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    2.82 Update

    Oops... Anybody else having this issue? It would seem that 2 of my presets are affected by this.
  2. hideout

    2.82 Update

    This should be the first thing mentioned when reading about this update. I was updating from 2.70 to 2.82. My update experience went through with out a hitch! I don't really understand the need for this instruction before you download the update though - I actually forgot to do it but that didn't seem to be a problem.
  3. The sound quality Helix Native is subject to the quality of your audio interface's A/D converter.
  4. I still wish they'd implemented my idea of Two Phase Snapshots. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Two-Phase-Snapshot-Footswitches-Mode/857489-23508
  5. I just don’t want to have to roll back. Life keeps me pretty busy so I want to upgrade and stay there. I’m sure a stable version will come. And as I like to say, for me, there’s nothing missing in 2.70. I just don’t want to be too far back in the firmware versions.
  6. As a Mac user, I am very curious to see if other Mac users have had issues with the update. I’m admittedly quite nervous about doing it and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m quite happy with my Helix at 2.7. Actually, I was quite content with the previous version and not in any way taken advantage of or used any of the additions in 2.7.
  7. Well, I may only gig on weekends now but there's no way I could do it without the Helix. I live on an island and getting off and back again, especially in the summertime, just to get the Helix fixed is not an option. The update and the Helix can get borked by a simple USB cable or USB port? Nooo thank you. It ain't broke and I'm still very happy with it the way it is at 2.7... no update for me.
  8. Now, I am definitely waiting for the next maintenance update as I'm still happy with 2.70. Do not need the headache.
  9. Has these updating issues been mainly on PCs or are they happening on Macs too?
  10. Any Mac users running Sierra having these same issues here?
  11. I wonder if this update is taking so long because... it's the last one or is, at least, the last iteration of the firmware because this last version will be squeezing the most out of the Helix. We might get a patch or two afterwards but nothing major because the next major revision will require newer hardware - the next iteration of the Helix. Think about it. The Helix was release June 11 2015. That was 4 years ago and that's a long time in tech years. I mean, I'd be ok with it. I just can't help but wonder.
  12. Well... they are a little late according to their announcement here in this forum... not that I really care. Still pretty happy with my Helix the way it is.
  13. Meh. Amps are way too limiting for my tonal palette needs. I just sold my Quilter Aviator 8, which I dearly loved but it always left me needing more sounds. I had a pedalboard but have pretty much gotten rid of all the individual pedals that I depended on. Still, when I had it it wasn’t as satisfying as what the Helix gives me.
  14. What, no template for Digital Performer?
  15. Bourbon. Straight, no chaser.
  16. I used to own one - the 1st gen. I loved it but at that time I wasn't able to use it as much as I would have liked to so I sold it... BIG mistake! As for stereo in one cabinet being uninspiring, I think owners of the venerable Roland JC120 would disagree with you.
  17. I too had a Variax - the 1st gen and while I'm sure they've improved, because of the piezo pickups there are going to have to be some compromises in tone. My Variax sounded like it was already plugged into an amp no matter what you plugged it into. There was so so much missing in the high end. I'm sure they've had to lop off quite a lot of the highs that a piezo pickup actually captures to get rid of that pingy-ness that's inherent in all of them. Not sure if they can ever do anything about that. It also didn't really interact with an amp's input impedance, likely because of the active electronics, and that gave it sort of a dead non-reactive feel. I had that thing for a few years and it was very very convenient indeed but on that instrument, everything sounded really close... but no cigar. I had deluded myself into being content with what it was giving me until that one fateful day when I picked up a "regular" electric guitar (a Strat). That day made me realize just how much it - and I, was missing. The acoustic sounds were pretty stellar though and that was really 80% of my reason for buying it. I'll probably check out a Variax again in the future... but it will be with very skeptical ears.
  18. May I suggest an Aspen Pittman Stacestation V3
  19. hideout

    Main Guitar

    Unless a guitar is custom built for you, I simply cannot justify spending more than $1k for it. Pretty guitars are fine but it only goes so far.
  20. hideout

    Main Guitar

    Have you considered building your own? I really don’t believe in spending too much money on a bolt-on body. The neck and electronics are where I prioritize. Although, it would be nice to be able to go to a place like Warmoth and tap on a few bodies to see how they ring.
  21. I like that the REVV logo changes colors when he changes channels... It's the little things. lol
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