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  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll try that and see if it works! Are you sure that it keeps functioning, even when you use the amp channel switching repeatedly?
  2. just wanted to add that external expression pedals as well as the onboard pedal are affcted by this... the values change on both, as soon as you connect the ext amp channel switching...
  3. anyone? D.I.? It seems the us support is better than the german... is this a bug i could fix myself... don't have time to send my helix to the german support (they also dont really seem to understand the problem...)
  4. I'm also having the expression pedal issue... i really hope there is a software fix for this problem.
  5. hey JC-Tonequest. Thanks for the update! .... so it is in fact a hardware related Problem! How long did it take to get it fixed? You had to send your helix to a service center? I've the exact same problem using the helix with my friedman amp...
  6. ok, cool. Thanks phil_m! Let's hope its just software then and that it'll get sorted out in an update. I just dont know right know if I wanna risk using external pedals live. I'm using them to control my input volume going to the front of the amp... when it doesn't go to 100%, I lose a lot of gain that way.
  7. yep, I also had this problem... backed up my presets before updating to 1.04.1 and then reloaded the patches, some presets where completely blank, even though the name was right, the presets contained nothing. Lost two of my favourite sounds that way :(
  8. Will do, but I can't imagine it's only happening with friedman amps... would be nice if more people could test this... I guess it't a bleed so ehow of the normal 5v or so going thru the switching cable.
  9. I wonder if thats a hardware problem.... a bleed from the voltage coming from the amps relay switch...
  10. ultraknilch

    tip for 4CM

    maybe your amps loop is unbuffered, and putting the helix in the loop of course adds a buffer - maybe adding some high frequencys which you then need to cut with the hicut filter...
  11. ultraknilch

    tip for 4CM

    ah ok, yeah, i also tested the loop sound, shunting it with a cable... same result. I tested both ways before going full 4cm. I had actually planned to be using my suhr minimix in the loop, but i actually dont find it necessary with the helix
  12. ultraknilch

    tip for 4CM

    yep, direct with a high end cable, and then thru helix, all bypassed, into the front end of the amp. We were three people in the room, we couldnt hear any real difference - which really surprised me, since I've never been satisfied with how digital effects unit usually messes with my dry tone... but with the helix, it seems to really be ok...
  13. When using an external pedal to control for example the volume, and using the amp relay out to switch channels on my amp, the external pedal only controls a range from 0 to 78%... as soon as I disconnect the cable controlling my amps channel, the external pedal has a full range again (0-100%) Has anyone else discovered this problem? would be nice if you could try and see if your unit behaves the same way!
  14. just postet about this above... it seems we have the same problem. I'm using my helix with a friedman smallbox. everything works great except for this issue...
  15. When using an external expression pedal and the relay out to switch my amp channels, the external pedal value only goes from 0 to 78% or something like that. When disconnecting the cable from the amp relay out, the external pedal operates normal, with the full range from 0 to 100%...
  16. ultraknilch

    tip for 4CM

    I tried it again today to compare it with my dry tone... cant really hear any difference, the helix is really transparent in my setup (with a friedman smallbox) But friedman is also known for his super great fx loops, so maybe its the loop of your amp thats causing the problem? I know that some dumblesque amps need a special buffer unit for the loop to not suck too much tone..?
  17. nope, can't be done (yet?) I've alteady added the idea of grouping multiple switches together to idea scale! vote it up ;) Maybe we are lucky and it'll become a new feature!
  18. I've already posted this on idea scale. Right now my only solution is to add a gain block in front of my parallel delays, using it to mute the signal... otherwise when the delays are bypassed, you get an increase in volume when the two dry signals are summed together.
  19. possible! check this out:
  20. I've setup my Helix to switch channels on my friedman amp - works like a charm! But right now the light of my switch is on when I switch to the clean channel of my amp... is it possible to invert the status of the light? I'd like it to be on when the amp is on the lead channel/boosted.
  21. already posted this in another thread, but I think it fits better here: After I installed the latest firmware, the very first column of pixels (to the far left, are offset by one or two pixels) And on the top left corner there is a pixel flashing purple, overtime I move the joystick... Anyone else experienced this? Tried reinstalling, didn't fix it :/ Hope it won't get worse... Installed 1.02.2 and the error disappeared. Went back to 1.03.0 and the error came back!
  22. yep, this is exactly how it looks on mine...
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