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  1. I sort of agree with you. At least I do when it comes to high gain amps as the differences between them are pretty subtle to me. Low and medium gain amps differ a lot more - to me.
  2. Dumble Overdrive Special and Fender Vibroverb
  3. I wish I could vote for these ideas on IdeaScale but it won't accept my Line 6 password, it won't send me an email to reset my password, nor is there a way to create a new login.
  4. Maybe, maybe not. I have to admit that I too want the mix and matching of differing preamps and power amps. In fact, that was my underlying want. For some reason I wanted to be careful - maybe it's because I'm been flamed for my "crazy" ideas before.
  5. I guess I'm going by the modeling accuracy that Line 6 has been touting. If they are willing to sweat the details about the characteristics of something as miniscule as the light bulb used in a Univibe, why not be just as accurate with the way the reverb and chorus is placed in the signal chain of a real JC-120 or a Fender Twin? And really, I'm not saying this just to be argumentative but wouldn't the models sound better if this little detail is more accurately represented? Wouldn't the JC-120's chorus effect and the Twin's spring reverb sound more authentic if it were placed before the power amp simulation algorithm?
  6. So, someone had posted something about the JC-120 model and its chorus sound. I can't find that post now so I'm going to try to revive it as I'd like to know more. As I remember it, the OP was saying that because you can't put a chorus effect between the preamp and power amp of the amp model (because there's no "effects loop" there), the sound of the JC-120 amp sim won't be quite right when the chorus is turned on. I would go a bit further and say that for those players who are really into spring reverbs (not me), they won't sound quite right either as you'll either have to put that effect before or after the amp model. This would all be moot of course if the chorus effect and spring reverb were part and parcel of the amp models. Something tells me that they're not. Thoughts? Am I wrong? Am i imagining things?
  7. hideout

    Master Volume Pedal

    You gotta have control issues to want to do something like that! Hahahahaha!
  8. hideout

    Master Volume Pedal

    So guys and gals, you have to have a volume block for the expression pedal to work globally? I take it that you can also place that volume block before a reverb or delay right?
  9. If any of you are ex-Boss GT Central forum members, there was a gal on there named Gem who had created a very innovative sax preset on here GT-8. It was really very good and if played correctly, it was at times, fairly convincing. I was very impressed by her very imaginative use of the GT-8's abilities.
  10. Unfortunately, the Helix is not a synthesizer. Maybe... maybe, if someone was really truly creative using the effects blocks in ways they were not meant to be used, somebody might come up with something resembling a sax-like sound.
  11. hideout

    Global EQ Settings

    Well, I have to say that we should be thankful that the Helix has enough lows that they can be cut. Some modelers I've used can be so wimpy in that department and although some have global EQs, there isn't much low end information to boost or cut. I prefer a device that has enough of the entire spectrum so that I can cut where I need to cut. I don't have my own Helix yet but I certainly hope its EQs are more capable and effective than the last Line 6 modeler I had.
  12. Boy, I hope so. The last Line 6 modeler I had (Pod XTLive) sounded ok but felt horrible and very static in response. From the reaction of other players that I appreciate, I'm very hopeful that the Helix is a wholly different animal.
  13. I should clarify that I do not as yet have the Helix in my hands. I have preordered it from Sweetwater though.
  14. Maybe there's already a way to do this but, with two rows of four preset/stomp switches, I wish the lower four were could be for presets and the upper four be for stomps. The best of both worlds.
  15. Hello all. After a very very long hiatus from Line 6 modelers, I'm going to give it another shot. Mostly it's because I'm a Yamaha fan. I have some questions about the Helix's built in expression pedal and its operation as a volume control. Is there a global assignment for the expression pedal to only be a volume pedal? If not and if I had several patches that have it assigned as a volume pedal, does the Helix track the pedal's position/angle so that it supersedes the volume setting on each patch? Can it be set to be the global output volume control (pre reverb and delay of course)? Thanks.
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