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  1. If you're brave enough open the mixer up and clean all the ribbon connectors with a good contact cleaner, and reseat them once its dried off. I do this to my hire unit every couple of months, and it cures the problem. Be careful as you lift the screen and top panel up as they're connected to the mainboard.
  2. Now that's interesting as I'm using the 64 bit version of Java1.6. Back to the Oracle page it is. I'll let you know what happens for future reference. Might be a day or two before I get to try it though. Cheers all.
  3. Yeah, I've been using Variax since it first came on the market and have collected many over the years, including the bass. What I don't understand is this setup used to work fine. I've deliberately not updated my Mac OS beyond Mojave and it does the same thing as when using Windows 7, as described above!
  4. I've deliberately set up an old laptop with Windows 7 to run Workbench. All the drivers and firmware are correct for the interface as checked by Line 6 Monkey. So Monkey sees the interface ( green light on), and the interface sees the guitar (green light on). Here's where it gets squirrels. When Workbench is opened it gives a lovely picture of the interface but says "no device detected". So my question is, how can Monkey see the interface and it light up all green, yet workbench can't see it to connect the guitar to the computer? I've tried a 500, a 600, 3 different 300 and a JTV, and the symptom is the same.
  5. I had this problem last night with my guitar going straight into the drummers IEMs. No matter how many times I re-paired the G10 transmitter, I couldn't get it to move to another channel. This has happened a lot with this unit, sometimes with my mic and sometimes with the bass player. I always leave it to last to remove the G10 from its dock and the re-pairing doesn't clear it. Starting to become a PITA! Great idea but the lack of channel switching is becoming a real problem for me, working in a setup with 3 wireless guitars, 2 IEMs, and 3 wireless mics.
  6. Here you go. http://line6.com/support/topic/13447-input-output-volume-drop-problems-solved/ Quadcabby
  7. Hi Hank, Yes this is a common and known problem. There are a few older threads here that will take you through what you (probably) need to do to cure it, together with one that even has pictures of a bad earth fix. It does involve opening your mixer up, so make sure that, you are confident enough, and back all your data up before you start. If I can find the threads I'll put a link on here. We have found that if you turn the master off to avoid damaging your speakers, then turn the offending channels trim encoder flat out a couple of times it can be a "quick" fix whilst onstage, but it's not good practice, and doesn't always clear the issue. Quadcabby
  8. It's a common issue but if you're reasonably competent with a screwdriver and a soldering iron, and take your time, it can be sorted permanently and cheaply. Did 3 0f mine, rental desks, about 18 months ago and they have behaved pretty well since. We have one that locks up when it gets too warm, so I've put fans in the back of the rack mounts to keep them cool. I'm in the UK so if you're not feeling confident PM me and I'll see if I can help you. Good luck!
  9. Hi, I have some 3 metres in stock if they're better. I'll pm you with price on both.
  10. US isn't an issue. They are all pre-assembled and available in 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 metre lengths. They have industrial grade connectors. They are a product I researched as I to was fed up with the poor quality cables supplied with the equipment. I use them to link to my Spider and also to connect a router to our hire rigs M20D. Been trying to put up pictures but can't seem to get it to work so I pmd you with some links!!
  11. Whereabouts in the world are you. I supply touring grade cables that have an outer jacket similar to a standard guitar lead. Sadly they're only available in a pale blue, but you can't have everything!! They coil up nicely too. I use them myself between my foot pedal and Spider Valve. I'm in the UK but can post overseas.
  12. Contrary to the Line 6 announcement that its software works with Sierra, it isn't working for me!!! Have trashed and re-loaded a couple of times but it will not open at all. I have the new "Monkey" installed and working fine with all my other Line 6 stuff. Any ideas gratefully received people. Thanks.
  13. This is more of a heads up as I too use the Apple ethernet adapter to non Apple dual band router setup. My M20 shares a rack with 2 Line 6 XDV wireless mic units and whilst my iPad connected no problem, we started to get mic drop outs, which wed never had before using the adapter/router. At first we thought maybe outside interference but the solution was to disable the 2.4Mhz side of the router and run in 5Ghz only. We've done some pretty big gigs since with no dropouts.
