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  1. I wouldn't go as far as "soul sucking" myself (lol),but definitely a reedy picked sound. As in, it sounds like you're using a saxophone reed as a pick almost. The sound has a very accentuated and slow pick attack.
  2. Agreed! So, you have no issue with this on your Helix?
  3. Thanks, duncann. I may be remembering it wrong but it seems that the Pod XTL had the same parameters but were mostly ineffective. Anyway, I appreciate all your info. Thanks
  4. By "invisible", again, I speak of the attack and not the overall sonic character. Here's hoping that the Red Squeeze does it for me and that it's not a repeat of the old Pod compressor sim.
  5. Therein lies the rub. The LA2A is a fine studio compressor but it doesn't work very well as a guitar compressor. Never has, never will because it doesn't have the right kind of squish that guitar compressors are supposed to have.. I really really hope that Line 6 has not taken the same approach with all of their compressors as they have in the past. That compressors should be "invisible". While this attribute is desirable for studio compressors, it is absolutely wrong for guitar compressors. Through the years, Boss, Digitech, Zoom, Vox and Yamaha's guitar compressor simulations have been far superior to that of Line 6's. I hope this has changed with the Helix and I hope to see models of the vaunted Ross, DOD Milkbox and Orange Squeezer compressors.
  6. So, one of the main things that led me to get rid of my PodXT Live was that, its compressors really really sucked. By the time you finally got the sustain right, the attack was sooo horrible that it was completely unusable. All I got was a wretched "thunk" sound on the attack - all bass and no highs. I've used guitar compressors for a long time and never had any of them do that except for some of the early Boss compressors. I hope that some of you can assure me to some degree that they, Line 6, have actually learned about how guitar compressors are supposed to sound like. This is my only trepidation about having ordered another Line 6 product. I also noticed that there's really only one guitar compressor being modeled. The MXR Dynacomp. They're workable but I do hope they'll give us more choices later on.
  7. hideout

    Carrying case or bag

    It's ironic that Boss's L2 bag also fits. Ha ha!
  8. hideout

    Carrying case or bag

    Well, skategeezer says he's using it and Sweetwater has some slightly different measurements. I don't typically find Amazon's specs to be very accurate. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ImpulseBag25
  9. hideout

    Talkbox with Helix?

    I think it depends on the talk box. Some, the old ones, needed to be powered by the amp. You'd plug the speaker output of the amp to the talk box and out of the talk box to the speaker. Those won't work. If one of the newer ones has its own built in amp, I suppose you could feed it signal from one of the sends and put the output hose/tube next to a mic plugged into the Helix's mic input.
  10. Maybe there should be an "ideal room" IR between the Cab Sim and the Mic Sim. Make it so that the room sound becomes more noticeable as you move the Mic away. Or just have a "Room Mic" IR with a few different rooms and make it so that you can mix in as little or as much of the "room" as you want. The Cab Sim in Digital Performer does this
  11. I just looked that up. Intriguing. Is it a single driver? Coaxial perhaps?
  12. I've not used an AG Stomp but do love my Magic Stomp! It's got a Mod Reverb sound that gives all the new ones a run for their money and some very fun amp sims. Maybe not very "accurate" but they feel good to play through.
  13. I'll stick to my EON 610s @ 26lbs. It may be a cost thing but with the availability of Neodymium magnets, unnecessarily heavy speakers are something I'll always pass on. That includes tube amps.
  14. Not sure how this will help acoustic guitarists. Isn't the Fishman Artist essentially just a powered full range speaker with a preamp that is tailored for acoustic guitar? Unless it has the Aura circuitry built in. I think that a simpler solution would be just a preamp model tailored for acoustic guitar within the Helix. Maybe Line 6 could come up with some acoustic guitar IRs of their own. That would be way cool.
  15. 1.07?! What's new in it? Is it just a maintenance release or are there new toys to play with? Do tell. Do tell!
  16. I sort of agree with you. At least I do when it comes to high gain amps as the differences between them are pretty subtle to me. Low and medium gain amps differ a lot more - to me.
  17. Dumble Overdrive Special and Fender Vibroverb
  18. I wish I could vote for these ideas on IdeaScale but it won't accept my Line 6 password, it won't send me an email to reset my password, nor is there a way to create a new login.
  19. Maybe, maybe not. I have to admit that I too want the mix and matching of differing preamps and power amps. In fact, that was my underlying want. For some reason I wanted to be careful - maybe it's because I'm been flamed for my "crazy" ideas before.
  20. I guess I'm going by the modeling accuracy that Line 6 has been touting. If they are willing to sweat the details about the characteristics of something as miniscule as the light bulb used in a Univibe, why not be just as accurate with the way the reverb and chorus is placed in the signal chain of a real JC-120 or a Fender Twin? And really, I'm not saying this just to be argumentative but wouldn't the models sound better if this little detail is more accurately represented? Wouldn't the JC-120's chorus effect and the Twin's spring reverb sound more authentic if it were placed before the power amp simulation algorithm?
  21. So, someone had posted something about the JC-120 model and its chorus sound. I can't find that post now so I'm going to try to revive it as I'd like to know more. As I remember it, the OP was saying that because you can't put a chorus effect between the preamp and power amp of the amp model (because there's no "effects loop" there), the sound of the JC-120 amp sim won't be quite right when the chorus is turned on. I would go a bit further and say that for those players who are really into spring reverbs (not me), they won't sound quite right either as you'll either have to put that effect before or after the amp model. This would all be moot of course if the chorus effect and spring reverb were part and parcel of the amp models. Something tells me that they're not. Thoughts? Am I wrong? Am i imagining things?
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