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  1. Octave/pitch effects usually go first or very early in the chain for the best tracking, but there is no wrong answer. Best part of having in the fx loop is that you can try it in literally every spot in your chain just by dragging it around in the editor!
  2. You might try experimenting with a Studio Tube Pre >> LA Comp >> Room Reverb >> Retro Reel chain.
  3. The sale is still going, I got the 70% off deal just a few minutes ago. I'll report back once I get a chance to try them out.
  4. kduck

    Helix Help

    That monitor should work fine with the power amp you already have and will give you options should you decide to upgrade your power amp. Personally, I would go for the 12" (as long as you don't mind moving a bigger cab around)--it will move a bit more air and should give you better bass response. You will need a 1/4" to dual pole (speakon) cable (or adaptor) to run from the power amp to the monitor.
  5. I don't own an Orange Terror or an NS2, so someone please check me on this... I think of your current setup as the following blocks: Plasma Pedal NS2 with [OD >>Fuzz>>Orange Preamp] in the NS2 loop Oil Can Delay Power section: Orange fx return >> Orange Power amp >> Orange Speaker Out >> Loadbox Speaker In load box line out >> AI >> DAW If you want to keep the plasma out of the NS2 loop (per your diagram) and keep the preamp/OD/Fuzz in the NS2 loop (per your diagram): Guitar >> Helix Input Plasma Loop: Helix Send 1 >> Plasma In >> Plasma Out >> Helix Return 1 NS2 Dirt + Preamp Loop: Helix Send 2 >> NS2 Input >> NS2 Send >> OD >> Fuzz >> Amp Input >> Amp FX Loop Send >> NS2 Return >> NS2 Output >> Helix Return 2 Delay Loop: Helix Send 3 >> Oil can delay input >> OC delay output >> Helix Return 3 Helix 1/4" output >> Amp FX Loop Return (optional) Helix XLR Out >> AI In the setup above your Orange preamp will always color the tone when the dirt loop is engaged. Alternatively, you can put your Orange preamp in its own loop. This would allow you to bypass the Orange preamp and use any of the Helix preamps instead. Or blend the Orange preamp with a helix preamp. Or put 2 preamps in series. Lots of possibilities. However, you will not have noise suppression on your Orange preamp (not sure if that is necessary or not). Guitar >> Helix Input Plasma Loop: Helix Send 1 >> Plasma In >> Plasma Out >> Helix Return 1 NS2 Dirt Loop: Helix Send 2 >> NS2 Input >> NS2 Send >> OD >> Fuzz >> NS2 Return >> NS2 Output >> Helix Return 2 Preamp Loop. Helix Send 3 >> Amp Input >> Amp FX Loop Send >> Helix Return 3 Delay Loop: Helix Send 4 >> Oil can delay input >> OC delay output >> Helix Return 4 Helix 1/4" output >> Amp FX Loop Return (optional) Helix XLR Out >> AI You'll probably (definitely) have to play with the send/return levels. If you want to use helix to process audio post load box, you could do that as well, but I'm assuming you would do that processing in the DAW. Hope this helps.
  6. What @phil_m said + you have to push the toe down kinda hard when they're new--they break in after a while.
  7. It's in the cheat sheet, available online: https://line6.com/data/6/0a0643391bb055fca90096a38/application/pdf/Helix Cheat Sheet - English ( Rev A ).pdf
  8. Might want to double-check the mix :P
  9. I don't have an HX Effects, but I do have a Boss ES-8, which also has the jacks spaced very tight. I'm using both Lava Tightrope and George L's without any issues routing the 20 or so cables.
  10. I've not tried this with my Helix floor's built-in expression pedal, but trust that what @codamedia and @theElevators have said is correct. I do, however, use a Morningstar controller and external expression pedal to do exactly what you describe.
  11. No offense intended here, but why is this in the Helix forum? Isn't this better suited to the Lounge?
  12. I'm not aware of a swing parameter on any of the models. Maybe a try the new Euclidean delay with steps=9 and fill = 6? Sounds close to swing eights to me.
  13. I highly recommend the Morningstar midi controllers (MC3, MC6, MC8) for what you are looking to do.
  14. Check out Chad Boston's site: https://www.gearbyceba.com/line6-family-usa/01-jack-nuts-s2-cable-markers-usa
  15. I don't own an aeros, but am close to pulling the trigger so I've been through the manual a few times. Nonetheless, everything below is just my brain droppings based on the aeros online resources. Have you checked your cables? (assuming one is a Y cable, since you are using the aux in on the aeros) Does the "tone suck" still exist with a stomp preset containing ONLY the f/x loop (no other blocks). Have you tried plugging the guitar directly into the aeros input (eliminating the stomp send)? Have you tried the main L/R In on the back of the aeros vs. the aux input? Have you checked the input/output routing and the send/return level in the aeros (aeros manual pg 26)? Have you checked the send/return level on the stomp (inst. vs. line)? Have you checked the mix setting on the stomp f/x block? Hopefully these will lead you in the right direction--good luck! Also interested in your impressions of the Aeros!
  16. I have a 5E3 clone that I built and can confirm that the Helix is correctly modeling the way in which the controls on an actual Tweed Deluxe interact (the 2 volumes and the tone control all interact with each other). When turned up, the unused channel volume will decrease gain on the channel in use. Rob Robinette has a great article on the technical details here: https://robrobinette.com/How_The_5E3_Deluxe_Works.htm
  17. Check this rig rundown out: https://youtu.be/zVqaFU3y-Jo?t=681
  18. Lol, that's what 28 VAC will do. ....probably best to create a new post for this.
  19. @rwinking Found a schematic online. A couple of questions: Do you get the "ground loop" noise if you use the stock footswitch? When you connect the HX (with noise), list all connections between the amp, HX and any other gear When you connect the hum eliminator, where are you putting it in the chain? Assuming you are on 60 Hz power (US): is the noise closer to guitar B (A string, 2nd fret) or an octave lower? Or something else?
  20. I've not worked on a Randall RM50 before, I'll see if I can find a schematic for it.
  21. @rwinking Without knowing your amp model, I can't comment on your specific issue. The amp referenced by the OP uses an AC voltage source (28 VAC to be exact) for the switching logic, which causes the noise when connected to the HX. It is not actually a ground loop in the OPs case, but sounds similar because it is at 60 hz. The Helix channel switching simply shorts the tip/ring to ground and will not work with AC switching schemes. Also, I don't think a hum eliminator will work at all in the switching circuit because they are essentially isolation transformers and cannot pass DC.
  22. Is the amp a Pro Tube "Twin-Amp" with the 4 button footswitch? If so, I'm pretty sure you won't be able to use Helix to switch the channels, etc. because it is not switch-to-ground type footswitch.
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