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  1. Sorry my reply is late!! I checked our desk and decide it was easier to take pictures to show what we're using. Obviously we have 2 channels L & R set up the same for preset and EQ. We did "deep tweak" the EQ. Hope this helps.
  2. If I'm honest I can't remember which presets we used, but we've a rehearsal tomorrow evening (17th) so I'll check and get back to you. That in itself kind of tells you how much messing we have to do with it from gig to gig!! The module our drummer uses doesn't have separate outs, just L/R so that's what we used. I did have to get the drummer to EQ some of the booming that was present in the toms, and put a bit of top on the kick so it wasn't "woolly". I would prefer individual outs as it would undoubtedly improve the overall sound. That said we still have the gear snobs who wander over when we're setting up and say something like,"how come your using a practice kit?", which really bugs our drummer. It's great to watch their faces as in one number he then plays congas with his sticks whilst playing Hi Hat, Snare and Kick with his feet. He uses 2 Hi Hats side by side with one triggering a snare. They usually then come over and compliment him on what a good sound he gets, so we must be doing something right I guess.
  3. Hi. I'm based in the UK and have L2s and 3s. If you're fairly close by then I'm happy for you try them.
  4. The simple answer is yes but really if you are careful about how you mic up from gig to gig you'll find you have very little to tweak at all. We've moved away from micing our amps and di them into the PA, using the onstage cabs more as monitors than anything else. We've also ditched the live kit and gone electronic, wouldn't suit your rock band but we don't generally have to re trim just eq a little. You can then save the "setup", we do it by venue name, and then when you re-visit that venue you just load your setup from last time and you have minimum tweaking and quick sound checking. Read the manual again and checkout the section on "scenes". These are saved within "setups" and allow you to have effects, eqs, etc relative to individual songs. Brilliant! The M20 is gonna make your job a whole lot easier but in truth if you get more accurate about your micing, then the whole deal will get easier.
  5. I think that if you leave all the channels in link mode they follow the mix anyway at the monitors?
  6. Don't think there's a tutorial but our drummer uses Sennheiser IEMs on stage and we just come out of monitor D to his transmitter in. We use L2s as A B and C as part of the L6 link set up. We only give him a mono mix but he's more than happy. Setting up of levels is the same as a floor monitor. He usually has mor signal than he needs and dials it back on his belt back so he has some headroom through the gig. Works a treat for us as he's using an electric kit with Zildjian Gen 16 cymbals. They have tiny miss under them and he sings too so we were having chronic feedback problems with a floor monitor.
  7. I've been using one for 18 months now and not had a problem but wondered where do you have the transmitter? I hook mine on my strap as close as possible to the rear strap mount, and there's loads of slack in the link cable. Sounds daft but you sure it wasn't just a dodgy cable!
  8. I regularly do sound for multiple bands and save each band as a "Setup". If I have enough info from them I can usually get effects, in their basic form, set up within "Scenes" for different songs. So "Setups" for bands and "Scenes" for songs. Your life will be easier....ish!
  9. Would love to see a true monitor wedge that had all the features of the L2. It works well as a monitor but in some venues it's just too wide and I end up using active wedges instead. I have some 8" LD monitors but can't use L6 link with them so it's a pain!! It would also mean I could get a Firehawk and use one of my L2s as my guitar rig. Be easier than humping my Spider Valve around. Not getting any younger!!
  10. quadcabby


    I posted on another thread that a local dealer had been describing the Amplify as a "toy" and for use by "someone in a bedsit". Same guy then when on to try and convince me that I'd be better off with a Backstair as these were made by ex Marshall guys and were "real" amps. How funny then that I read that at NAMM Backstair have released the ID:Core BEAM. It's got its own app and everything! Jeez Louise it's an Amplifi! Imitation........the sincerest form of flattery anyone?
  11. The simple answer, although I'm late with it, is no. It doesn't work with the Workbench software.
  12. I have a Maglok fitted to my JTV69 and it went straight on and had no problems with it. I fitted it as I do a lot of pedal steel double stop bends and found as I bent a string up the one or two others dropped slightly flat. The term itself wasn't an issue and always returned to pitch.
  13. Hi, These look great. Can you make them with standard RJ45s on the ends rather than the ones with the Neutrik shell? The Neutriks won't fit between my FBV and Spider Valve set up as they are a standard eithernet port rather than a "Jack". If you can, then what would the cost of a blue 12 footer to the UK be? Thanks. Quadcab.
  14. Yeah the dragging on the floor will wear them out quicker. We're using up to 6 subs with 6 L3t as tops and then 4 L2t as monitors so we have to have a large vehicle, though it's still fairly tight. I actually have a company that will add the flap to the bags but it's £60 a cover, so they become pretty expensive.
  15. The bags for the tops are generally good value but the sub covers could be improved as if you want to lay them down in the van or truck then the wheeled end id left completely exposed. A simple flap with velcro on it would save potential damage. We put furniture blankets over ours so they don't get marked with flight cases etc.
