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    Well, I did it.

    😂😆 Well... no. 😂 it’s just as bad. Honestly, I played with the new amps and they’re really cool sounding but... I am equally happy with the ones I currently use.
  2. Agreed. I don’t think it’s practical to try to copy specific blocks within a path. I think it’s easier if you just copy the whole path and delete the ones you don’t want after you’ve pasted it onto another path or preset.
  3. You could add it to the "Action" button. Hit that button and select "Copy Path", choose the Path to copy, and then select "Paste to Path" to either paste it on the secondary path in the same preset or, and this is what would be more useful for me, go to another preset and be able to hit the "Action"button again, select "Paste to Path", select the path and hit "OK" in that new preset.
  4. USB Output Gain... if there's such a parameter? I'm not sure. The only time I connect via USB is to backup, Edit or Update.
  5. Have you checked to see if there's an input pad turned on in the Helix?
  6. hideout

    Well, I did it.

    Idle hands got the better of me last night and I went and updated to 2.30. So far, so good. I'm liking the Backup and Restore feature, the new amps sound good and seem like fun to tinker with and I think the Bias, Bias X and Ripple controls now seem to have a more noticeable effect when you move their sliders. It was pretty subtle before, I thought. No, none of the new amps have replaced the ones I use in my patches now. As I said before, I was and still am perfectly happy with the sounds I've got. Maybe I was just not in the mood to experiment... or maybe because I know where it leads. It leads to more bending down at the pedal, at the gig, to adjust certain things about the new amp sounds. I've already done that and don't want to do it again for a good long while or unless the next update really has some things that I actually want to incorporate into my patches. Love the new SP Comp (I have the real one on my analog pedalboard) - that little guy sounds so cool in both the physical and virtual renditions! Somebody had posted asking if the "Squirrel had gone". I'm thinking it has. There seems to be a renewed smoothness to the way it sounds now. If it's just my imagination, that's ok too because I already liked the way it sounded before the update. I hadn't noticed it before but now, switching between cabs sounds more abrupt and there's a tiny bit of a kind of "Pop" sound when you change cabs. I wonder if something in the Cab Sims has changed. Things do sound a tiny bit smoother. I run mostly in mono and have found the Doubler effect to be not so great in mono - I had higher hopes and it reinforces the need for dedicated mono effects or at least a way to sum them to mono with minimal phase cancellation... if that's possible. Not a very exciting update for me but at least now, it won't be as much of a pain when a version comes out with features that hold more interest for me. For that, thank you, Line6!
  7. I wonder if Line6 would prefer to develop their own tech for pitch detection tech or license one from these guys. https://ivlaudio.com
  8. I wish they’d let us know. I mean, was it the software or was the switch failing and it was just coinkydink? I don’t think I’ve ever typed that word “Coinkydink†before. 😆
  9. Oh yeah. Seen that happen once too many times. For me, that’s what defines the issue in this video. It is all about a badly tuned guitar. And I’m not just saying that ’cause this is another Helix Tuner thread. 😂
  10. Guys, listen to the rest of the band, in particular, the synth player and the bass player and Dave. They're in the same key. Furthermore, the guitar is flat in relation to the synth and bass. If they were indeed accommodating DLR because he can't sing it in the original key, they'd transpose it down to where Eddie's playing - not up and Eddie would be sharp compared to the band. That said, Eddie's guitar is not a perfect half step down - it's just out of tune and it's not a matter of the band playing in different keys from each other.
  11. It's depressing to see that some people (the one who posted the video) are actually blaming it on the synthesizer. Unbelievable Ignorance!
  12. Exactly. As users, it’s our job to point out the inadequacies. That’s how the product gets better.If we’re going to be complacent about the Helix’s flaws, we might as well just ignore Ideascale. I mean, why bother?
  13. Bwahahahahaha😆!
  14. So is my $14.00 Snark SN-8. The only reason the Polytune is expensive is that it allows you to tune, or at least check the tuning polyphonically. That's what you're paying for and I never use that feature of it. It was given to me as a present and I'm grateful for that - not sure I'd buy one. I might buy the Unitune. The SN-8 is cheap but not very rugged and the mount for that little stem breaks quite easily. As a tuner, the Polytune isn't that much more special than the SN-8. It's more rugged and yes, a better tuner but not by a whole lot... both are still better than the Helix.
  15. Well, except that my Polytune Clip is still far superior to the Helix at those quick and dirty in between song tunings than the Helix is. That ain't right.
  16. Indeed it is a workaround. Why should we need a workaround for something as simple as a tuner and on a device that's as top-flight as the Helix?
  17. And there you have it. A perfect example of making excuses for, tolerating and defending an ill-designed tuner. Much like the way some people do the same thing with a misbehaving but cute child.
  18. Helloooooo!!! Exactly!!! Even though it is the most ancillary part of the Helix, having a tuner as bad as this one on a $1500 device, one that is worse than some of the cheapest clip-on tuners available on the market just doesn't seem right. I really can't understand how some are perfectly willing to tolerate this and even go as far as to defend its antics. We shouldn't need a workaround for the tuner on a device as expensive as the Helix is.
  19. This technique of turning down the tone knob is, as far as I know, only necessary on the Helix. It does help but it does not completely eliminate the Helix tuner’s jumpiness. Your point about some guitars not having tone knobs is a case in point for the need to have the tuner reworked. It is quite impossible to tune one of my guitars which does not have a tone control to turn down. If your guitar has high output pickups, they likely don’t produce as many highs as lower output or single coil pickups. High output pickups also produce a lot of mids which helps the Helix’s tuner be more “focusedâ€.
  20. Fewer harmonics to fool the tuner’s pitch sensing algorithm.
  21. Yeah, his name was Helix Tuner, and he wouldn't stop bucking.
  22. If they’d done something about it, the horse would still be alive.
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