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    It seems like we will have to use MIDI to sync Helix presets with Powercab presets. As soon as I can do that with L6 LINK, I will buy one right away. Will we be able to sync Helix presets with Powercab presets over L6 LINK with some future firmware updates?
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    I found a work around to get 1/2 speed (and 2x the loop length) using the 1-button looper. Here's the steps: Configure a block with the 1-button looper and assign a foot switch Save the patch Touch the foot switch assigned to the 1-button looper to select that block turn the block select knob one click clockwise to select the 6-button loop block press the loop foot switch to get the 6-button looper foot switches press the 1/2 speed switch turn the block select knob one click counter clockwise to select the 1-button looper - you'll still see the 6-button looper foot switches. press foot switch 6 to exit looper mode save the patch The 1-button looper will now be in 1/2 speed and the loop will be twice as long
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    I was just trying them : the spank are amazing !! despite the lester which I found too nasaly , I love all the rest I think despite minor errors will keep them.. I dont knwo if it is my ears or me or the variax........but till rhis day it seems difficult to work a very good authrntic les paul sound ...why did you choose the gretch body ??
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    Thank you to the support team for explaining the purpose of the "ring" on the ¼" plug on the G10. Your comments clarifies everything for me. Before I received your advice, I had already decided to build an adaptor to address the problem. My "work-around" solution (which works perfectly) is to use a "stereo" ¼" female socket that is connected to a male ¼" plug using mono shielded cable. I connected the respective tip to tip connectors and the sleeve to sleeves. Using a "stereo" female socket ensures that the [shorter] earth internal connector / contact arm touches only the earth sleeve part on the G10 (and does not make any contact with the "ring" - being the recharging contact) so the internal electronics / charging of the G10 are not activated. This adaptor then gives a standard mono guitar lead circuit. (without interfering with /activating the charging "ring" on the G10). Problem solved! cbarillow (iknowathingortow) - you may like to add this to your list of known things.
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    Somebody suggested this: Set it to 4/4 mode in globals ( 4 snapshots, 4 stomp switches ) , and hold bank up/down to switch into 8 snapshots on the fly Manage , and don’t forget there is a second global setting for whether or not it stays in 8-snap mode after you select a snap.
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    thx man i will working on it . i am just a beginner in playing effects/ helix still working hard for it . thx man !!!
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    That's what I heard, too. I am hoping that the next Helix firmware release will include the ability to control Powercab over L6 LINK.
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    Thanks guys ! :) Not Helix related, but related to my Pink Floyd cover band, where the second guitar player uses my Helix : a "Great gig in the sky" cover by our new backing vocalist. I wanted to share that musical moment with you. It's a first take, and we didn't want to fix the very few vocal blurps
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    The filename of nearly half of the IRs I have are 31 characters or more long, too long for Helix to store*. HxEdit displays even fewer. Most of those IRs are from well-known commercial developers, not out-of-control oddballs. That's after a small amount of renaming: - Added a two letter (usually) "origin" prefex plus a space, for example 'OH ' (Ownhammer), 'CP ' (Celestion Plus), 'CI ' (CabIR.eu), mostly so I can tell where things came from, but also to make name collisions between different sources less likely. - Removed some obvious and unnecessary patterns, like ' Celestion' in all Celestion IRs. I think that's the only one I've done so far actually. To put it bluntly, this is a pretty rotten state of affairs. For instance, I loaded up all the multi-mic mixes for one Celestion cab, to audition them and pick favorites to keep on board, but I couldn't tell which one was which. 4 sets of duplicates in just those 10 files. All the Celestion packs are like that, give or take. Many packs from other makers too. So now what? Manually rename all these files, trying for unique names that aren't too long? Before I even know if I like them enough to care about them at all? Ugh. *I verified that 26 character + extension limit pre-2.30, not 100% positive what it is now. But I am sure that Helix itself doesn't show the full file names, as noted above, and that Hx Edit shows even less than Helix.
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    Man, I wish I could get to where you are! You mention a Mesa 4x12, so to run with that example I have 8 IRs loaded that are all Mesa 4x12s. They have names like "110 412 C MES-ST V70 OH1F" which tells me the IR slot number (for file management purposes), that the cab is a 4x12 closed back cab, specifically it is a Mesa Standard Slant cab, it is loaded with 70w Vintage 30s, and is Ownhammers OH1F mic mix. The other 7 are different cabs, different speakers, different mic mixes, and I use different ones for different sounds with different guitars. Add to that the fact that there are also Marshall, Bogner and Orange 4x12s loaded, and that in addition to that there is a similar variety of 10/12s, 1x12s, 2x12s and 4x10s, and yes, all of those pieces of information are necessary to find the one I'm looking for. "Mesa412" won't cut it. When auditioning a new IR library, loading them directly inevitably results in the end of the original filename being truncated, and in a batch of similar IRs it is the end part that is unique. So if I want to know which ones I like when auditioning them, I have to change the names before loading them. Which gets cumbersome when you're checking out a lot of stuff. In short, if you're only using a small handful of IRs, the current filename length restriction is a non-issue. If you like an assortment, it's a major stumbling block. It may be a limitation of the filing system as you point out, I can't know.
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