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  1. How do I make a foot switch swap cab for IR? basically I want the same foot switch to turn off one and on the other so the Cab and the cab IR are not "on" at the same time and at least one of them is always on. Also I want to use 2 IR's in the same preset but it wont let me add another one to the chain example: I want to use the Taylor Guitar IR in the beginning of the chain and use the Scum Back Cab IR after the Amp... I might need to start another topic for this part...
  2. Simply unplug the Mic cables from the Mic's at the cabs and insert them into the Helix and adjust the volume on the Helix... done! no need for the amps or cab's any more. This puts you direct into the PA and you will use the monitor in front of you (or in ear monitors, what ever you use) that's (one way) how the Helix XLR's were intended to be used. The sound man will adjust you in the FOH as it was before. Alternately you can unplug the Mic cables that go to the cab Mic's at the stage snake and run new ones to the Helix from there.
  3. Explain why... Because you could just take 2 mike cables and go to your stage snake if you can't for some reason un plug the mic's for the amps... on the other hand if you were to use the fx returns on the 2 amps and turn off your cabs in the presets you use (or not)
  4. I just got my GC tracking #and it was showing received at shipping facility and I ordered 8-8-15... finally... thank you Lord!!!
  5. OK finally got a tracking # and it is in transit It says it will be delivered on Friday.... now I can get in to the mix with the rest of you.
  6. I would like to see a blind A/B test between all three of those units and the amp that they are modeling it and/or profiling along with the cabinet that is used for the IR as well
  7. I haven't heard anyone mention if there is a delay between presets... well? Still no tracking # from GC but I did find out some ordered from GC online last week and received them and walked in some GC stores and got them. still can't understand "why me?" I paid on 8-8-15 and don't have it yet?!?!?!? some how I fell through the cracks. They should have filled the pre orders first before any store got one... I think I need to stop looking on here for a wile because I just get more depressed that this has happened. I hope that they at least compensate me some how for this.
  8. I have an Lodigy EPSI IR cab loader and use Ownhammer IR's they are superb. Have not tried the others, they have even started to make multi cab IR's like we had already been doing for over a year now. see( ) I used EPSI with the 11 rack and some times just a few stomp peddles strait in to the mixer. I can tell you that "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CAB IR'S" this is the biggest advancement in modeling since it's inception IMHO. You have 100 user spots to upload IR's to the Helix so that is effectively 100 extra cabs. the problem you may have is picking some out . the IR packs that Ownhamer sells have a lot in each and you can spend alot of time testing. I have a handful that I picked out of the modern metal pack they used to offer that I love but all are great. they have some freebies that you can try as well. Patiently waiting for my Helix so I can try some out with it.
  9. yea the guy at your store "Jeff in operations" is a good dude he wanted to help me and is looking into the thing he checked all the stores current stock and said that there are none in-stock in any GC today. He said that there are actually 2 GC warehouses, the one in Kansas City and one in Minneapolis but that one only serves MN GC's and speculated the it was possible that they got there's and was able to sort and ship to the stores quicker than the main warehouse because they service and lot smaller # of stores. My speculation is that they are sitting on a pallet in the main warehouse and have not been prepossessed into the GC system and if that's true we need to get some one high enough in the food chain over there to make it a priority.
  10. Dude I thought that you were trying to stir the pot here seeing you only had 6 posts I figured maybe you were one of those SW guys or a GC hater. so I called that store in Edina and they confirmed it. So my apologies to you. I just can't understand how this could happen.
  11. That's hard for me to believe because I preordered mine at the store on the 8th of August. my local Guitar Center manager says the same thing I'm hering from the 1 800 number people what Guitar Center did you get yours from where is it is it in California or something I'm in Georgia
  12. I do agree with that but in this case he is a friend of mine as well.
  13. It is very disappointing to hear that kinda stuff, it really don't make any since... One of the things the girl told me yesterday was "that many units (200) would need a few big trucks to bring them in" I laughed and told her that they are small enough to fit all of them in a small uhaul and people paid for that stuff months ago and it should be a priority.
  14. jaminjimlp

