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  1. I know they make a few for Line 6 products just wanna make sure I get the right one! LOL!
  2. Wow, thanks bro! I'll try it tomorrow, GOT is on, LOL!!
  3. It's a 50W EVH 5150 III head and it does have a MIDI jack. Just got the HX Effects yesterday and was just wondering if anyone else has done anything similar with a 3 channel amp
  4. Is it doable without using ANOTHER external box?
  5. Exactly! Looks like I'm going with the HX Effects as well
  6. Hi Phil, been a while! Yes, I see that as part of the bigger picture now. I just assumed it would do so as my M9 does it. Been out of the loop for a while and was originally shooting for the HX Effects which does all of what I was looking for. I was hooked by the smaller footprint of the Stomp as I am trying to keep it light for stage travel, oh well. For the record, I really love this little box!
  7. Why does have MIDI ins and outs then? The world may never know...
  8. All they need to do is update the software to include MIDI control so nobody has to use a third party MIDI controller. The whole purpose of purchasing the HX Stomp was to cut down on pedalboard real estate, at least for me it was. It's a great backup and it has potential to do so much more! If you look on the Ideascale thingy there's a request for this to vote on it
  9. cgtrox

    Carrying case or bag

    https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-12-in-Tool-Bag-82004N11/203224030?cm_mmc=Shopping%7CG%7CBase%7CPB%7C25-1_HAND+TOOLS%7CHusky%7CBT3%7c71700000009211386%7c58700000392471389%7c92700007591925698&ds_rl=1178140&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyvHRhenQ4QIVB0TTCh2pFgtdEAQYASABEgLIdvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds For $10 it's really tough to beat and it has an industrial zipper and strap. I use it for an HX Stomp, Mission pedal and a Crate Powerblock along with a few cords
  10. Well, with a MIDI IN, OUT and THRU one would only think there would be a MIDI command capability in it! Oh well, sending this thing back... :(
  11. Not really, I am running mine sitting on top of a 2x12 Marshall that has (2) 16ohm Celestions in it wired to be 8ohms so it runs all three speakers and it rocks!!
  12. Try it without the (21) in the number, just start from the PD (assuming you have the POD 2.0?)
  13. One thing to check is the speakers themselves, open the back to make sure the original speakers are in there. Physically grab each speaker by the magnet and see if they are loose at all. These cabs are rear loading so the next step is going to be a little more invasive. That same buzz happened to me and the culprit was a loose dust cap! The dust cap is the little dome in the center of each speaker that protects the voice coil. To check it you have to remove the speaker and inspect the seal around the dome to make sure it is intact all the way around! Also, check the seal around the edge of the speaker as well, but the dust cap is usually the answer,
  14. Sounds like the old vibration problem. When you crank these combo amps they sound awesome but the Achilles heel is the knobs move ever so slightly which changes the volume and/or tone. Solution? Be sure to have the FBV plugged in to change channels, crank it up, then turn all of the knobs except the Presence and Master Volume to ZERO.Now change the channels using the footswitch. We call this "Zero Parking" Good luck, hope this helps!!
  15. The SV's are great littie amps! I still use my 1x12 MKI with an SVPre as my main rig. I had an MKII but I gave it to my son, I think the MKI sounds better. Plus, there was no SVPre for the MKII until now! The MKI has the POD 2.0 amp sounds and the MKII has the old PODxt amp sounds. Now if Line 6 made a new amp with the amp sounds of the MKI, the effects of the MKII and had some kind of tube(s) in the preamp they would have a killer little amp!!! cgtrox B)
  16. Here ya go bro... http://line6.com/software/index.html Try another USB cord first if it doesn't see your amp. cgtrox B)
  17. Sorry, I was reading the intermittent volume issue then I noticed the parenthesis. Zero parking usually fixes the bouncy volume issue but I can't see why the Presence control would fix it as it is not even connected to the digital preamp section. Just something else to try that's free! ;) cgtrox B)
  18. You can also build a 2x12 cab using two 16 ohm speakers wired in parallel to give you an 8 ohm load. I use a sealed 2x12 Marshall with G12T-75's and my open backed combo on top. The sealed cab gives you the extra thump missing from the combo. We call it a pyramid of doom! A good combination is using the V30 from the SV and a Celestion G12H. cgtrox B)
  19. One thing you can try is what we used to call "Zero Parking". See, on the combo amps the thing gets loud enuff to vibrate the knobs just enuff to reset the amp volume. Okay, first thing is make sure you have the floorboard controller connected. Get to one of your presets you know, now set all of the knobs to zero except the Presence and Master Volume (the two knobs this does not affect) then use the floorboard controller to change patches. See if that works for you, good luck bro... cgtrox B)
  20. Of course the Van Halen tone from the first album. Close second would be Michael Schenkers tone on the Lovedrive album by the Scorpions and his first MSG album cgtrox
  21. Went to see STRYPER in concert here on Saturday, and lo' and behold Line 6 was everywhere! First pic is Timothy Gaines' bass rig with Line 6 bass cabs complete with stripes! The next one has Oz Fox' using four 4x12 Line 6 cabs with V30's! Michael Sweet was using the two 4x12 Mesa cabs. Then I saw an HD500 on the ground! Were they using it for effects only? Not sure who was using it, but great sound and an awesome show!! I highly recommend catching this one if you can! Michael Sweet is one of the most underrated guitarists out there on top of hitting all of the notes vocally on all of the songs! They also did some covers, Aint Talkin Bout Love, Carry On My Wayward Son and Shout It Out Loud by KISS! Just thought you guys would like this one! cgtrox B)
  22. First thing to try is a new cable, after that I would definitely blowout the holes for the cable where it goes into the amp and the board to make sure there's no debris which is what hinders its performance.Just make sure it's firing on all cylinders! cgtrox
  23. The FBV shortboard is the best match available, the FBV longboard has buttons that don't work with these amps. cgtrox
  24. cgtrox

    412vs V30's

    Anytime you have that many options on a cab, more than likely they are 16 ohm speakers. New in the box? Definitely 16 ohms... cgtrox B)
  25. There's an old trick you can try we used to call Park at Zero. When you turn on the amp and have your volume set, turn ALL of the knobs to ZERO and leave them there (except for the Master Volume and Presence), now use your FBV to control the amp. The problem was when you crank the amp it vibrates. The buttons would move just enough to cause this phenomenon. This may or may not fix your problem. But, it's something to try before you go to a repair shop.... cgtrox B)
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