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  1. I’ve only had one experience with a bad sound person and it was at a community theater. Not sure if he was paid or not but attitude for days when I mentioned in-ears. He didn’t like them because he couldn’t hear them and be able to tell whe the sound was coming from. Utter BS and I called him on it. I said, are you the one on stage struggling to hear yourself sing? No reply. I told him his preferences are secondary compared to the needs of the performers. His boss was there, heard it and agreed.
  2. Interesting. I’ve always found the Helix presets and default settings to be overly bright. Any other details you can provide? Is your guitar cable really long? Cable capacitance can be an issue when they’re really long.
  3. hideout

    Broken cable tip

    I’ve done this to an iPod. It works but first, before you pull the plug out, give it a good twist in case some of the glue oozes out the sides of the plug and gets it stuck in the walls of the jack. A quick twist will loosen it from accidentally glued areas.
  4. Not sure if you’re being facetious but “perfect”? Hmmm... I don’t know but I will say that the Helix has given me the best sounds (to me and for my tastes) I’ve ever gotten out of any modeler or amp. And before anyone gets their knickers in a twist from that last bit, my needs tend to always exceed what any amp can give me. I’ve always found amps to be extremely limiting. Thank the stars for modeling technology!!
  5. I'm so ashamed! Bwahahaha!
  6. It’s been so long since I’ve done any serious editing on the Helix that I’ve forgotten how to do some things. Like how to assign the rate of a modulation effect to the Tap Tempo footswitch! lol Ah well. I’ll figure it out.
  7. OS X Mojave? That hasn't been released yet. If you're using a beta version you shouldn't be expecting everything to work and you should be telling this to Apple and Line6 directly.
  8. Every time I go back one page it makes me sign in again. GAH!!!
  9. It probably won't cut it in a loud band situation but I recently got a Bose S1 Pro and dang it sounds great! And I love how the sound is so well distributed in the room.
  10. I agree that would be very nice indeed.
  11. As I said, I had the original and even though it was underpowered and overweight, it did sound amazing and as Mr. Pittman claims, you heard the stereo effect pretty much anywhere in the room. That I do miss quite a lot.
  12. I think it’s the use of regular magnets instead of Neodymium on the speakers. It’s also made of wood not ABS plastic. I can see advantages to using wood but not using Neodymium on the speakers is just plain silly. Especially at those price points. As I said, Zooey, I had one of the first gen models and it sounded great but was a little under powered and heavy for its size.
  13. I used to have the original... should've kept it even though it was a little underpowered and far too heavy for its size. This new one is a LOT more expensive ($1500.00!!) but I still love the idea of a single point source stereo and I agree with what Mr. Pittman has to say about the impracticality of stereo in most live situations. I also love the idea of carrying one speaker to the gig. One thing he doesn't directly mention in this video is that you don't get any of the phase cancellation issues that you get when you sum pretty much any stereo signal to mono. This, by the way, is why the double tracking effect on the Helix doesn't work for crap in mono. It would work extremely well on the Spacestation. Now for the bad. 65 lbs?! Seriously? In this day and age of switching power supplies and neodymium magnets? Spacestation XL
  14. The same justification could be used on the Helix over the cost of a Pod. I know plenty who can’t really tell the difference and wonder why you’d pay the extra for a Helix. Again I’ll bring up the example of the difference between a $200 mic preamp and one that costs $2000 or more. The difference is in the parts used as well as the design but the basic principle and function is the same for both. Are you saying that the Neves, Langevins and DW Fearns aren’t worth their prices?
  15. But then again, there’s this...
  16. I have a healthy dose of skepticism but... at this point in time, I really think that all we are left with are subtleties. That’s all we really have left because a lot of audio products have gotten really really good. I just don’t think there are many “night and day” types of differences anymore, especially when it comes to modelers of the Helix and Fractal’s caliber. I’m thinking that there might actually be some value to this mod. I just don’t expect it to be an immediately noticeable difference. I don’t think that’s possible anymore. I mean, if you listen to a $200 mic preamp and a $2000 one, is there an immediately noticeable night and day difference? Of this I am very highly doubtful. Same goes for the sonic difference between a Lundahl and a Cinemag audio transformer. I’m not saying that there is no difference. I’m saying that it takes experience and knowledge to hear the difference. That is where the value can begin to be decided. For me, high quality mic pres don’t really reveal their advantages until you hear what they’re doing in the context of a mix. And even then it is extremely subtle. I think that what this mod has to offer will undoubtedly be subtle and I think that’s to be expected. Using better op amps in the Helix’s A/D and D/A converters will simply give the modeling engine a better “raw material” to work with and it’ll be a matter of whether or not you like the final output. There’s no guarantee that you will. This holds true for tube amp mods, guitar mods (especially pickup swaps - even when the change in sound is dramatic), basically this applies to any modifications done to any audio equipment. Ya pays yer money, ya takes yer chances. As for the cost, I think doing these kinds of mods is delicate work and cannot be done cheaply. The parts may not be all that expensive but the work requires quite a bit of skill and I am not one to dismiss that kind of skill. Just as I would never dismiss the skills and work required to become a good musician.
  17. I’ve read great things about the mods these folks do on audio interfaces. Anyone heard of anybody having it done to the Helix? I’m really intrigued! https://www.blacklionaudio.com/store/modifications/line-6-helix-mods/
  18. As an ex GT-8 user, the idea of a new GT held some allure, but it faded fast when I remembered how little I’m having to tweak the Helix these days.
  19. I'd love to see some more usability and control improvements like the OP's suggestion of an off-axis mic option and in the next update. Other than that I'm pretty happy with what I've got.
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