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  1. has anyone been able to use the new midi clock from the helix to control the tempo on the eventide h9? if so, how did yall do that? thank you in advance
  2. i am using my helix with the H9 MAX, electro-harmonix Epitome, and digitech Trio plus. i love the extra effects of the H9, i agree that they compliment each other good. the epitome i use mostly for the reverb and the micro pog on most of my worship presets. and the Trio gives me a band when i am practicing it all.
  3. ormen67

    Glenn Delaune

    thanks Glenn...i have been following you since the line 6 x3 live...been so helpful all the time...keep it up
  4. lovingmyhelix

  5. "juststarting" said what i wanted to. but i started with the x3 and every upgrade has been great. when i ran out of dsp on the hd, i got an m13 and used midi for effects and tap tempo. my issue then was using other pedals that i loved. when the Helix came...i was so excited to finally be able to use all my other favorite pedals using the ins/outs. i was able to shelve my m13 and add the eventide H9 max along with my electro harmonix epitome. i use the 2 extra expression pedals to further contrlo the effects. my signal goes to my personal mixer where i can see the levels of every patch. or see if i am sending signal to the front of the house. plus i have added a trio so that i can practice when i am alone....overall, thanks Line 6 for an awesome product. not perfect, but i guess that i am loyal to the brand. i also want to say thank you for picking my name out of the hat and winning a relay G70 just because i atended a tone class...i love i can just walk around the church and hear what is coming out of the front house speakers and make more adjustments to my sound. plus to be free to move when i do not have to change patches. all i need now is a wireless in ear system and i am completely free to move during a service or some other venue. again thanks Line 6 :D
  6. i have the same issue with midi clock..but im told that the helix does not have it at this time...and i don't think that you would get rid of has so many awesome sounds that helix does not have....but i love them both together....
  7. i love my eventide h9 max along with my does have awesome sounds and it only increases the sounds of the combined is a plus...i just wish i could control the tap tempo from the my helix..mine is the floar board model. i also use an electro harmonix epitome. use 2 send and returns and i finally feel that my total system is complete...(well, till the Helix can control all timing)
  8. still having the same problem I have the helix on footswitch 12 midi channel 2, cc# 64, value 127. and the h9 is set to receive cc 64 and I still cant control it... additional help please..
  9. hey guys, just wanted to ask if anybody is using a compressor after a dotted 8 delay, and if so, which one on the helix and what settings are yall using...i first saw this on the a youtube video by line6. and what i really want to accomplish is the delays after the first attack to stay strong especially since it seems that i lose that effect when i engage a distortion...and not to chage overall tone that much since the compresson will only engage when i engage the delay effect...thanks
  10. thank you uber...ill try it tonight...i appreciate everyones involvment and the quick answers :)
  11. it is good to know that i don't have to buy anything else...but before i opened the topic, i had tried something like that...and it did not work....i'm sure i was not properly setting the helix....sorry for my midi knowledge isn't that exactly do you set up the helix to do this...per page 49 on the Helix manual i was usingmidi channel-1 cc-64 value-127...but it did not work...i had gone to the..trying to set up instant 1 to do this. i want it to automatically keep my tempo per patch....what am i doing wrong...and thanks again guys for all of ya'lls help
  12. thanks for the response....i do have to use the Helilx as the controller though...i want to also send program changes to the H9...if i use an external time clock through the H9 first then i wont be able to change presets to the h9 from the i the tempode is what i need in front of the helix....thank you so much...
  13. thank you duncann..i will try my lead patches i do have the volume first in the chain...and in my delay patches i have it after the delay...again thank you
  14. i'm using 1/4" in stereo to my personal mixer and then from there to the PA system..we use the behringer power play for monitors....the problem that i am always having to try and get a balanced volume control in all my problem is that the my volume pedal seems to go to 100% when i am verely pressing about 40% of the the expression reason i have my own mixer is to physically be able to see the levels that i am putting out in a live situation...i can see the mixer lights go up and down when i am playing. but, still having some dificulty when i start to add overdrives and distortions.. sometimes it get too loud..or i start to i am still working on this...i love the helix....just so used to HD500x....
  15. hey guys...having a little trouble in live situations when i want the volume to go up slowly. on the hd500x, i had no issues by the time i got to the toe position it was a powerful volume with great incrementation in start moving the toe pedal to down and the volume seems to come in strong at about 15%...which makes it harder to do some great swells....i do have the setting for non linear...but i still have that issue..please help...and thank you and the rest of the forum for all the great info...
  16. hi the my Helix...really do....still i would love to also use my eventide H9 max and control the tempo. using the Helix.. in the past i would use the Hd500x and m13 (cause of dsp) and controlled the m13 through midi (tap tempo, scenes)...i am havin a hard time...trying to set up the Helix to sent tap tempo to the eventide...i have looked at the manual...but i still can't get it to work...any help please.. thank you all
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