shots with varying gain staging, delays, reverbs, etc. I use expression pedals to control various parameters within each effect using the mode toggle to go between snaps and stomp mode. Love it, Life's good! Am I missing the fact that I can have a vintage delay set to .1/8th in snap 1 at 76 BPM's and a vintage delay in snap 2 at 120 BPM's? How about snap 1 - .1/8th 76 BPM and snap 2 - 1/4 at 120 BPM if my global settings are set to per preset? Or does it have to be a different type of delay to have different BPM's within the preset? Path 1B are my individual delays while 2A delays are part of my ambient preset but there is a vintage delay on both paths. Thanks for anyone's input. -AZ Guitar
  6. AZGuitar

    Glenn Delaune

    Glenn's patches are great as many others are here as well. I use them as templates and tweak to my own taste, fav amp and application. Beauty of helix interface, Native is going to be awesome!
  7. Doing mine tonight, always updated flawlessly in the past. New MAC this time so hope all goes well.
  8. That is what I figured, appreciate the quick reply.
  9. Try the Fender FXA 7's if you can. Sounds the same as my Matrix FR10 which I use to dial in my presets for live use. On stage I am direct only to house with the 7's in my ears. Mr. amsdenj is 100% correct in the post above. my .02....
  10. Quick question,...Old mac fried where I had all 2.12 backed up. Should I load 2.11 editor to BU everything to new mac and then load new editor and 2.20 to bring them back to Helix? Or, will the new editor be all I need to BU 2.12 and then restore after update? FWIW, I always BU my key presets as well as play lists separately as a fail safe. Call me redundant yes but I am an analyst by trade...Anyone need housing data :wacko: Thanks!
  11. I have a gig on Sunday so have to sit on my hands and read about all the good stuff. Somebody needs to post some vids of the new delays. 🎸
  12. My Mac Book bit the dust, sucks! I never had an issue with my Helix and MB so somewhat reluctant to do anything but replace it.You guys using Windows or Mac?
  13. I run XLR to FOH at mic level with the pad on. If my memory serves me the mic level is roughly an 18 db cut from line. The other guitar player is using a kemper the same way. Our levels at the board are virtually identical. He uses aux in for out from aviom, the kemp has the ability to control output of aux in. I have to use effects loop on separate path for aviom feed to avoid sending band mix back to house. [i put a suggestion for effects loop routing on idea scale a few months ago, might have died, have not checked...] We both use headphones out to monitor our rigs individually. My large knob is 12-1:00. I have a matrix FR10 I have used on 1/4 out line level with this same set up, XLR to FOH at mic, just makes for a loud stage. A little different than your set up but might be help for some.
  14. AZGuitar


    Very nice Scott, Panama is an amp I need to spend some time with. When the 2204 Mod landed, I wrote all my patches around this killer amp and stayed with it. Beauty of the choices in Helix my brethens. Have a cold, consume wasabi.... :o :o :blink: :blink: :) :) And now I can breathe....and hear how good that guitar/amp sounds. Thx!
  15. Thanks for sharing, perfect morning coffee video. Pets's awesome!
  16. I love this delay, typically running the headroom at 0 to 2.0....what are you guys doing? Also running the bit depth at 16, any thought here? Thx for your input.
  17. I like the HPU factor, no squirles for me. Year ago Oct as well.... Nothin but honey for me. I get their are bugs here and there, saw my buddy's kemp sound a little buzzed before. Restart and all the stars were back in order. Playing with him on the 18th, I can tell you my Helix sounds killer and stands side by side with this pro player. H factor is just awesome! Qq
  18. I have posted my IEM solution on a few threads here, search me out. I will repost a screenshot later today.
  19. FWIW, my Helix was delivered in the first batch out of the gate and periodically makes internal clicking noises. I also assumed this was some relay of sorts. No harm no foul in my case. It would be interesting to know if there is absolutely no mechanical relays. Also, I have never had any issues with my unit including the vol blocks others are talking about. I do use the built in pedal for vol only in front of my chain and 2 boss pedals in exp 2 and 3 for time based and dirt pedals/ amp vol, gain and other related controls. New and old patches, no issues.
  20. Same for me, eq helix channel flat. I use xlr out with output set to mic and it plays nice with our system. I do create my patches using a matrix FR10. Sounds great in my IEM's, but thin in my Sony cans. Headphones can be canny!
  21. Absolutely, my Helix is a preorder from day one. Remember that...Never had an update issue, latest update and additions are stellar. Take a listen to Marco or Ola or BrockD. Read up on Wes or Phil or Chusky's posts and check their vids. So many more! Literally every genre represented, all with pro sound and chops. Sky's the limit, Ben proved it with the Lit. Welcome to Hotel California :)
  22. The Aviom is a return from FOH for stage mix. If you use Helix as your personal monitor mix your guitar is stereo in ear. Sounds awesome and just tighter better feel all around for me. You do need to remember to turn off your channel feed from the Aviom. The best solution would still be to have the option to route effects returns to whatever output suits your needs IMO.
  23. I use Snag-It by tech smith. Free fully op 30 day trial from their website. Love to catch one of your shows if your in AZ.
  24. Sir, you nailed it, thank you for the SS+1 solution. The Aux in did not work as it was outputting my guitar input and aux at the same time. When I placed the effects block as shown below my quick at home test worked perfectly. Better chance to test tonight with different amps but the result is full dsp power with all blocks available... Gotta love Helix right! Week off from shows, what part of the country are you located/touring?
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