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  1. Another Line 6 bargain from Andertons - M20d Mixer
  2. It is priced £10 less than the spare transmitter on the Andertons site. Quite tempted, but what I really want is one that can do VDI - even if it was limited to a single audio channel, just as long as it could pass VDI control back to the guitar. Digital Igloo said $1K for Wireless VDI as it would be 3 channels, but £150 for transmitter and receiver (inc 20% VAT) then surely $500 could be possible for a VDI unit?
  3. Do what stevekc says; that is exactly what I have done for so many years (my main guitar before my JTV was a Patrick Eggle with Wilkinson Locking trem and locking tuners). And the simple lock the string on itself works so well for non-locking tuners; I struggle to understand why anybody would want to wrap 5 or 6 full turns on a tuning post - it is just more work and less stable.
  4. I have to disagree about the metronome idea - it is not something I want on Helix; I am thinking it is going to be quite dangerous; presumably it is switched on or off per looper instance, so in the middle of the live set you switch patches to one you last used while practising at home, switch on the looped and the metronome now comes out of the PA at high volume and the only way to stop it is to stop playing and either tap like crazy in foot controlled editing or get down on your knees. Don't get me wrong - using a metronome is a very important tool, but I use a free app on my phone for simple practice or a drum pattern player for more complex things such as EZ Drummer. I just don't see it as something that an Amp/Effect tool should include - at least while the looper is not quantised, and if you need that complexity for looping then Helix isn't the right tool. That said, have you looked at this (phil_m posted here and TGP):
  5. I am not at Native at the moment, but is trails set on or off, and does this make a difference?
  6. Also check out Sean Halley's entry in the Line 6 Blog:
  7. You should be able to get the sounds demonstrated from 3:30 into this video:
  8. Use Workbench Hd to edit your guitar. Over compressed acoustics are the most obvious symptom of not balancing the global string levels. Do a search for the process. Also customise the acoustic patches by lowering the string levels even more to reduce the impact of the body modelling then make up the gain with the patch volume. Also the acoustic models are very sensitive to playing style, Sean Halley did a video demonstrating the new models when the firmware came out including some tips.
  9. Or the Factory Presets from all Firmware releases could be bundled in Edit so Users have them all to hand to install if they want.
  10. I asked about this in another thread. Apparently the M Series Effects were copied en-mass and it was easier to include everything than it was to leave the duplicates out. The secondary benefit is that if you are getting short of DSP the legacy versions will sound similar but use less DSP.
  11. Are you sure this isn't a local price reduction? I am not seeing this in the UK/Europe except for Andertons. I don't disagree that an update would be very useful (especially one that allow it to be used as a recording interface by switching off mixing functions in return for minimum latency), but I think I recall some comment from Frank Ritchotte where the target market for Yamaha gear would be the sound engineer while Line 6 equipment would be for the self contained band. This left the M20d or a replacement still open for future development.
  12. I haven't had problems reading the names without my reading glasses, but you could try: Using a Helix or HD device set to control the patch selection for you? Photo-luminescent stickers or paint to make selecting a favourite or two easy and count from there.
  13. Line 6 have confirmed that MIDI is still to come in a future release, but snapshots are in this release. And the new Reverbs of course. And some new Amps. And all of the FX that were in the M Series Pedals
  14. Each scene remembers the folder that it is set to record in... when you swap media you need to navigate up the folders until you see the new device listed and then navigate down to where you want to record.
  15. I haven't had these issues with my L2ts but that isn't very helpful. When you see the same issue on multiple units you really have to question whether the diagnosis is correct. Please take the following suggestions as they are intended - things to consider; I am not saying that your unit hasn't developed a fault... but could it be something else? Such as: Fret rattle on the guitar? Do you get the same thing on the open B string and G string 4th fret? What about a different guitar? Something else in the room rattling in sympathy? Such strings on another guitar - especially an acoustic? What happens when you move the speaker to a different room? Does it stop when you lower the volume? White noise that increases when you wiggle the XLR cable: first suspect every time is the cable - swap it, does the same noise appear if you swap to the mixer inputs?
  16. You leave the M20d backstage, get a WiFi connection running and wander around FoH with an iPad. Seriously 100' is nothing. Short cable runs, everything concentrated at the stage, what could be simpler?
  17. If you want an alternative to the Line6 VDI the more generic name is ethercon, but you still need to find a soft flexible one for it to feel like a guitar cable
  18. Rewolf48


    I think there is an issue with TGP links as the number of pages depends on the number of posts/page which is a user specific setting. A link just to the post should work, thanks
  19. Rewolf48


    All 16 slots? Helix currently has 32 blocks but you may not be able to fill them all. There have been hints that at least one of these may be changing. The one teaser from DI that is very interesting is:
  20. You can correct for phase inversion when you merge the paths: it is the "B Polarity" option
  21. Rewolf48


    It is really slow around here - the TGP threads are buzzing with the to be announced at NAMM Helix FX unit.
  22. No, but try asking the question again on 25th Jan when NAMM starts. Line 6 have as good as promised that the next firmware will be revealed if not released and that 5 new reverbs will be included
  23. Technically it is an Ethercon port (common ethernet socket with Neutrik XLR protection). My rubber protector is who knows where because I only use VDI with Helix, but if you want a better designed replacement you could try this:
  24. If you are using 11s then no wonder you need to reduce the levels. Heavier strings put a bigger signal into the pickups and while never confirmed by Line 6 it is strongly suspected that the first stage of processing is a compressor/limiter so that really heavy strumming doesn't cause distortion. There is therefore a sweet spot that depends on the wood, strings and your playing style where you reduce the global string levels down so that you only get compression when playing you hardest. This is really a calibration exercise where the firmware is aligned to the hardware and player. It is well worth doing and perhaps revisiting every now and then, but absolutely should be done every time you change string gauge just the same as you would adjust the trem spring tension to balance the bridge position.
  25. Or get Native... makes it so easy, record USB 7 then add Native as an inline FX.
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