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  1. Having to continually nudge that Multi Select knob probably leads to its premature failure AND it’s so tedious. I think I have a better idea. Allow us to assign a specific effects block to each of the 6 knobs under the screen. I already submitted the idea. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Assign-specific-effects-blocks-to-each-knob-under-the-screen/970702-23508?submitted=1
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    By "units" do you mean devices? Hmmm... could be. It's particularly annoying on a phone.
  3. Meh. I don’t give a rat’s patootie about that kind of accuracy.
  4. hideout

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    Yeah, me too.
  5. I’m just surprised that I’m only noticing it since this latest upgrade. Especially since yes, it is highly annoying.
  6. Hey, quit copying my thread! lolol. Seriously though, we're just noticing this now? Seems a little odd. i just cannot recall ever hearing this hum prior to 2.82.
  7. Ah. Thank you, Codamedia! Will try that as soon as I can.
  8. Is it my imagination? Has it always been there? I don’t remember this amp model having this low frequency hum.
  9. I did it a couple of nights ago for the first time. Had to use the Global EQ but that was fine. That little QSC CP8 sounds great!
  10. Oooh, gonna have to try that!! I love being able to do the physically impossible on the Helix! I've successfully put an overdrive after the amp model myself and use that patch quite a lot. Now if we could just get an amp model that allows us to only distort the virtual power section. This could be accomplished in several of ways; 1) They could include a clean boost circuit after the tone stack. 2) Create a virtual effects loop within each amp model so that we can add an effects block between the preamp and power amp (I've proposed this in Ideascale). 3) Give us a few separate preamp and power amp models. 4) Give us a "Blank Slate" amp model that allows us to configure it as we please. We choose virtual preamp tube types and their gain staging, same with the power section.
  11. So, I recently got an Ibanez ARZ200FM in Grey Burst. Beautiful guitar and lovely to play but when my fingers accidentally touched either pickup, it would buzz. Hmmm... So I opened her up and sure enough, the pickups were wired in backwards. Since I was planning on replacing the neck pickup anyway - Love the way Ibanez guitars play but hate their neck pickups. Too muddy and no character. The bridge pickup was fine. Nothing special but I could work with it so I decided to live with it for a while before replacing it. It sounded like a typical bridge humbucker. So when the SD Antiquity Neck arrived I did that installation and corrected the wiring on the bridge pickup. Here's where the total surprise came in. The bridge now sounded bright, jangly, it lost some of its low end but not too much. It was now a very lively yet not ice picky bridge pickup. Sounds almost like a really FAT tele pickup. What I don't understand is how a mere change in its wiring polarity could so dramatically change the tone of this pickup. I changed and experimented with lots of pickups before and had reversed wires intentionally lots of times and have never had a tonal change such as this ever. How is this happenning? Anyone have any ideas?
  12. I think it’s just something that’s easily ignored.
  13. hideout

    Helix vs Axe-Fx III

    I don’t disagree but it’s pretty difficult to go to a store to check out a Fractal. And actually, because of that, I automatically disqualify the Fractal. No try, no buy.
  14. And therein lies the beauty of the Helix. oh and don’t forget about the Helix’s Aux Input. Plug the acoustic guitar there.
  15. Or you could go, Acoustic Guitar > Helix Input Helix FX Send > Fishman Input Fishman FX Send > Helix FX Return Helix Ouput > Fishman FX Return. In this way, you can place the Fishman's preamp anywhere in the Helix's signal chain.
  16. hideout

    2.82 Update

    The only issue I had was some errors when selecting Snapshots but that’s about it. Just be sure you follow the instructions to the letter. Go Slowly and Pay Attention!
  17. What kind of connector do they use? They might be but only partially. If they use a TRS connector, I think the Helix considers those to be an expression pedal. Not sure how the Helix would deal with a Foot switch connected via TRS. I believe those foot switches are also latching and not momentary contact. That might be a problem too.
  18. Yup. Pretty similar to what I do. The main difference might be that I go for the sounds I’ve heard on recordings. I’ve always taken this approach to guitar sound which is why most amps disappoint me.
  19. They have that feature in Adobe Lightroom where you can select which parameters to copy. Not sure why it can’t be done for HX Edit.
  20. Yup. I feel dat! Oh sure, there are pedals such as those made by Strymon that intrigue me but there's nothing out there that keeps me from gigging.
  21. We could really use a "Copy Block Settings" as well as "Paste Block Settings" feature in the editor. Just like they do in photo editing apps. Obviously, this would only be applicable to the amp and cab blocks.
  22. Still amazing. Still consistently sounding great. Still don't need anything else for gigging.
  23. hideout

    2.82 Update

    I instinctively tried this but had no success. What did work was to delete a few effects blocks and then hit the "Undo" button until they're all back and then hit "Save". I had not tried it but maybe just deleting one block and then undoing it would have worked just as well.
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