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Connecting HD500X to HD Edit/Laptop


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Well my first question after my 500X arriving isn't what i expected,i can't get HD Edit to see the 500X,i've looked everywhere on this website & the Manual & the L6 website,but there dosn't seem to be an idiots guide explaining a procedure to connect to the HD Edit.

I know there is currently another thread running,but i'm not sure it's discussing the same problem.

Do i need to download a driver,?i located one on the L6 website(via another thread)but when i started the install i received a warning that it was an older version than the driver i already have,but Windows is telling me i don't have the driver.

Can anyone advise me please?.


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do you install Line  6 Monkey?

With Line 6 Monkey you can update all the drivers and firmware. But you need to create an account (FREE)



Ah!,thanks.that could be the bit i'm missing,i hadn't realised i had to register :) i'll give that a go.

On the bright side i did get on a bit with editing at the 500X via the LCD & controls.

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Ive had trouble downloading monkey, firmware, drivers etc for HD 500x as well, they all come up as a bad url, Ive tried downloading them using other browsers as well as trying to update it from a previous version of monkey but it says it can find drivers etc to complete the update...maybe its something on line 6 side of things?

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Ok Man 


try this


If you have only your pod 500x as a line 6 product :


Uninstall all the line 6, included line 6 monkey, pod HD Edit

Go to your maps into Windows and take a look of Line 6 maps if they are just delete

look at:

Programfiles, programdata, programfilesx86, appdata roaming, local

Clear your temp files with CCleaner or other software


Now download this (it's free) and launch it NO INSTALL NEEDED


take care there  is a 32 & 64 bits  


32 bits here

64 bits here




Launch Usb Deview And IF YOU SEE LINE 6  right click on it and choose "uninstall this device"


Now REBOOT your computer





When asking plug your USB and let Windows Detect the driver


If ready and detected  end your install

After install, normally you can open HD edit and your POd is connected

The pod gonna asking you if you want the preset of your device  YES

After this you can install Line 6 Monkey and proceed to  updates





Don't take the one for the HD500


Hope it can help you



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This may sound so 1999... 

turn the pc off. turn off the pod. 

Plug the usb into both units. 

Turn on the pod. 

Turn on the pc. 



USB is made to be able to plug in and out while turned on. But there are (on my old computers, not so much the new ones) settings that could make it not work that way.


And, check your usb version. I don't know if these are backwards compatible or not. 




ALSO, I didn't read every word of every post to see if someone else said this or not -

Try turning off your firewalls (including the Microsoft one) and virus scanners during installations.  

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The forum account and support account are two different accounts.

I'm not so sure about that. I don't remember signing up twice, and I sign in with the same information for both. 

Could it make a difference between the paying customers and the freeloaders like me? 

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Ok,before i delv into PB's solution(i don't understand a lot of what he said :) )

I've deleted everything i could find from L6, Programs/Folders & i'm going to start again,i don't normally have problems with drivers/connections etc.on this computer.

I believe the log-in details are the same,it let me log in to Line 6 support via Monkey,with my normal log-in,of course nothing worked ;) ,but it let me log in.

I'm going to download in this order:

Monkey?HD500X  Driver from Monkey:then if i establish connection in Monkey,i'll re download HDEdit,does that sound a reasonable way forward?

I can't say i've had this much trouble getting a USB driver to connect before.

Just remembered something when i downloaded the Driver(can't remember the version no.)a warning box came up that said my 500X already had a later version installed,does that sound right?

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I'm not so sure about that. I don't remember signing up twice, and I sign in with the same information for both. 

Could it make a difference between the paying customers and the freeloaders like me? 


I use the same info for my forum and support account also. Easier. So the sign-in info can be the same for both accounts, but they can also be different. Just like an Ideascale account is another account.


I thought the forums were a part of line 6 support..


The forums are just a courtesy of Line 6. No official support contained within. The support account is the one you use to register your devices, and authorize them if you have, for instance, the model packs. It's also used for support tickets. This is the account you use when you login using the Line 6 Monkey program to check for updates, etc.


However, maybe things have changed since I created the accounts I have, and maybe they've streamlined things a bit?

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However, maybe things have changed since I created the accounts I have, and maybe they've streamlined things a bit?


That part makes sense to me. I was even considering mentioning it. 

I have had my unit for two years (bought it Jan 16). I really can't see myself signing up for two separate things, especially if one of them is a chat room/advice column. I am kind of paranoid about who has my info. I don't sign up for much anymore, and when I do, it is typically with a pseudonym and throwaway email address. PianoGuyY is my name, not a fake throwaway, and I used my real email address too. I find it highly unlike me to sign up for two things with the same info.   


However, I will mention - I went digging around my account. I registered on the 20th, and my forum profile says I was a member on the 21st. 

So, while I don't remember two separate accounts, there are two separate days listed. 

It is also possible that it is one account signup, but you have to add each section individually? 



Hey, I think we have spent entirely too much time devoted to this issue. LOL 

Its a gosh darn user name for pete's sake. 

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No it doesn't sound right


If you have a warning box about that,it's because you have not uninstall or delete correctly the Line 6 stuff

Hi,PB,the warning box was in my original download,before i deleted everything,i'm just about to start again,wish me luck :)

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Glad to hear it.


First thing I would suggest is that you use the editor to back up the factory setlists one at a time, creating a file for each setlist. This will save you from having to reinstall the device firmware if you ever accidentally overwrite a factory preset.


... and get familiar with backing up your custom presets/setlists periodically. ;)

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so now I'm trying to figure out your name.. It may start with a Y.. Yancy? or maybe you like Yamaha pianos a lot..

I didn't mean that was my 'real' real name. I meant it is my real internet name. If you ever run into a pianoguyy online somewhere, more chances than not, it is me. But, again, I don't actually converse anywhere anymore. And because web searches have become so inclusive, I have done my best to remove my real name from being associated with my web name as much as possible. 



And holy smokes, I know this is L6 which is owned by Yamaha, but that is actually an insult to me. My stores carry the far superior Kawai pianos. 

Here on the board, because of the ownership, I try my best to refer to things as Brand K and Brand Y, or Brand R and Brand L for the digitals and organs, that way nothing I say can be assumed to be any kind of a insult.


I am not trolling the pages looking for ways to put out disparaging remarks about Brand Y just because I am a Brand K dealer. No, I say disparaging things about Brand Y because I say disparaging things about Brand Y. I deal with Brand K because I like Brand K. One has nothing to do with the other. So, I at least try to keep it kosher by not using names. 

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