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Helix For Bass


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I had my Helix out on it's first ever gig on Saturday, playing bass as that just happened to be the first show that came up since I got it.

Was great. Sounded ace. We had a bunch of covers in the set (it was a party) and I had all the right sounds for each track. Was ideal.

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I bought the Helix LT, hoping it would be good for Bass ( a bit of a gamble, I admit) - I am not disappointed ! - it is fantastic. Accidentally discovered the 'Woody Blue' Amp model, which is apparently modelled on the Acoustic 360 (famously used by Jaco Pastorius & Flea).

I now have 2 paths one with the SVT Nrm, one with Valve Driver distortion & Woody Blue Amp+Cab - absolutely amazing sound! 

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I did get a couple of good bass patches set up for a couple of Muse tunes we do, Hysteria and Time Is Running Out.


Would you share how you set up your Hysteria patch? I have no idea where I can start with that one but I would like to learn.

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On 4/17/2016 at 11:48 AM, fretmeister said:



I would love to see models of the Darkglass bass pedals coming.

It has the BK-7 (obsidisan 7000) which works fantastic for bass. I would like to see the Alpha Omega and Vintage Microtubes as well.


But if you dial them in the Minotaur sounds great as does the Clawthorn if you like a fat fuzzy distortion. Lots of great bass tones.


also the Woody Blue amp model is very good for a platform to start with.

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