  16. I managed to find the EnGenius EUB9801LFP but have had mixed results with a lot of drop outs so having seen this post and as I have a spare Apple Express I'm going to try that route. Just an observation but I don't understand all the negativity towards having to use an Apple product that costs (in the UK) probably a 10th of what the mixer costs. Yes you need an iPad but you can pick one (that'll do the job) up in Cash converters for £99. I managed to get a refurb with Apple warranty for £280! When I look at alternative mixers and I then have to have a laptop that meets certain criteria to work with them, then the Apple option is way cheaper....and though I, as yet have no experience of it'd performance, I'll put money on its being a doddle to set up and it'll work. It's definitely cheaper than hiring a sound engineer for 3 gigs at the weekend and the interface is so intuitive, my Mrs can work it!! I think we need to remember there are plenty of people out there who see us Line 6 devotees as the "Apple" guys of the sound world.....just sayin'
  17. I too gig regularly with a JTV into a Spider Valve with a shortboard. Took a bit of fiddling to to make sure all my patches were at the same level, but I arrived at some tones I liked and pretty much normalised them by ear. I too punch delay,phase etc from assigned buttons on the board. As with anything the more you use it the easier it gets!! Well most things anyways!!!
  18. I've got to be honest I love my Line 6 gear and I was quoting the the dealer in question who went down in my estimation when he started the badmouthing. I have played in bands and been gigging since I was 13 and am now 57!! I would still use an Amplifi rather than my Spider Valve 2 if it had a DI out. The reason simply being that it's a hell of a lot lighter and I'm not getting any younger :) Plus I think it's a brilliant concept but I just don't want to go back to a mic in front of the cab. As far as I know Amplifi is selling in high volume so it's obviously gone down well with end users generally and you can't argue with the price point. Long may Line6 innovate.
  19. Yeah I only recently updated the software. We were the same, having to ask the DJ to jump on and do a couple of numbers whilst we reset. Needless to say we haven't been taken on by the agent in question. He cited the problems with the system as his reservation and suggested we get a sound man with some reliable gear! Bit annoying when you've invested so much hard earned in a state of the art system.
  20. I do wonder why there isn't a DI out on the Amplifi. You can get all the tones you dreamt of but who wants to go back to using a mic to get sound into the FoH? I guess you could use the floor version but then you're relying on a really good monitor mix. Was it designed just for bedroom use as a local dealer told me recently. He described it as a toy for students in bedsits!! Guess he had a downer on Line 6 anyway as he also said that the Variax wasn't reliable. I've been using them since they first arrived and they've been great. You just have to do a little tweaking, but I've had Gibsons and Fenders and they needed tweaking as well.
  21. Hi, I play in a 6 piece covers band. 1 Fem & 4 male vox, Yamaha electronic kit & Tyros 5(through a rack mount DI), Spider 2 Valve (DI'd), Peavey Bandit (Micd) and Bass (DI'd). We use an M20d with 2 L3s, 2 L3t, and 2 L2t as monitors for front of stage with a couple of active wedges for keyboard player and drummer. We do mainly corporate and function work as we're too big for most pubs. Had the Line 6 rig for year or so with no problems until NewYears eve when we had a particularly important gig with a good agent coming to see us with a view to pushing on in the new year. Started our first 45 mins set and had a great sound until about 6 songs in, at which point the keyboard channel (linked stereo pair) suddenly started to hiss, Really loud, and no keyboard sound. No matter what I did, other than turn the channel fader down, would stop the hiss. When I checked the trim level it was stuck maxed out even though I run auto trim (Godsend). I turned the fader down and moved the Tyros to another channel and patched the guitars through 1/4 inputs to free up XLRs for the Tyros, and we finished the set. During the interval I rebooted the M20d and the problem cleared. I put everything back to how it should be and we started the 2nd 45 mins. Again after about 5 songs, same problem. Rebooted 3 times before it cleared. Our 3rd set was fine though I did reduce the gain on everything just in case I was the problem!! Question is, has anyone else had this problem or if not any ideas as the rest of the band have no faith in the set up now and want to go back to our old system of Behringer desk with Peavey amps and speakers and I'm getting a bit too long in the tooth for all that weight and wiring!! Happy New Year everyone!
  22. Don't use Zyldian electronic cymbals with the phantom power turned on. I did a mere £650 worth of damage to our drummers kit by using the phantom power to fire up a Behringer DI box for the keyboard player.
  23. Yeah the acoustics are really handy, especially with altered tunings and the banjo works well too. Nice thing about the JTV is that they have the mags on as well. It's funny though that the gear snobbery doesn't stop with the guitars. I run a PA hire company and we've ditched our Peavey rigs and started using the Stagescape and Stagesource gear as it's a no brainer. We can usually show a novice how to get decent results in about 30 minutes!! We get the same reaction to the M20d as we do with the Variax, but why not use the tech if it makes our lives easier. The other thing for us is that using the "Link" and an iPad, we don't need a van load of Speakon cables, and snakes, and if we rent out a system without an engineer then nobody is going to drag the rear end out of an amp by daisy chaining the speakers.
  24. I bought a Variax 500 when they first came out as it saved me so much lugging of gear. Lets face it the average guy on here doesn't have a tech to run on stage with a ready to go "G" tuned guitar for the next number, and then again as you swap to an "A" for the next one and so on!! I now have a JTV and it's even better than the Variax 500, though I did have to polish the frets and do some tweaking to get it where I wanted it. For a gigging muso to me it's a no brainer, but the amount of gear snobs that pull a face when they see me take it out of the case is unbelievable. They normally change their tune (no pun intended) when they hear it. We also use Yamaha DTX drums and our drummer gets the same reaction, with one guy asking why he used a practice kit. Same guy apologised after we'd done the first set complete with timpani and bongoes where needed without the aid of a percussionist. I think we as guitarists can be, and I include myself in this as I still have my '72 Strat and won't sell it as nothing else sounds like it, a little set in our ways. Next thing for me is a 500X so I can stop lugging my Spider Valve around. Great amp but so heavy.
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