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  1. if there is a way for electricity to flow it will find it. a small light in your car; glove box, trunk. will drain a relatively new battery overnight. is your battery new?
  2. we were on the uss america off naples getting supply's and as one was landing wind shear pushed it down and the wheel hooked the deck rail and it crashed on the deck. minor injuries to all involved. the helo went up in flames in about 2 minutes
  3. i'm gettin' my wallet and taking my chinook there
  4. i definitely like this forum design more than the last :D
  5. so, i clicked on the link displayed in the last youtube vid and when i returned to the thread there was a sign attached to TRIRYCHE'S post displaying my IP and ISP. the sign also displayed DANASOFT.COM. i visited the site and it said it wasn't a hacking tool or would not be used to get your info, just an ad where you could make a sign to be displayed on your posts in forums and the like. it also said that i was the only one who could see the sign that displayed my ip and isp. i'm relatively convinced the website is legitimate and is only a ad for displaying your personal signature. does anybody have info on this?
  6. first, i think is, patches set up at home are probably not going to sound the same at live levels. second is the guidelines for setting up your pod; connectivity, how to set your output mode (studio direct, combo front, pre or full amp mode etc) are just guide lines and that's all. experiment is the advice i can give. nothing is right or wrong when getting your tone. keep pushing buttons and turning knobs. and come back here for problems or advice. somebody knows what your looking for ;)
  7. go to the download section and select your driver to install it manually without using monkey
  8. i really enjoyed that
  9. you can sample sounds here http://line6.com/podhd/desktop/models.html . i'm not familiar with what you're looking for but maybe there is a similar sound.
  10. "http://line6.com/support/docs/DOC-2112">http://line6.com/support/docs/DOC-2112 for more info, go to top right hand corner of the page and select SUPPORT. then go to KNOWLEDGE BASE. then scroll to CHOOSE A FORUM. then select POD FORUMS. the select POD HD. from there you can select USER DISCUSSIONS or DOCUMENTS. but there must be an easier way to get there, i just don't know how</p>
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