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  1. Just so you know, they DON'T have those X3-era amps lying around. I asked the same question quite awhile ago. Digital Igloo stated a lot of those were on loan. They've already modeled a lot of the stuff in the Line 6 collection that they actually own. Anyway, they're clearly busy with....stuff. I'd wait until NAMM or so, and you might be surprised at how much comes to light. It's just four weeks away....
  2. I get the "Keeping Up With Da Joneses" thinking behind threads like these, but think about it this way: If the current amp lineup of Helix were physically displayed in a new music store you walked into in a room where you could play isolated to your heart's content, you'd likely think it was one of the best experiences ever. You wouldn't be wrong. I know it doesn't cover every little thing in existence, but there are modelers for that. I don't wanna give up the support, interface, workflow, integration with Native, Variax switching and so, so much more just because it doesn't have Boutique Metal/Clean/Midgain amp X or Y. Those amps are probably derivatives of at least one amp circuit currently in the box anyway.
  3. Hey man...I truly dug this one. That Badonk amp model is so versatile, and you made the most of it here.
  4. Hey man...nothing wrong with chasing tone in your head. If that's your thing....go for it. After doing some research, it appears that Ben Adrian confirmed that the Shiva modeled in the Helix is the 60-watt 6L6 version, when all of your personal experience and what you linked to in your clip is from NINETY watt KT88 "Anniversary" version, so....pretty much a different animal. They're definitely voiced differently.
  5. I guess my question is why you would want THAT tone. It's fizzy, flubby and mega undefined. Reminds of me days in my youth wasted by mid-scooping a dimed Crate amp in drop D. In fact, if you told me it came from, say, a Boss GT-6, I'd believe you. That would be eaten up in any sort of live or studio mix. Blech.....
  6. Another thing to remember is that there are multiple revisions of both the Shiva and Uberschall with different power tubes, plate voltage values and other small idiosyncrasies. So it's hard for anyone's distant memory of the "amp in the room" sound of ONE version to match up with a mic'd version of what's probably a completely different version in the Line 6 collection.
  7. Depends. If I have a guitar with relatively PAF/vintage-like pickups, I do it before the amp. If not, then I do it between the amp and the cab block.
  8. Hey, we hear what we hear, but there wasn't a single note or string that was "smudged" on the Helix Native track to my ears. If I ever detect any in my own patches, an EQ boost in the 1.2-1.6khz range usually clears it right up. These are not static settings that can never be changed, after all....
  9. Clarity isn't an inherent trait to either modeling platform. It's all about how you set up the gain staging of your signal chain. I say this as a multiple-time Fractal user. Or just look at the latest video from Sonic Drive Studio where he compared a Friedman BE100 in Native with his hardware Axe-FX III. Very little difference between the two, and it definitely ain't in clarity.
  11. All completely rebuilt, but the newer ones are - generally speaking - better than the launch ones. Even the Line 6 engineers admit that they've gotten better at the process as they've gone along balancing stark accuracy with what actually sounds good to their ears. Honestly, you could stay with just the Mesa LoneStar, PRS Archon, Friedman BE100, Voltage Queen/Victoria Electro King,Matchless DC30, Litigator, Badonk and Cartographer models and cover about the whole spectrum of tones from virtually any amp out there. I mean, you got Vox (BE100 clean channel, Matchless DC30), Fender (Archon and Lonestar clean channels), Marshall (Friedman, Cartographer), Boutique/Dumble (Litigator) and multiple high gain flavors (Archon, Friedman, Cartographer, Badonk)
  12. That's damn good tone, Nick. Thanks for sharing that. I'm very much looking forward to the tone walkthrough that's imminent.
  13. Nothing insane about it at all. I just don't wanna bother with multiple HARDWARE modelers these days. I'm pretty with having my Helix settled, and should I need additional amp modeling for fun or whatever - I can call up any of the 50 Thermionik amp models or TSE X50 V2. But honestly, that's way more than enough. At some point, ya gotta stop tweaking and play.
  14. They JUST had a Memorial Day sale a few weeks back when LT owners could get it for $99. Keep your eyes peeled for the next big holiday period - well, US holiday period - if that's a really big deal to you.
  15. Man...I think you got super close. Truthfully, I prefer your tone here to the Alluvial tone as the mids aren't quite as forward and notched as Keith dialed in on their Kempers. That gets fatiguing to listen to after awhile. I happen to have that Ownhammer pack too. Care to share the patch?
  16. Yeah, like Brue58ski said...they generally reposition a model if significant revisions are made. For example, the Uberschall model in the HD500 got redone, and they called the original the "Elektrik". The JCM800 got redone, and I think they they left it with the same name, but called the new one Brit 2204. I'm pretty good with most of the "old" stuff, but really, REALLY wish they'd go back and redo the Dual Rectifier from top-to-bottom with all switches/modes/channels modeled. Also, go ahead and throw the Shiva's clean channel in too. That's just a headscratching omission. How the Soldano clean channel made the cut and the Shiva one didn't...I cannot pretend to know. Oh, and I guess a "de-squirrel" switch on the Dr. Z and Divided by 13 amps. That seems to be a thing for some people...
  17. I'm not sure what's wrong with the two discreet HX phasers and two discreet legacy phasers as I never use that effect, but I hardly think four options is "lacking" in the phase department. I mean, as far as I know, the Axe-FX III has two phaser blocks to choose from?! Maybe you just want them expose more parameters? Meanwhile...a feedbacker? Definitely a cool effect, but hardly an "essential", wouldn't you say? Plenty of people have asked for the Digitech FreQout to be modeled, but maybe they'll just throw a BOSS FB-2 in there and call it a day?
  18. It's in beta. Still bugs to work out. It'll be out when it's out. Not sure what else there is to say about the firmware.....
  19. I agree for the most part, but I've had requests for some of my songs, so I've added a few patches there. @MarkJarvis Check out this one I created for a Cantrell/AIC-like tone. You can hear what it sounds like here (all stock cabs): I never created a demo for it, but this patch I made for the Line 6 Epic amp model works really great for modern high-gain. Very well rated.
  20. "Smooth" high gain or "smooth" distortion is really a matter of taste. I use a mix of stock cabs and IRs to get high gain sounds I love with nothing more advanced than turning the "High Cut" in the IR/Cab block down to 9-10K or so. Take a listen for yourself. This one is stock cabs: This one is with a JST Zilla IR: Easy peasy.
  21. The volume block worked like a charm. Set my input to USB 7. Golden. Thanks again!
  22. Can't wait to try this tonight. Thanks, Phil!
  23. I tried it with 1/2 stereo, 1 mono and 2 mono. Then I tried USB 7. So you're saying if I do USB 7, but then put a volume block (turned all the way down) in the blank preset on my hardware LT...I'll only hear the effected signal from the Helix Native track in Ableton?
  24. I've been doing most of my recording direct with the Helix, but I wanted to use Native as my signal processor and just keep my actual LT as a DI interface. I set it up in Ableton Live 9, but seemingly no configuration of the monitoring options or input options will let me hear only the signal being processed by Native on the track. I got around this when I had a full Helix Floor by turning the big volume knob all the way down - thereby "silencing" Helix itself, and using the headphone volume knob to monitor my recording. But the LT only has one knob. Any ideas?
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