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  1. I use "Snarling Dog" "Brain Picks" .53 green... I like thin picks, learned with the old fender tear drop but they chip and break and were I lived when I was young I couldn't find more some one told me about Dunlop nylon picks used them for years until I found the ones with the ruff grip then use those. A few years back I visited my dad and went to a music store there and found this green pick that said brain on it and it was for me the perfect thickness and has the ruff grip on it, after wearing the point off it I did a google search and found out the whole name. No tarring, no chipping, no cracking, but over a long time I wear down the piont, bottom line "Great Picks" .... I had a friend that loved those copper picks but they were not near flexible enough for me.
  2. Look, according to DI they left Newark, CA on 9-28-15 ..... :angry: WERE ARE THEY NOW!!! LOL :huh: :D No sign of them at GC warehouse yet... but i was informed that they were getting 197 of them instead of the 133 I was told on 8-8-15.... PLEASE report any late breaking news on the "where is Santa Clause now" tracker... :lol:
  3. Ok, are you gonna tell him he has to wait?!?! Ahhh thats why it's been so long... they have to ween them first... That's right king kong's little brother... ahhh... "in the wild" 'in the wild" Yep everyone's favorite guitar player Nigel Tufnel, official tester. Another new version?!?!?! gotta have that one too!!! It seems like everybody but us got there's already :angry: :o :( got helix?
  4. TRUE!!! Because this is his younger brother "Little Foot"
  5. Newark City in California ....................... right?
  6. Hey, Isn't it enough that they "intended" to release it by the end of summer????? Aren't we being just a little too cynical? But seriously, to the guy's at Line 6 I'll be ready for it when your done... "Are we there yet?" I feel like a little kid saying "Is it Christmas yet?" well I guess it get here when it gets here :( BTW will there be a post here of the Official release? and or on the line 6 home page? when it happens????
  7. When the guy at my GC showed me the 133 units (8-4-15) they were expecting the shipment to arrive on 9-11-15 at the Main GC distribution warehouse in LA and that was for all GC's and that is probably what Wallyg was being shown. also I don't doubt that Line 6 is telling GC and all other retailers expected dates, but ultimately they won't be released to the public until Line 6 says go... the store manager at my GC told me there has been times in the past when new products sat in there back room and they themselves were not allowed to open them. So all the warehouses for all the retailers could possibly already have units (not as well) and we wouldn't know one way or the other... He did say they didn't have any there at the store i go to. Yes it's all speculation on our part and we will get it when we get it.... but I do encourage anyone that hears anything share it with the rest of us... right or wrong is not that important because only the powers that be at Line 6 and Yamaha know what the date is and can change it anytime and as much as they want. I will say that the anticipation of it is driving me crazy!!!
  8. Hi James, check out the latest generation of pro-level FX and amp modeling. Can't see images? View this online just got an email today..... when I saw it was from GC and saw Helix in the subject line I thought wow it's finally my tracking info and well it was an advertisement for it... :(
  9. I found this but its a soft padded bag I really would like a poly carbonate hard type or Gator type road case. since this fits the "POD HD500/POD XT & X3 LIVE" that are POD XT Live 20.25" 11" 3.25" 10.90lbs POD X3 LIVE 21.5" 10" 4.75" 8.40lbs Helix—22.05 x 11.85 x 3.6 inches; 14.6 lbs only 1/2" longer and 3/4" deeper than these others. the type case that is for the M20D I have is really nice and pretty tough I think it is poly carbonate would be more that adequate. At one time I remember seeing a company that makes custom cases but don't remember the name ... if anybody knows some please post a link. Thx
  10. Will there be a road case available at launch? Is there a way to pre-order it? I would like to have a nice case for it when I get it so maybe now would be a good time to find out about it. I saw a post before where someone said "this one should work" but I want one that is made specifically for the Helix
  11. Technically this is correct.... and better than October :lol:
  12. I am hopping that's is the case..... hey let me dream a little I am getting psyched and I can't wait it just might be 11 more days!!! whhooo hooooo!!!! and after seeing the latest review man I am stoked!!! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  13. AVAILABLE 09-11-2015
  14. AVAILABLE 09-11-2015
  15. I had a beriginger mixer sx2442fx with 3yr extended warranty from GC and it was 3 yrs and 11 months old and 1 of the fx channels had a little fizzle that was slightly audible and the 8 segment display would go out on 2 segments and you could tap it with your finger and it would lite up and stop the scratchy fizzle sound and yes they gave back the $500.00 I paid for it and I put that towards my Line 6 M20D mixer. not that I am worried about a drunk and his beer but I have got caught in a rain storm loading and unloading equipment and that would be bad to have to replace a piece of expensive equipment if it was damaged and I don't get the warranty on everything but the high dollar stuff and some I have covered with state farm and it covers all that and theft as well... now am I going to hit it with a hammer just so I can return it ....NO. But piece of mind is worth something on some things.