    L2m or l2t

    the T has the acoustic modeling built in, that's one more thing is has that the M dose not.
  15. I talked to my local store Manager and he said the District Manager will be there today and he will see if he can get to the bottom of this.
  16. jaminjimlp

    L2m or l2t

    The only difference between the 2 is that the "t" has the built in 2ch mixer with fx other than that they are the same and are FRFR and have "mix out" that can go straight to your FOH, although it's only a $100 more you never know when that may come in handy for a small coffee house type gig where you don't want to bring a pa you can plug a mic and another guitar into it.
  17. You in Maryland huh? went there a lot when I lived up there also "victor litz" both had great folks there
  18. The "valley girl that answerd the phone at the GC 1-800 # didn't know either and was giving me some spiel about "you just don't know how long it will be for a back order to get filled" and I told her that this was no back order it was a product launch. Yea I called Sam Ash in Atlanta yesterday and he told me that "someone picked theirs up a couple days ago and there were 2 sealed in the box in the Tampa warehouse," Did I want one and it could be at my door in 2 days. If I didn't like the guys at my local GC I would do the same thing as you guy's, but I got 20% off and they have been extremely good to me in the past and I feel I should be loyal to them (not GC). If you didn't know MF is GC and they work out of the same building but the warehouses are completely separate. The 1-800 # told me yesterday that it could take 3 or 4 weeks to get a shipment from Cali to Kansas (she talked like a "valley Girl") I told her that I drove a truck in the past and that's not true at all because you wouldn't be a trucker very long if it took 3 - 4 weeks to do a 26 hour trip and if they already have made it to a Sam ash in ATL and not to Kansas then something was very wrong.
  19. where do you live? I call my local GC and the 1-800 # and they have been telling me there not even at the warehouse yet.
  20. They are saying 10-13-15 at the warehouse and maybe 10 days after that to get to the store..... Kinda disheartening that the largest music retailer in the world would be near the slowest. especially after seeing someone post they picked up theirs at a SAM ASH in Ohio 2 days ago and there's an extra one there and that some that ordered from SW got theirs as well. I am in GA so I expected a little longer wait but DI said they shipped out from Newark, CA on the 28th of last month and the GC warehouse is in Kansas. I think that they should have made it a priority to get those to customers as they had collected around $120,000 at the time I ordered mine on 8-8-15 (I was #81) they get your money up front not when it ships. This probably sounds a bit cynical. "ARE WE THERE YET?"
  21. I originally created this for use with the "EPSi: Convolution Powered Reverb in a Small Stomp Box" with:Version C for EPSi, a firmware version for Cabinet Speaker and Room simulation. that I used with my Eleven Rack that had no way to load ir cabs. see my tutorial here: But now I won't need it any more because of the Helix. If you don't know why you would need a multi cab ir I'll try to give you an example: did you ever think of running two different amps or speaker cabinets with one in the right channel and the other in the left? that is the beauty of "multi cab ir's" How to make multi Cab IR's from existing IR's for use with the Helix: with PT11: 1.Open a blank session and click on "setup" then "session" change the bit rate to 24 and make sure sample rate is at 96 khz "File" then "Import" then "Audio" navigate to the IR's in your comp and click"Add Files" then "Done" then "create new tracks from start position" then click "Track" then "New" select "Stereo" and "Master Fader" then click "Create" have an option to either change the output to "Main Out R" and "Main Out L" in "mix window" on each track or pan each track to your liking so some of each bleed over to the other. 4.Add any plugins to the master track you want as in screenshot. 5.Click "File" then "Bounce To" then "Disk" select as in screenshot 6.Put in folder (that you'll remember). and your done. 7. load it to a "ir block in your Helix and test it out. Maybe the Admin will see it important enough to make it a "sticky". Have fun with it and share some of your work!!!
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