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  1. evh0u812

    Power amp for Helix

    Matrixs are absolutely happy to run at 16 ohm.
  2. evh0u812

    Power amp for Helix

    Behringer is NOBODIES first choice, lol. Playing the iNuke NU3000 and the matrix gt1000fx side by side, the Behringer actually sounded far less sterile that the Matrix. Not only that it felt better to play. Im in Australia and the Behringer cost me $100 from a local music store that had given up its Behringer product line. The Matrix cost me $900 landed. No one wants to be seen on stage with a behringer amp, but for $800 Id happily put it in the back of my rack and not tell anyone. ;) Its a Furman PL-Plus E Series 2. Bought for no reason other than it was available and cheap second hand........and I want to turn all my gear on and off with one switch.
  3. evh0u812

    Power amp for Helix

    Oh and just to add one further thing to your decision, iamgeorge and I have had probably a dozen different poweramps between us over the last few years and we both settled on stereo valve amps. NOTHING sounds and feels like a valve poweramp. Not the ART sla2, not the Matrix. In a mix no one in the audience will know, but you will feel it. We both tried to love SS amps but it just isnt the same. And to further confuse you, the best SS amp I played and still own is a Behringer iNuke. Felt so much better than the Matrix it replaced. Seriously. Now it just sits in storage for the day the Engl breaks down as a backup. Fun game this isnt it? :P
  4. evh0u812

    Power amp for Helix

    Ive personally owned 5 axe fx's over the last 5 years for various reasons. I bought the Helix rack because I was curious and still owned a fractal unit to A/B them. Long story short, I sold the Fractal and kept the Helix. Both sound amazing, and as far as the quality of the amp sims go, the Fractal was marginally better to my ear. But heres the thing. The interface on the Helix is just so damn good i couldnt let it go. And we're up to firmware 2.10. Thats about 40 revisions behind the Fractal. Give it a year or so and the Helix will be right up there. Thats not to say it isnt great now, the sounds Im getting with my stereo rig and Engl power amp are amazing. If you ask here, people will say Helix.......ask on the Fracal forum and youll get a different answer. Nature of the beast.
  5. Just out of interest you cant 'move' the reverb from one path to the other. You have to cut and paste it.
  6. What are you using to play the helix through? This has a massive impact on what you are hearing.
  7. Try the minotaur infront with the drive around 1 and the level around 6. Its like an extra gainstage in the amp without adding any fizz.
  8. evh0u812

    Power amp for Helix

    A 400w amp will only put out 400w if you max the volume and drive it with a big enough signal. Just like a 1000hp car that can do 260mph can be driven to the shops at 60mph. Its about how hard you choose to push it. And also remember the output drops by half every time you double the load impedance. Into a 16 ohm cab the GT800FX puts out 120w per channel.
  9. The only reason the AX8 doent run multiple amp sims is because the Axe FX2 does. If they opened the AX8 up to do what their flagship product does, they would cut their profits in half. Its just economics.
  10. Mine goes like this. So guitar lead into the helix. Send 1 from the helix to the first input of the ebtech. The first output of the ebtech to the front of the amp. The send of the amp to the second input of the ebtech. The second output of the ebtech goes to the return 1 of the helix. Output of the helix to the return of the amp. I make all my connections with trs cables. Whether that helps or not I dont know but my cable snake is all trs so thats what Im using. Hope that helps.
  11. Yep the ebtech hum eliminator is perfect. Ive just bought the rack version but previously I was using the Behringer version of the ebtech with amazing results. Just make sure to get the ins and outs the right way. Im using trs leads for all my connections and its quiet as a mouse.
  12. Even on the Axe fx its software driven. I would imagine it could be implemented on the Helix but depends on the demand I suppose.
  13. Coming from the Fractal camp Im underwhelmed with the high gain amp sims. But Im choosing to stick with the Helix for a few other good reasons. The fx to me sound better than my AFX2, the interface is better than my AFX2 and the routing capabilities are so far superior its crazy. As far as the high gain stuff goes, we're at V2 of the firmware. If I think back to where Fractal were at V2 of the first AFX and this gives me great hope for where the Helix will end up.
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