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  1. I hadn’t edited anything in my Helix for months but a few days ago I found myself wishing for a few ways to make some things easier to do. Just to be able to copy an existing path to another or to copy one snapshot to another preset with the same effects chain. It would even be nice to be able to clear out a snapshot and start from scratch or to be able to instantly compare the current edit with the preexisting saved preset to see if the changes are worth saving. All the new amps and effects are nice and lots of fun but a few utilities to expand the edit, copy and store facilities would be very welcome additions I think.
  2. At a recent gig, a guy showed up and said he liked my tone and playing but was very disappointed to find out there were no tubes in my rig. I laughed and he started to extol the "virtues" of tubes. I parried every argument and he could not counter any of them, especially when it came to weight, consistency, flexibility and maintenance. I told him that I'm convinced that there will never come a day when tube amps will equal the flexibility, consistency and reliability of modelers - ever.
  3. Have you considered the fact that the Helix has a microphone in the signal chain? Are you comparing the sound of the Helix to that of an un-mic'd Bogner? If so, that's why they sound different. The Axe FX II may be closer ( and I think that's debatable ) but it's still going to sound different than the real thing because the Axe FX II also has to have a mic involved in the signal chain. Not sure if we'll ever get past this hurdle.
  4. That's certainly a big part of it. Playing in the same register as the other guitarist doesn't help either. Gotta find your own space in the spectrum.
  5. I start with slow increments at 2.5Khz. A little can go a long way.
  6. Agreed. Which is why I think it would be worthwhile modeling all of the Half-Rack style Rockman modules.
  7. I don't know, there's a creaminess in those old Rockmans that I just have not heard in the Helix. It's the kind of creaminess that I just don't think is achievable with just EQ.
  8. If anything, they should model the Rockman!
  9. I’ve only had one experience with a bad sound person and it was at a community theater. Not sure if he was paid or not but attitude for days when I mentioned in-ears. He didn’t like them because he couldn’t hear them and be able to tell whe the sound was coming from. Utter BS and I called him on it. I said, are you the one on stage struggling to hear yourself sing? No reply. I told him his preferences are secondary compared to the needs of the performers. His boss was there, heard it and agreed.
  10. Interesting. I’ve always found the Helix presets and default settings to be overly bright. Any other details you can provide? Is your guitar cable really long? Cable capacitance can be an issue when they’re really long.
  11. hideout

    Broken cable tip

    I’ve done this to an iPod. It works but first, before you pull the plug out, give it a good twist in case some of the glue oozes out the sides of the plug and gets it stuck in the walls of the jack. A quick twist will loosen it from accidentally glued areas.
  12. Not sure if you’re being facetious but “perfect”? Hmmm... I don’t know but I will say that the Helix has given me the best sounds (to me and for my tastes) I’ve ever gotten out of any modeler or amp. And before anyone gets their knickers in a twist from that last bit, my needs tend to always exceed what any amp can give me. I’ve always found amps to be extremely limiting. Thank the stars for modeling technology!!
  13. I'm so ashamed! Bwahahaha!
  14. It’s been so long since I’ve done any serious editing on the Helix that I’ve forgotten how to do some things. Like how to assign the rate of a modulation effect to the Tap Tempo footswitch! lol Ah well. I’ll figure it out.
  15. OS X Mojave? That hasn't been released yet. If you're using a beta version you shouldn't be expecting everything to work and you should be telling this to Apple and Line6 directly.
  16. Every time I go back one page it makes me sign in again. GAH!!!
  17. It probably won't cut it in a loud band situation but I recently got a Bose S1 Pro and dang it sounds great! And I love how the sound is so well distributed in the room.
  18. I agree that would be very nice indeed.
  19. As I said, I had the original and even though it was underpowered and overweight, it did sound amazing and as Mr. Pittman claims, you heard the stereo effect pretty much anywhere in the room. That I do miss quite a lot.
  20. I think it’s the use of regular magnets instead of Neodymium on the speakers. It’s also made of wood not ABS plastic. I can see advantages to using wood but not using Neodymium on the speakers is just plain silly. Especially at those price points. As I said, Zooey, I had one of the first gen models and it sounded great but was a little under powered and heavy for its size.
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