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    Lead boost

    I only tried the the gain block in front of the amp and that was it and yes it says 12db
  2. jaminjimlp

    Lead boost

    I tried this but it was not enough, none were then I tried putting a second amp (on same foot switch set to alternate between the 2) and then a preamp and EQ but the one that works best for me was to go into the amp settings and go to master volume and hold down the knob and the control setup pops up and then I mapped it to my EXP 3 (you could use 1 or 2 aswell) and set the min to whatever the master volume was at and the max to 10 or what ever you need and that works great and you save DSP for other uses.
  4. Since I got the Helix Friday I have had it hooked up to 2 L2M's with the L6 Link and it is in stereo and I have used it as my PT12 interface and it comes through Stereo (steaming through USB) and sounds great, if you use it run it on PA/Reference (FRFR), they are phenomenal speakers... You "must have" 2 of them if you have not heard the Helix in stereo the you are missing a lot... put on some head phones if thats all you got and check it out. I plan to use it live with my M20D same as I did with my 11 Rack
  5. Put the "Taylor 314ce - Shure SM57.wav" IR (thats floating around here) @ #6 IR slot in Helix here is the Preset it's called "Acoustic Chorus+" The way it is set up is that with EXP #2 when you move the peddle up or down it changes from Path #1 to Path #2 and the + is a very heavy tone so you can go from an Acoustic sound to a Hard Rock/Metal tone just moving the EXP #2 then there is a lead boost that swaps amps on FS #10. Please let me know what you think and you can also help me dial in the Acoustic tone, I am really not a tweaker here is a short sample of the tone recorded straight in from Helix USB to PT12 no post processing. Edit: I forgot to add that you should use you neck position pick up for the acoustic and the bridge for the metal one. sorry I had the clip in private I did this at about 4am The Guitar used is a Fernandes Vortex Elite with an EMG 81 in the bridge position and the Fernandes Sustainer in the neck position.
  6. thanks for this I had not had a chance to look this up and I can see simply swap the tip and ring and it will do the trick... as for linear vs. logarithmic curve I found that the fist one (default ) it just comes on at a certain point but the second one is smooth from silence to full on
  7. he said it was in the discription but that was to TGP and it aint there no more... I asked .... we will see... you guys will be the first to know.
  8. Yes absolutely that's a brilliant idea I didn't think of doing that I thought of taking apart the pedal but yes you're absolutely right you just have to find the right combination of wiring because really the expression pedal is basically just a volume pot or a potentiometer. Well I should start taking orders now anyone wants one I'll pick up a TRS cable cut it in half and add some female ends too it in the right combination of wiring
  9. I made a preset like this last night I made it acoustic sound and since my volume pedal works backwards I only changed one of the paths to wear it works correctly the second path is a nice distortion sound so when I move expression pedal (I have a one mission engineering one) if I push it toe down I have one path but when I put it heel down I have the other path or I can stop in the middle and mix them. I had to put the volume pedal at the beginning of each path and assign them both to expression pedal two and then change the max 0 and the minimum to 100 on one of them
  10. OK I knew somebody had to get that if you did please share
  11. This is the same thing I did I have windows 10 pro 64-bit and it is working great for me
  12. I must say that Duncan had the same answer in one of the three that he gave me but since DI's was the one that I really needed. So I made it the answer to the question
  13. good read .... did ya happen to get that kemper IR he made?!?!?! for some reason he took it down and the link don't work.... I bought the Ownhammer modern pack last year and there is so many to chose from it's kinda mind boggling... I need to find an easier way to load them in to the Helix as one at a time is tedious.
  14. Yeah I could take it apart and rewire it my self but I will wait for the warranty to expire first, they had a used one from MI with the Line 6 logo but it would have cost almost the same amount with shipping and the new one was free shipping and it had the off limit control as well
  15. The x32 is pretty sweet no doubt but it's a beast (big and heavy) I went back and forth and picked the M20D and have no regrets it is the best sounding system I have ever heard and compares to the quality of a system you would hear at a concert for a big name band. plus recording all the inputs with out a computer. the only thing that I could say against it is you say there 5 of you and in-ears is that there are only 4 monitor mixes. but if you get it from GC you can try it out for a few weeks and take it back if you don't like it. I suspect you won't. We are a Christian rock band and most gigs we can't turn it up wide open because it's LOUD and super clean and even in a Gymnasium with horrible acoustics it sounds phenomenal. The only time I turned it all the way up was at a out door gig and it was LOUD and CLEAR!!! then I remembered after words I could have turned each individual speaker up even more ( I leave mine at 12 o'clock )
  16. Thanks I need to edit that I converted this tutorial for the helix before I had it in my hands.