  14. I have to agree with SiWatts69. We too have been using the bags, both L2 and L3, for 3 years now. I am anal about the treatment of my gear and have had no problems with them thus far. I don't doubt that as with any product there will be a "lifespan", but I do everything I can to make that as long as possible. On rough terrain we carry them, as I don't want the amplifier subjecting to heavy vibration. I do have an issue with the bags for the subs as they drag on the ground and are fraying on one edge. I am currently in discussion with a manufacturer re an alternative sub cover. If it works out I'll post up here.
  15. I'm with SiWatts69. I too work with a wide variety of bands and I always trust the presets with maybe a little tweaking here and there. Agree totally with keeping the FX out of the monitors....it will squeal like the proverbial!! I have used the other effects, slap back delay for some rockabilly bands and vocal doubling and chorusing to thicken a weak vocal. All are good quality but just don't over do it. I will say now I am a guitar player, but I get the most trouble from guitarists who insist on having their backline so loud I can't get enough level in everything else without feedback issues. "We" are a nightmare. When the whole thing is miked up the backline is just a monitor guys!!!!!!
  16. Loving the wine article... :D...and the Tuesday, Wednesday thing! I guess I can't get my head round how a bunch of electronics, particularly those that are modelled are going to sound different if you put them in another holder. I've transplanted a couple of 500s into different body shapes and woods, but they didn't sound any different afterwards!! As you say 10% subjective and a little like wine tasting!!
  17. No to start that whole debate...but are you saying DSP modelling tones are altered by the woods their electronics are housed in....really?
  18. I love the M20D but I suspect that Yamaha purchased Line 6 for its own interests. We will more than likely see a Yamaha branded product as the item to supersede the M20, with a L6 Link compatibility to appease those who've spent money on equipment with this feature. As soon as the Standard appeared some of the JTV models were discontinued and I can see that trend continuing. I have spoken with local dealers who have been completely ignored by Line 6 since the Yamaha take over, even though they had spent large amounts (over 30K in one instance) to become Line 6 dealers within months of the take over. It's bad practice but seen as great business. I still love my Line 6 gear and hope I'm just being overly cynical.
  19. I play in a 5 piece and we've advertised for a sound man with absolutely no success. Equal terms with the musicians but when they do show up, most don't want to either work with, or learn how to use the M20d. That said we use electronic drums and the drummer always gets asked why he uses a practice kit!! £6k practice kit!! I use a variax and the disdainful looks I get from a lot of the purists are unbelievable. So my good lady has learned her way around the M20d and now, when she is able, runs the sound from an iPad. If she's not available the only option is do it from the stage! Where you based Stu?
  20. I posted in ideascale looking for a way to control patches wirelessly over bluetooth. Line 6 have implemented bluetooth on so many products now with huge sets of parameters that it's surely possible to make the Variax wireless and still control it frorm, for example, a Firehawk, Helix or HD 500 with either an add on or an upgrade to new unit? I use a line 6 wireless system with a Firehawk but I have to change patches on both the guitar and the foot pedal. Would be so much more convenient to just change patches. Also I've found the VDI cables to be a nuisance on stage as they're nowhere near as robust, flexible or forgiving as a quality guitar lead.
  21. Hi Ryan Only line 6 branded products work on the L6 Link protocol. Hence if you wish to use other than Line 6 speakers as monitors you will need to keep them out of the L6 Link cabling. You can however mix your monitors and have some wired via the Link and others (need to be active) directly from the monitors outs. So lets say we have 2xL3 speakers as FOH and 1xL2 as a monitor and then a couple of other brand active monitors. Set up would be from M20 Line 6 Link out to in of 1st L3 (FOH) then out from there to the L2 in (monitor) and out to the 2nd L3 in(FOH). The desk would see the L2 as monitor A. You then have 3 monitor outs left to assign as you see fit to your other brand active monitors. If you added a second L2 as a monitor then the M20 would add it as monitor B leaving you 2 other brand outs and so on. I do this regularly Just be aware that the M20 assigns the L6 monitors by their position on the cable run although I believe you can change that in the M20 set up. I haven't got that far in yet!!
  22. The footswitch can be assigned to different functions but not to behave as a monitor out, which is what I think your looking to do?
  23. OK, thanks guys. Guess we'll have to strap the trusty old Behringher compressor back in the rack. Seems an odd omission from the M20d software but hey ho can't have everything I guess!
  24. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to use the onboard compressor to "duck" or reduce a music source when a microphone is used. If so how? We sometimes provide a dj service and it would be seriously handy but can't figure out how to do it on the M20D. Thanks.
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