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  1. A big thanks from me for the 2.8 factory presets. I didn't want to do a complete restore and then another restore just to get these. There are some lovely ones in there. Bentique is my fave right now...
  2. So, you are using an amp and a cab (or IR) in 4cm to a guitar amp, if I understand you correctly?
  3. Nope. House of Guitars was one I didn't work at. Back then, it was Six String Sales, followed by T. Rizzo Music (which is now Northfield Music.) But I love all the folks at the HOG!
  4. Billy was a western NY legend back in the 70s, with Talas. Yep, that's a great endorsement. I worked at a guitar store in Rochester, NY back then and he's always been very hands-on with his gear. Bob
  5. I bought a Helix just to see what it can do. I am 1.5 weeks into my 30 days, if I want to return it. So far I've gone back and forth a few times. The deeper I dig, though, the more I like it. I've still got my pedalboard - TC Small Polytune > JRockett Small Blue Note > Strymon Riverside > EHX Soul Food > Barber Tone Press > Source Audio Gemini Chorus > Source Audio Nemesis Delay > Strymon Flint > Strymon TimeLine > Strymon Deco. The first order of business was to try and simulate my effects. The Helix falls a little short when it comes to things the TimeLine, Deco and Nemesis can do, so I hope they really beef up the delays in it. It's also a little flat in the reverbs department. Halls are kinda not up to snuff compared with Halls on other platforms. The drives in the Helix though are wonderful. I am not a FUZZ user, but do like overdrives and distortions occasionally. I primarily play clean, though. I am not as concerned about modeling amps as I am about finding something that sounds good to me. I now play through a Quilter MicroPro200 Mach2 8" combo which is great. That's the right side of my stereo setup. A Carr Raleigh is the other side. I have found that simply playing with amps, cabs, IRs, and room Reverbs can get me several amp sounds I like that are different enough from each other as to merit using them. I've not used Helix live yet, having just moved to the Chicago area. I don't really have a situation that would work. But I plan on programming the Helix and taking a thumb drive with me to my old home city to sit in with my old band, renting a Helix and a pair of FRFRs, and using that wherever I play. That way, I just have to carry a guitar. Hopefully, that plan will work! Bob
  6. Strymon pedals, and others, give you the choice of using true-bypass or buffered operation. If we are to try and actually simulate the real world in the Helix, then the idea of giving the option of true-bypass vs buffered on pedals is reflective of many pedals in the real world.
  7. What would be the best way to achieve a Timeline-like effect where the repeats are 'smeared' or 'swelled'? Also, is it possible to program more than one parameter to an expression pedal so that I can bring up, say, both the MIX and FEEDBACK for a delay using a second Expression pedal? Or am I limited to only a single parameter per pedal? I am still in my first 30-days with the Helix, and am trying to make it sound good enough to replace my physical rig which leans heavily on a Timeline, a Nemesis, and a Flint... I am finding the auto-swell on the Helix is a little difficult to get under control. The same guitar through the Timeline has a much more predictable attack across the board, whereas on the Helix it's touchier - the higher strings sometimes don't trigger where the G string may not get squashed. The threshold seems not as forgiving as my old Line 6 Echo Park pedal... Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. FWIW, I just hooked a pair of ZT Lunchboxes I had lying around up to the HELIX, into the 1/8" AUX jacks in stereo, and it sounds pretty dang good. A GLOBAL EQ with a lower mids and high end drop and it's giggable. I am comparing it to a pair of Tannoy 8" Reveals powered by an Ashly SR-120 Power Amp.
  9. C'mon Frenchie! Snap it!
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