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  1. Same issue of the first post, receiver flashing red, transmitter fading from red to off. I opened a ticket with Line6 Support and they told me this: "Please try to repeat the update: first the receiver (v1.01), then the transmitter (v1.05), and see if that helps: https://line6.com/g10recall/#english". Well, it worked and now the transmitter led works as expected. And transmitter itself does. Thank you, Line 6 Support Europe
  2. I did the update yesterday, too. MacOS 10.15.4 (Catalina). Upgraded Helix Floor and HX Stomp, one after the other, in no time.
  3. Ok, since Ed is not nearby, here is what I found on this topic..... would someone be interested ..... The Fav page is locked (so it's mainly a credit page) and the only way I was able to UNLOCK it (and edit labels and Program Changes) was buying the extra modula Pack Extra Features #2. It's 5.42 euros in Europe; not a big price, but it should be counted for the total cost of the layout.
  4. Hi Ed, good answer; when I read it first I thought 'should have guessed it before'. But..... The layout is locked, and in order to unlock it I'm prompted to buy another module, Pack Extra Features #2. (from MidiDesigner, not from your layout) Is it the intended behavior? In the other thread you wrote about the total cost of your solution, and no extra pack was mentioned. It's not a lot of money, but it should be explained before since it's seems to be mandatory to use the Favs page. Hope I'm missing something. Thank you
  5. I bought the template yesterday. Quite tricky to get MidiDesigner to load it, I'd suggest a brief tutorial for new users... Anyway, I got it running, in the end. I have two questions: - How is the Favs page supposed to work? It seems nothing can be edited, only a credit page? - On my 4th generation iPad I get frequent 'possible memory issue' alert. Maybe reducing the number of pages may help. Would it be possible to have a 'light' version? Say, without Presets page, just to see if it runs smoothly. I believe the edit should be very easy...
  6. That's really AWSOME!!!! Looking forward to try it: iPad and BluBoard are still turned on and ready
  7. Can't find the jtv download,...... am I missing something? Thank U
  8. Hi, your Helix has to be deregisterded by former owner (or never registered)and registered in your account. And then, yes, you'll can get Native at $99
  9. This is the thing I missed But it's a software,... one could easily 'move' to Alaska :)
  10. Can anyone explain it? It's $99.99, that means €82.86 in Europe (I'm in Italy, and own a Helix floor). But in the shopping cart it becomes €99.99. Not a difference to die for, but it's a software: no shipping cost, no dealer, no stocking. Maybe it's taxes, but I bought a lot of software oversea,.. this is not the rule. Thank You
  11. Hi everybody. I've got a bricked FBV Exp MKII, already tried what I could, like service ticket (no help), local servicing (too expensive),.... Before tharshing it I would like to take a look inside, and maybe try to reset the chip with other devices. Does anyone know how to open the pedalboard? I removed the six screws in the back, but the problem is the pedal. It looks like it has to be unscrewed from the inside, very very tricky. Not to talk about putting all togheter later. Thank you
  12. It's definitely a bug, and it lasts from many years. I had exactly the same issue, open several tickets and solved nothing. There's something on the old forums, too much irritating to search. Line6 support kept saying to reflash the firmware, and it seemed that my 'DOESN'T CONNECT TO ANYTHING' has not been clear enough. Hope for you your hardware is new and you can have it replaced, otherwise you can simply throw it away. They ask me the same money to fix it or to buy a new unit (I live in Italy). By the way, it's NOT a Windows issue, I get exactly the same with OSx. Very very poor support for this piece of hardware, and very poor firmware. Sorry
  13. Hi, I'm trying to find out a way to use these amplifiers just as guitar amplifier, I mean hands off the iDevice. Since FBV functionality is really very poor, I was wondering if anybody knows if it is possible to make tha iPhone app to react to incoming Program Change messages. You know there are bluetooth pedaboard (IK Multimedia, Positive Grid) that can connect to iPhone and issue patch changes. I tried with Amplifi app, I wish 'my tones' would be browsable with Midi Program Change messages, but it doesn't work. Maybe the app isn't designed with that purpose, but I tnink it would be very interesting.
  14. he wrote it, 7.0.4 is the latest, 7.0.5 was released yesterday only for chinese language iPhones
  15. Great! This could be enough to jump from Spider IV 75 to Spider Valve MKII. Thank You.
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