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    2.31 Release Date

    Well, acoustic amps don’t really have an innate sound of their own unlike electric guitar amps. Acoustic amps are essentially very similar to most FRFR systems except that their preamp sections have specific controls to help deal with piezo quack and feedback issues. It would be more practical if Line 6 included a Preamp with those same controls but modeling the rest of the amp won’t do anything to improve your acoustic sound at all.
  2. I think an Edit/Compare option would be more useful. This may be difficult with the actual Helix but I think would be doable in the editor and Helix Native. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Edit-Compare/820832-23508
  3. Room size, shape and acoustic treatment will affect how any speaker sounds. In small rooms, low frequencies can be very difficult to control and larger speakers tend to overpower them. I had a pair of KRK VXT-8s who’s lows were far too massive for my room. I’ve heard the little Genelecs sound amazing in à biggish room.
  4. ^^What VirtualGuitars said.^^ Still, I doubt that anyone could offer a “sure thing†solution to anyone.
  5. Hmmm... Helix II? More CPU power, more memory and a USB A port of quick and dirty backups and preset importing.
  6. Never mind all that. I listened to what Paul and the guy farther away played. Wow! Both so melodic and thoughtful in what they chose to play. Paul’s playfulness was completely awesome!
  7. Well the first two would require either a dongle or a complete rebuild of the Helix. But as for the last one, how about this idea? https://line6.ideascale.com/a/ideas/search?templateId=0&query=Amp+builder
  8. hideout

    2.31 Release Date

    I have a Yamaha THR-100HD Which does allow you to mix and match preamps and power amps. It’s way fun!
  9. hideout

    2.31 Release Date

    You can always do what I did - stay on the current firmware version or, upgrade but continue to use the Helix as you always have. Just because there are new features that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to use them. I upgraded to 2.30 but the only thing I felt I had to change is to use the SP Comp more.I don’t think we should ever stop getting new features and abilities in future versions of the Helix. Why not? Why should people not be allowed to experiment and not be given the tools to do so? That should always be encouraged in my book. It’s up to us to pick and choose what we use.
  10. My poor ole Fender Mustang Floor’s tuner is better than the Helix’s.
  11. Yeah, that’s been my experience with nearly all the gear I’ve owned except for a Lexicon MPX-1 (tranny based PS) and a piece of dung Mackie DLM-8 (switch-mode PS) - don’t ever buy one of those. Everything else has been rock solid.
  12. Actually, what I said was that some people think “more weight = better quality or better soundâ€. As for repairing switch mode power supplies, should that really be something we should even bother to consider during a purchase? That says a lot about the quality of the product you’re buying, don’t you think? Power supply reliability has rarely been an issue for me - I’ve rarely ever had one fail. I can’t remember ever having a built in switch mode PS fail on my powered speakers or bass amps. Oh sure, some of the cheaper external switch mode wall warts have failed but even that has been extremely rare. I’ve had a lot more transformer based power supplies fail on me by comparison. If one does happen to fail, I call up the manufacturer and ask for a replacement part. Done. So, bottom line, old school transformer based PS - heavy and not as reliable, newer digital switch mode PS - more reliable and lighter. No contest. The other thing is that you and I might be only two of a handful of people here willing and able to replace a power supply. So who gives a rat’s patootie if they’re hard to troubleshoot? The repair person might but we pay them to do the hard jobs don’t we? Transformer based PSs might be easier to troubleshoot but that’s no reason to prefer them over a better, lighter, more efficient and reliable system. Going by your metric, no one would ever buy a new car... or a Helix because tube amps are easier (albeit more dangerous) to troubleshoot.
  13. Switching power supplies are extremely light and I've had many excellent sounding yet very lightweight speakers - my current JBL EON610s are a great example. I think cabinet stiffness in subs is very important and that can often lead to added weight but we're not talking about a subwoofer here, we're talking about an amplification system for guitars. The excess weight on these is to me, ridiculous and wholly unnecessary. I agree with your comment about the word "Digital" being thrown around like a frisbee, this is true but there are also plenty of people who are convinced that more weight equals quality or better sound - which is equally ludicrous.
  14. Yeah, I just don’t believe it’s necessary to make it that heavy these days. I’m a firm believer in Neodymium magnets and digital switching power supplies.
  15. If this is true, why did Line6 feel like they had to reinvent the wheel here?
  16. Phil_m, it was set to note value since before I went to 2.11 and I hadn’t changed it or any of my presets when I went to 2.3. It worked just fine in 2.11
  17. Last night at the gig, I decided to change the mod rate of the tremolo by tapping in a new tempo. Nothing happened. I had tapped in drastically faster tempo too. Anyone else experiencing this?
  18. Yes. For buskers, a 12 (likely) volt input would be very handy. I wonder, when you Helix is well out of warranty, if you could take it to a reputable electrical engineer and have him/her install a tap and a jack so that you could feed it Power from a battery without voltage conversion. I’m assuming that it internally runs at 12 volts as most computers do.
  19. Also, in those polls, how many have chosen IRs simply because they’ve read somewhere or some one has convinced them that IRs are better than the stock cabs. Not necessarily because they can actually hear the difference but... who’d admit to that? I’d bet that there’s a good portion of these folks.
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