  16. Sorry about your experience but really you have 45 days to either keep what you got or send it back (really no excuse for being dis-satisfied) and I have had to use the warranty a few times for my church on a couple of Gem Sound amps (cheap I know but work just the same) and it was one that went out and MF gave us the money back and we got another and after a year had to do that one again so I got another and a new warranty and that has been about 8 or 9 years ago and out of the 2 amps one has never had a hiccup and since the last time on the other that's been about 6 or 7 years really can't beat that for amps that were only $99... I would buy another in a second if they still had them and I needed one. So, as was pointed out buy someone else here "when a drunk spills his drink on the stage and your Helix you are out of luck"..... see if you can use your warranty at SW for that, you can if you have the Gold Coverage from MF.
  17. The "gold coverage" warranty is better than anything SW can offer.... so SW gives you an extra year free but it doesn't compare and GC, MF sister company has the "pro coverage" same as gold coverage I was going to go with SW until I found out about that and got mine from GC. FYI GC at one time had no "online site" I remember calling and asking and was told to goto MF because that was there site, now that GC has an online site and they can compete with themselves as well, It's pretty good marketing...
  18. No problemo Dude! as far as the side debate +1 on the religion side for me (really I don't believe in religion I do believe in a relationship) and truly either side your on takes a certain amount of "FAITH" remember a theory is not a fact until its proven. so if we can all just "agree to disagree" and get back to something we all agree on and that is the Helix has not come just yet and we want it NOW!!! LOL :D :lol: ;) as for my previous GAS: mid to late 80's: MXR Distortion+ ibanez 7 band EQ ibanez Flanger DOD stereo chorus DOD Noise Gate Marshal JCM800 Lead 100 Watt Peavey 412 cab 90's thru 2011: ART SGX 2000 EXP w/ X-15 MIDI foot control Sonitec (by QSE) 175 watts per channel stereo power amp 2- 412 Peavey cabs 2012 to current: Avid Eleven Rack EPSI ver. c (ir loader) Beringer FCB1010 MIDI foot control Line 6 M20D 2- L3S's 2- L3T's 3- L2M's Line 6 Helix Pre ordered 8-9-15 B) As for the sturdy Part .... Get your Helix from GC and get the "pro coverage" or MF and get the "Gold coverage" and it covers every thing (well, except being stolen) ;) even a mad spouse with a hammer :o you can't beat that and if you want being stolen to be covered talk to your insurance guy and you would be surprised to know that you can cover just about anything no matter how old and for as long as you want.(year after year)
  19. anyone care to make a wager?!?!?!? LOL :D just kidding. I'll keep my mouth shut... ;)
  20. it will solve that problem, you can use as many interfaces as you can hook up and record up to 80 tracks at a time... download the trial software and see, you can assign any input on any interface and even your internal sound card at the same time. I first saw it at a studio in Nashville where we recorded
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