  17. Yeah that was written for the EPSI which 24/44 is the maximum quality wav file it will run successfully I used ownhammer 96K files on the helix so whatever your DAW can do will work for you just really need to start out with an IR that is of the quality that you need I would not save it in a higher quality format bit lower I think would be acceptable. When I get a chance I will add it, thanks for pointing it out.
  18. 1)How do you feel about your new Helix? I'm glad it's finally here I waited two months to get it from the time that I paid and it was definitely worth the wait it is heading shoulders above the 11 rack which I've been using for the past couple of years I will not sell that one I will save it and still continue to use it as an interface to ProTools. 2) What would you like to see changed or improved about it if it was at all possible? There's only one thing so for that I have noticed that I would like them to change and that is when I make settings different then the standard or default ones on any particular FX or cab or amplifier if I accidentally turn the knob and it changes what is the default effect for that block all the settings go back to their default, this is slightly aggravating when you accidentally turn the knob and then turn it back and have to reset all those parameters, maybe some type of auto save for the settings that you include at least on that particular thing. Ok two things, Also my mission engineering expression pedal works backwards from its intended purpose and I have to change it on each preset to make it work correctly like I would any volume pedal that I'm sure there must be some global setting but I haven't been able to find it as of yet 3) How would it be then? I'm sure as most have found that use it is head and shoulders above everything else they have used I myself have never used an Axe FX ll but I do know this thing is stinking sweet and right out of the box makes me happy without a ton of tweaking which was something I was not able to harness in my 11 rack, thanks to guys like "singtall" who made the "Singtall superPACk" (for the 11rack) I was able to get the tone that I really wanted but with this unit right out of the box it has sounds I want and even ones I am trying to manipulate it was really easy.
  19. I'm not trying to hijack this thread I want to share some information about what you asked that may be helpful to you for mixing IR's and manipulating them in a DAW.... There's a fellow on another forum that helped me a lot with doing this and he does some things different I will post a link to one of his IR's he made and find where he explained what exactly he does and give link for it too. Here is a thread with some IR's TLTD made and some explanation Can't find the other thread so I pm'd him.
  20. I got mine on Friday and I didn't get to mess with it until yesterday started going through the factory presets just to hear them but was surprised there was not more heavy sounding presets I will say that and suggest to everyone that you get a couple of L2M's or L2T's to connected to the L6 link put them on PA reference and when you get to the stereo presets and FX you will notice a lot of nice things going on. Then I realized there was "factory presets 2" and in that one it has about 20 more presents and those have a lot of crunchy and nice rock sounding things going on. Hi am 51 and play in a Christian rock band. I have been using and 11 rack for the past three years or so and I can say right out of the box I was not too impressed but with the help of some folks on another forum and a guy that calls himself Singtall milked out of that unit the best sounding stuff that I've ever used I can say of the Helix that right out of the box impresses me and I tried to duplicate one of Singtall's presets he made for the 11 rack that I use most and I am impressed with what I came up with, it was not hard to do. I have been running the 11 rack through my dream stage which is the line 6 M20D and 2 L3S subs two L3T PA speakers and 3 L2M's for monitors all linked with the L6 link and if you have never seen or heard it I will tell you it is the single best sounding PA system that I've heard outside of going and seeing big-name bands play at a concert hall I run the 11 rack straight into it with XLR's which is the same way I will be running the Helix into it. I am also pleased to say that there is no delay between patch switching which for me is something that I find rather annoying with the 11 rack but always put up with it and try to time the change of preset in the song as to not have it cut out at the wrong time which is very tough to do, I was used to this same thing with my ART SGX 2000 express that is what I used from the early 90s up until I got the 11 rack.
  21. I was able to make it work in the adjustment of the particular effect I wanted to control but I had to make it opposite where by default it seems to want to be heel down 100% toe down zero%... The bad part about this is that every time I want to use it for something I will have to change that it seems like there must be a way to make it by default already know which direction I would like it to be by default.
  22. As far as using the expression pedal that would work but I did not want to lose the expression pedal to be able to be used for a Wawa I have an external expression pedal that I bought guitar center mission engineering one and I wanted it to be for a volume pedal but the other two suggestions sound like they would probably work and I am going to try those thank you
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