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  1. This thread reminds me of the Ideascale request I posted. I think that an LFO that could be assigned to control and vary the delay time would be a more natural sounding chorus than what is currently available. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/An-LFO-and-an-ADSR/811573-23508
  2. hideout

    HX Edit 3.01

    Not having HX Edit be compatible with Big Sur does not render the Helix unusable, however. It's a minor annoyance indeed not to be able to use the editor but you can still do your editing on the Helix itself. Hardly what I would call a show stopper.
  3. hideout

    HX Edit 3.01

    And if they release it too soon and it bricks your Helix, how would you feel about that? What is it exactly that the current version is not doing for you and what makes you think 3.10 will?
  4. This encapsulates everything that I hated about the Pods but love about the Helix. To me the Pods were the most static sounding modelers ever created. They were ok if you just bashed the crap out of the guitar strings all the time.
  5. Yes, the Helix reverbs "do the job" but that's about it. To me, they're either too much or too little so I have to err on too little. The Lexicon reverbs that my Digitech GSP2101 and GSP1101 had are something that I do pine for every now and then. They were so sweet and so lush even at the lowest settings but they were never overbearing at higher settings which the Helix's reverbs can definitely be. No, I'm not gonna be attaching anything to the Helix's FX loops.
  6. Do you have another guitar with different pickups that you can try this with?
  7. Perhaps this is a matter of semantics but I know of no reverb that can "warm up or thicken a sound."
  8. I didn't actually notice this bug in 3.0. It wasn't until I updated to 3.01.0 that it started happening.
  9. Ever since I've owned the Helix, I have never paid any attention to the factory presets that it comes with it. Now, for some reason, after this last update I decided to check them out and found some favorites. Have these presets always been there? Big Monosynth Bel Haven boi! Needed Space Mandarine Gaze Flarhgunnstow Nine Inch Pills Sweet Dispozish Dream Syrup Low E Sludge SFX Ufology Hi Octane Knife Fight - Love this one!! Secret Travel Chem Trails
  10. What a lovely, slightly early birthday present!!
  11. I think what you're looking for is this https://www.museresearch.com/products/receptorPix.php
  12. I think it would be a lot simpler to just get a decent powered speaker. I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish by putting a full range speaker in a guitar cab. I mean, it will extend the high frequency range of the cab but it certainly will not have a flat response. As a guitar cabinet, it is designed to accentuate certain portions of the frequency band. This approach is anathema to the requirements of Full Range, Flat Response.
  13. All my guitars have low output pickups so nope.
  14. Uhh... care to tell us what that red thing is on the right in the picture?
  15. I really wish that a true modulated delay were available. Instead of one with just a chorus on it. A true modulated delay would be a lot better and more natural sounding. Better yet, If the LFO controlling the modulation had a random setting it would take away the mechanical nature of the chorus sounds.
  16. Well, 2.82 has been rock solid for me. I'm glad they're continuing to improve the update process but it sounds like the update itself still needs work. Once again I am forced to say that there's nothing feature-wise that appeals to me in this update. The things I want may never come to be and really, that's ok. Everything in 2.82 does absolutely everything that I need the Helix to do. The wishlist is just that. A wishlist.
  17. OMG... ok... lol I'm done with this. Still laughing though.
  18. I mentioned absolutely nothing about the complexity of the “signal”. Read my post again. The signal is dead simple. The psychoacoustic effects are not.
  19. The mic'd studio sound of two amps and two cabs in a room is nowhere near as dramatic as the sound of being in the room with those two amps is my point.
  20. Nope. Even when you run it in stereo, you're not getting the full effect of two real amps together in a room. The psycho-acoustic effects are very complex. Likely too complex for modelers.
  21. I still think the manual leaves a lot to be desired.
  22. Yup. The GT-5, 6, 8, all had this feature as I remember. Very very handy. It helped a lot especially since the thing as a whole was a pain in the keester to edit. I loved that you could create your own overdrives and preamps too.
  23. Sad days for us all indeed and not just us musicians.
  24. Yeah, I’ve had mine a year or two longer. It’s still so satisfying and amazing.
  25. I was switching guitars for my next gig... which of course got cancelled. Thanks Covid-19! Anyway, I use different setlists for each of my guitars and tailor the patches accordingly and switched to a setlist for my FrankenStrat. Anyway, did that and and as I was putting the Helix back in its case, I heard myself say, "Man, I love this thing!" Nice to know I can count my blessings without having to be reminded. I hope you're all staying healthy, my friends!
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