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  1. Rule of thumb should be that a blank preset should be about the same loudness as an actual preset--this way there will be no digital clipping and other harsh sound artifacts. So take a preset that has absolutely nothing, and compare it to your presets in question and adjust the output volume (last thing in your signal chain). Good luck!
  2. Hi. I don't see any reason why this should be happening. Can you try following this video and see if you get a different result. And let us know?
  3. Hello. Please watch my video to see what's inside the Pod Go. If the buttons are working, but inconsistently, open up your Pod Go and clean the switches. If both buttons are completely dead, then open up your Pod Go and make sure that the ribbon cables are solidly plugged in. It should be pretty easy to see if they got unplugged or not. Good luck!
  4. Also I have had very good results with a 10-band EQ placed after the amp/cab block. Some guitars are just very noisy! Like my 'Strat. So you can almost completely eliminate the 50/60-cycle Hum if you notch out the buzzing frequency. I don't typically play stuff that has that crazy saturated "American Woman" lead guitar tone. But when I do, I use the built-in noise gate with default settings (mentioned earlier), and a 10-band EQ (mentioned above). Here's an example of one such tone... it would be way too noisy if I didn't use those tricks:
  5. Just like washing jeans... don't use the washing machine. Simply add a little bit of liquid detergent, and rinse with water a few times. It will smell fresh and won't ruin the bag.
  6. Here's my solution: variable tempo of the tremolo helps it stay in sync.
  7. Take off the knob, tighten the nut, put some nail polish on it so it stays in place, put the knob back on and it'll be fine!
  8. I personally tried running my distortion in a loop, but soon discovered the noise that that introduced. It wasn’t terrible, but it was noticeable. It’s inevitable, unless you use an all analog effects loop like what’s on the new Fender processor. I now use whatever is in the Helix and am happy. It has everything. Running pedals in the effects loop defeats the purpose of an all in one unit. Take it from a seasoned player—the helix has that distortion sound you are looking for.
  9. I honestly don’t understand why everybody looks down on the Pod Go. I got it and it’s excellent. Has 4 snapshots and a bigger screen…more knobs, and has an expression pedal. And I built so many presets for it. And at no time have I felt limited. And I’m coming from the full blown Helix. It does suffer from the same build quality issues eg crappy micro switches. but my point is, why get the Stomp, if you could get this for less money. I don’t get it.
  10. Or just create multiple presets-- one for each song with pre-saved tempo. I play to a click track, and I have all my delays saved with specific BMP settings. I have generic non-tempo-specific delays in some presets, and some have exact BPM settings to have the desired delay effect (like U2). I think... less things to connect, less things can go wrong. :) And sorry, have not explored MIDI on the Helix yet.
  11. One of these. It's an FRFR amp, it's a keyboard amp, it can handle bass.
  12. Yep, Line 6 uses low quality parts. It is rather unfortunate! Reach out to Line 6 directly-- call them over the phone and explain your situation--a service center did not fix your problem, and it came back. They will create a ticket for you, where you can fill in your information. That's what I did after horrible experience with 2 service centers. Line 6 fixed my Helix for free for me. Sometimes you need to escalate. Good luck!
  13. Well, open up the Helix, and remove the pedal and all that is involved. You can even velcro a smaller expression pedal where the old one used to be. Problem solved, and you now have a rugged replaceable expression pedal part of your Helix LT.
  14. Get a quality external expression pedal and use it.
  15. If you are running through a monitor, then you need amp+cab. Cab darkens the sound, that's a known "side effect". Nobody performs with an amp block without a cab/cab sim, unless they are trying to recreate the Beatles' Revolution guitar sound.
  16. I've flown with my Helix a lot and was always able to take it as my personal item onboard. With guitars, it's a different story!
  17. Umm... maybe something is arcing inside. Crackling is not good. I'd be careful. I know somebody whose house burned down because of a cheap Chinese lamp. It arced and started a fire.
  18. sounds like you need to re-restore your global settings, otherwise your global EQ is reset to the default.
  19. Remove the lid and shake out whatever is inside. Only one way to find out. I had 2 blobs of plastic (from the button surround rings) inside my Pod Go.
  20. It is. Minus the very low quality micro-switches. Even worse than those on the Helix.
  21. Try making sure your tap preference is set to transparent. Otherwise by default you get these glitchy sounds when delay bpm changes. As I stated previously, I can’t imagine why anybody would want to hear those glitchy sounds. But some people do. So check if this is what you’re referring to. I personally often change the bpm of the delay to glue several snapshots together better. But I use normal conventional delay blocks.
  22. I use Mail Order Twin on a very clean setting exclusively. It works very well as a clean platform for various effects, distortions. I tried a bunch of amps, and this is the one I settled on. Everything else was too boomy, noisy, glassy, etc....
  23. What expression pedal do you use? Try a different one. They are so cheap, you can just buy a new one for 20 dollars or so.
  24. You simply need a lot of distortion and active pickups. But this sounds like studio trickery.... Try to use the pitch wham effect that you can control with your expression pedal (if applicable). Otherwise, set it to 2 octaves higher, crank the distortion, and that could be close enough if you get feedback and use the whammy. Also you could try to use the feedbacker block as well.
  25. You took it for a test drive. Now try to make it your daily driver. Playing a few sounds with it is not the same thing as taking it on the road and playing 30-song sets with it every night. ifs nice and shiny when it’s brand-new. And then you start discovering bugs, having hardware issues.
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