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Ux2 No Audio From Speakers Or Headphones

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This seems like a simple problem, but I haven't found any sufficient answers through my two hours of scouring the internet!  Needless to say, it's driving me a little crazy.  It was working just fine less than 24 hours ago!


There is no sound whatsoever coming out of my speakers or headphones (each plugged in to the appropriate ports).  Monkey is all updated; green checks everywhere. Output knob and phones knob are at maximum.  Input/Output in Mac preferences is set for UX2.  I've tried switching out usb cables and trying different ports.  Tested headphones and speakers on other devices, they work. The only thing that changed was that I pulled out the usb cable and put it into a usb hub for a moment, then took it out and put it right back into the mac directly (I forgot, no hub with the UX2).  Right after that, it stopped working correctly.


Also, when I try to use logic pro X and gearbox, it doesn't register any sound coming from the mic, and when I try to play back something I recorded just a few days ago using the exact same settings, I get this message:  


Error while trying to synchronize Audio and MIDI Sample Rate 23482 recognized.

Check conflict between Logic Pro X and external device.
I use a mac with OSX 10.9.1, fully updated.
The UX2 has power, the meters are at min and don't move, and the clip lights seem to be stuck on to orange. 
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Tried uninstalling and reinstalling all drivers, resetting the mac, and installing pod farm 2.  Still the same problem.


I also noticed when I set the audio preferences in my macs input/output to the ux2, it slows down youtube videos (still no audio), and when I switch it back to built-in, the videos resume their normal pace.



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+1 to BigChas52


Since you are using Gearbox I'm guessing this is an older red faced Toneport and not a black faced Pod Studio?


If it is an older Toneport you should try using POD Farm 1.12 instead of Gearbox, it replaces Gearbox for the the Toneports.


If it is a black faced POD Studio, it is likely bundled with POD Farm 2.

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I am having the same problem with a PC. It was working fine last time I used it, now no sound. I haven't connected anything different. Cables checked. Drivers re-installed. Meters show input when I set it to input, however no output from monitors or headphones. Help?

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did you ever fix this?


I was using the ux2 and the sound stopped.


I've updated all drivers etc, rebooted, gone through every menu I can think of in POD farm, computer sound settings etc


The meters move when set to show input and if i record something into reason then it works, but I can't hear anything.

When they are set to show output, they don't move at all. Youtube etc doesn't work either. My headphones work fine straight out of my computer.


I'm out of ideas

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