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Because the mag pickups are quite good. You might find, like me, that you use them a lot. So, you're better off to choose the style that you like to play. Then if your brain suddenly doesn't like any of the sims, you just push the knob and use the mags. I've had a JTV89 and two JTV69's. I've never tried the JTV59. 

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I have a JTV-59 and use the mag pickups almost exclusively. IMO, They seem to have a hotter output and more realistically represent expected sustain and decay characteristics when playing live through an amplifier. The models include these characteristics of the guitars modeled, which may or may not be quite what you'd want. But it's a matter of personal preference.


Another reason I use the mag pickups so much? Poor performance from my original JTV battery, and the expense of replacing it.

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