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[HD500X] Any rumors about new amp models?


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Yeah Damn Right "pianoguyy"  I am totally with you on this one ! 

Answer to this could be as long as a 100 page magazine but i will keep this very simple ! 

IF ANYONE WHO OWNS HD500 or 500X can not produce the sound they are looking for then simply the sound you're going for is non existing!!!!

Hd 500 and 500X are so advanced and flexible in configuration that i can not see anyone wanting more from the multi fx processor. 

Sure you can chase the sound of your dreams for 100 years and on but come on !!!!!! Get off it !!!! play the damn thing and if you are in hard rock or metal then Hd 500 and 500x is all you will ever need . or perhaps you are a jazz player then with all due respect i can not say a word about the proper jazz sound cos i don't listen or play jazz music in which case you might be right in saying that HD500 is missing something  . . . From unofficial sources i know that this series was designed  for hard rock and metal players and believe it or not they have spent most of time modelling the distorted amps with large focus on dynamics and feel of the each individual model.

NOW ! 

Ask yourself one thing !  What type of sound am i looking for ? well if distorted then select distortion ! Clean ? Then go for clean and all there is more to the sound is the way you set up your EQ and dynamics ! Nothing more at all. Its no rocket science ! Yes you get different distortion grid but this is why you have different brands to choose from!! but at the end of the day its really a EQ and dynamics that will make the sound different and better or less good sounding  !

Lets wrap this whole thing in one simple conclusion. I have seen some rich boys out there with all the fancy stuff and over a dozen most expensive stomp boxes under the moon sounding like absolute lollipop !!!!!and on the other hand i had a pleasure of watching some dude playing some crazy lollipop lollipop that sounded out of this planet using -----------wait now ------- HD 300 .........    Blew my mind and i though to myself ..... lollipop me if he can get this sound with 300 then i surely can do everything with 500 !!!!   Again ...i am new to 500X but after 4 - 5 weeks of playing with this unit i can easily say that it's capable of delivering every possible sound you can possibly ask for . Its just a matter of setting the lollipop up properly :)   



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And again some will say ......

Yeah but ya know its the pick ups that will make the change ..... others will say yeah but its the wood that matters the most , others will say well its the thick coat of polly cellulose lacquer that gives me this extra shine ,some say its the cables !!!!some say its the magic ts 808 that came out of space , others will speak about the cabs for weeks , others will talk about the amps for months and some say that good guitarist will play any old lollipop and it will still sound awesome !!! we can talk and argue and yap yap and be stuck here for eternity !!!!!!!!!! LOL  And to those all arguing about all those details i have a statement to announce !!!


Its ALL down to the breakfast !!!!I Trust me on this !!!   If you have a gig to play at 10 PM and you haven't had any food during the day including breakfast then you will sound 100% worst than the dude next to ya who had a full breakfast and few more snack during the day !!!!  LOL       :)   


TELL ME I AM WRONG !!!!!!!!!!   :)




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What sound are you looking for that you can't create with the original set?


I'm not searching for a specific sound, just curious about the feature. Why the hell Line6 gives the opportunity to expand HD500X product with a virtually infinite number of new amp models and puts into the store only THREE new model packs? Give to community the opportunity to create somehow new models, at least...

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What do you mean?


What I mean is that with the current model packs there are so many amps that almost every combination you want can be dialed in regardless of the name attached. What we need (IMO) is some cab/mic/speaker options. Take a google walk through Impulse Response Guitar and see how IRs really can open up some tonal potential.


All in all I will always take more stuff but there are some items that need a bit more attention first (synths. IRs for ex.)



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Someone has to say it......... "Tone is in your fingers".


We have plenty of guitar amps in the PODHD.  If you can't get what you need, then you need to better learn the PODHD.  Or more importantly - practice the guitar.  That's the one single thing that will improve your sound the most.

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I'll echo what joel_brown says. Many, maybe even all, of the existing amps can be set in a way that will produce very similar results. Of more impact to the tone is cab and mic choice.


If you have a tone in your head and can't quite seem to get it on the HD (or other modeler), get as close as you can and compensate by adjusting your playing to make it work. I've found it's a good way to improve your playing by putting less importance on the tone.

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 gotta agree while it is nearly always good to have more with the HD500 I'm not so sure.

I have all the model packs but seem to stick with just a few favs most of the time.

But if you want more amp models here is a great tip I use when I want more.


Save your preset bungles and get most of the sets completely blank.

Load in each amp one at a time and tweak just the Amp until it is as good as you can make it on its own save in that bank.

Once you have gone thru all the Amps go back and start adding any FX you like for dynamics, in other words design your patch and save it to a new bank leaving the amp ready for new patches if desired.


If you like using just the Pre models then follow as above. 

This way you can get inspiration as well as satisfy the lust.


After a while you'll have some Gems to save.


swapping out Amp models in some fav patches can reinvigorate. 

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There are plenty of guitar amps already modeled on the HD500/500x, it's true... however, even with the HD Bass Pack, there are still only 4 different Bass Amp models (5 if you include both the "Normal" & "Bright" channels of the SVT) & 4 cabs.


Come on Line6, how about a bit more support for the Bass Players???????? :D

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This is a big guess but I'm pretty sure the HD500X isn't gonna go any further. Especially in regard to new amp models. I say this based on the past. Maybe we'll get some firmware tweaks but I'm pretty sure there will be no more modeled amp/FX updates.


Once model packs have come out for other products, there were never any new amp additions that I recall.

In the forum menu, the POD HD column is now towards the bottom. Just above all of the other discontinued models.

Even the Firehawk (which I think is just the old POD X3/Amp Farm models in a new package.) is above the POD HD

I don't think it will go away. I think it will continue to be the mid-priced Line 6 HD modeler.

I think the focus is going to be on Helix for awhile.


Just my opinion but I would do as suggested. For now and probably for awhile to come, focus on squeezing all the tone you can get out of this thing. Some are hard to get (I'm still trying to find a spot on China Grove tone) and even take a bit of luck but I would agree with the previous posters. If ya want it out of the HD500X, I'm afraid your gonna have to get it from what's in there now. And it's probably in there somewhere.

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