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  1. We'd need a line 6 engineer to explain how the mono/stereo thing works inside the pod/helix. I doubt anyway that there's mono and stereo versions of fx, I guess it's only a routing thing. Anyway the question here is why are you seeking so eagerly for less dsp usage?? Do you hit the dsp limit that frequently?
  2. Global settings are not programmable. However you can program whatever parameter you find on the blocks of your signal chain, even input and output. You may try to submit a ticket for your request but personally I don't think it would be high rated.
  3. for sure it's a matter of your aux adapter. what are you using? the jack for the return/aux has to be stereo, and also the (I guess mini)jack coming from your macbook.
  4. It's a good point and I think phil_m is right. Btw I don't know how much dsp would you save when going from stereo to mono, I doubt a lot. Also keep in mind that if you put your cab sim last in the chain, the signal would be summed to mono anyway, even with "stereo" fx before. So maybe that would do the trick.
  5. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD598 which I really like. They are open back, really light e very comfortable to use even for long periods. Given they're open the sound is pretty "airy" and with a nice sound stage. Of course they won't isolate you much from the environment, and vice-versa. Without going for the pricier HD6xx series, the 598 is a very good value for the money.
  6. check this video for ways to connect both pod go and hx stomp/fx: https://youtu.be/czcSvP4aaQQ
  7. what's the amp you're using? it's rarely the case that just the presets sounds good always for every system right off the bat. You probably need some tweaking.
  8. You do that in bypass/control page. Just read page 28 and 29 of the manual.
  9. Uhm why did you bought both? You are kind of complicating things...btw you could use the pod go as the "main" unit for amp and cab sim and put the hx fx on the fx loop of the pod go. But you have to care of the positioning of the fx loop because you don't want to have a reverb before your amp and cab, for example. Or you could try the 4 cable method between the two.
  10. Yes it's correct, the inputs on the Apollo are combo, that means they accept both standard jacks and XLR. On the Apollo set them to line level. Do the same on the pod go in global settings in "main out level" on the ins/outs page. Then on your DAW or whatever mixer, set the inputs pan full left for the input where you plug the left output of the pog go, and vice versa for the right output.
  11. Try the Guitar in Pad option in global settings. Try both on or off if it helps somehow. Also, this may sound stupid but plug your guitar to the pod before turning the pod on. Someone here is experiencing different sound behaviours whether the guitar is connected before or after turning the unit on.
  12. Yes there are quite a lot of options to achieve that even without diving into snapshots, those are what came to my mind: - Put a standard boost pedal in one of your 4 blocks, if you have one spare. You then switch it on/off in stomp mode; - if you don't want to eat one of the 4 blocks, use the default eq block to boost your signal. You either leave off by default and the engage it in stomp mode, or, if it is already on, you can set an unassigned footswitch to change it's parameter(s) so you can achieve a volume boost and/or a bump in eq; - similarry, you can set an unassigned fw to change parameters of your amp sim, to increase volume/gain; - you could also use the default volume pedal in various ways, like if you don't do volume swells or stuff like that, you might set min volume at 85 and max at 100, so you'll have your boost simply rocking from toe to heel. And any type of "solo boost" would work both on amp-out and main-out unless you put the "boost" block after the cab/IR and set your amp-out to be pre cab/IR in global options.
  13. If you are going to a guitar amp best practice would be going from the pod go to the fx return/power amp in of your amp. In pod go you would disable only the cab (either in the patches or by using amp out connection with pre cab/IR global option enabled). If you use amp out jack keep in mind that the volume knob of the pod doesn't work (nor does the global eq, if you set that), because ideally you are supposed use the volume pot of your amp. Anyway if your amp is set very clean you could try the same but entering in guitar input. But usually that sounds worst. Just give it a try. Another way is using 4 cable method, if you fancy that. Check also the manual.
  14. amp out should be just a spill from the main out signal of the pod go, you shouldn't hear any difference, with settings on par. So if you use the main out is that better? I mean, for a problem solving test I would try to use the same speaker system, and swap between amp out and main to see if there's any difference. To do that of course you need to disable or set flat the global eq, and set the amp out not to disable the cab/IR (or if you want to test with cab disabled, just disable it in the patch). Check also for the cable from pod go to the speaker system, the main out is balanced (TRS) but amp out is not, some users here claim quite a sonic difference (non only for volume) when using TRS vs TS for main out.
  15. It's true that global eq doesn't affect the amp out, which does makes sense, if you think about it. I guess that would be nice to have it optionable also for amp out, but, nevermind... The eq block for each preset is there by default so you won't loose any of the other spare 4 blocks. So you can tweak this eq but of course you will affect also the main out (the only option being setting amp out as pre cab/IR and putting the eq after the cab, so the amp out would spill the signal before the cab hence before the eq block). Or, you might play also with the eq (high/low pass) that is available in each cab simulation, if you have the cab sim on for amp out. Or, the other way around, you set the eq on your ssl/presonus and make the pod go sound good for the katana.
  16. did you check the fx loop level in global settings?
  17. I'd say that yes the only way to mix things would be the 4 cable method. But for my ideas I won't mix different digital systems together. I would try to use pg for all my needs and then use the mustang only for power amp and speakers. This would drastically simplify things and most probably getting things to sound better.
  18. AFAIK the amp out is just a split of the main out, so it should behave just like the main out (minus the cab if you set it like that). check also the main out global setting of line or instrument, if it changes also for amp out. sorry if I contradict your idea but having the volume to act both amp out and foh would be a very bad idea. when you set the foh volume at sound check you don't want to mess it up, or the sound guy would yell at you... I agree it would be nice to have a different, separate amp out volume. But you could have a simple external box to do that, if you really need.
  19. Yes the pod has its power adapter of course, but... I don't know the techy stuff but a USB hub has shared ports, while a phisical USB port, like the laptop ones are not shared, the pipeline is 1 to 1 to the board, so to speak. So that's never a good idea to do sensible operations on a usb hub, a hub is more prone to errors or to not feed the necessary stable line signal.
  20. you wouldn't ever connect any USB device to a USB hub, or front USB ports on a pc, when doing sensible stuff like updating software. that's kind of a rule. hubs won't provide enough power most of the times.
  21. Well, the pod go has stereo out, plus, a good number of people won't use it live but connected via usb or audio interface, so stereo does have its purposes. For the headphone thing, again, shutting down main outs could not be everyone's ideal option. It's most reasonable leave it as it is now, because anyway you can turn the volume down, disconnect the cables, bypass from the device you are connected...It would be nice to have an option about that at least, I agree. And yes the volume control doesn't work with amp out because it's understood you are using an amp so you use that volume. It is true that this might not be the best option giving that some amps don't have a volume control if you enter in fx return loop.
  22. That's very strange. Try clear your cache/cookies or use another browser installed of your machine.
  23. I think it's not the default because it would defeat any stereo path by design, as reported, and also not everyone needs amp-out. It would be nice indeed that the unit only bypasses the IR/cab while preserving anything else (before and after the signal chain) but I can understand that probably is not feasible. I know that many people use amp-out on a power cab or fx return, and get nice results. Of course is not easy to mimic the sound of main out (with its amp and cab sim, maybe changing between patches) to the sound you get when going to a real power amp and cab; the eq involved are totally different, at least you should set your amp/cab sim to something similar of your real amp type.
  24. I think grdGo33 got it right. If you need distortion and overdrive you need to have both pedals present in your signal chain for your patch. Then in snapshots you simply bypass one and activate the other, and vice-versa. You can't change block type per snapshot, you can only change parameters and set bypass on/off.
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