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  1. Well I can actually say that I did see it with my own eye's on GC's computer, so as for my self and Edgar Allan Poe “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.†― Edgar Allan Poe I should believe %50 of it, as for you well I guess you should believe %0 of it LOL :P
  2. I just Pre-ordered my Helix today at my local GC and they have in there computer that the main GC warehouse is expecting the arrival of 133 helix units on 9-11-15. I am #81 on the list. So is this a tentative date or is there a chance it will be sooner rather than later??? OH Boy I can't wait!!! :P :D :lol: :rolleyes:
  3. Take a look at SAWSTUDIO
  4. you are absolutely right about a "back up rig" I was more thinking at the time I wrote it that getting a replacement in the near future.
  5. Thanks that pretty much seals the deal for me to pre-order the floor version, I am currently using an avid 11 rack (not getting rid of it) really looking forward to getting my hands (feet) on it!!! Thanks for the specifics....
  6. the rack mount would also require you to have some long cables for each fx loop that you would use with stomp boxes as wel right or dose it incorporate the connections on the foot control?
  7. this is where you need the "pro coverage" or the "gold coverage" that covers all things except being stolen, ie: spills,drops, and random stupidity.
  8. .......remember when we used to buy analog mixers that didn't have the ability to be "Upgraded" and we were happy for a time?!?!? FWIW: If the grass is greener on the other side, it may be that its growing over the septic tank!!!
  9. from FAQ's What’s the difference between Helix and Helix Rack? Along with the Helix Control remote, Helix Rack’s workflow and feature set is virtually identical to that of Helix. Plus you get duplicate expression pedal jacks, a 1/4†analog bypass (buffered) output, AES/EBU in, and Wordclock in with terminator switch. Presets can be freely shared across both units with no file conversion required. Is this all?!? I am just wondering if is worth the extra $500.... I don't need any of the things mentioned hear... I really want to know is this it???? I guess what I want to know is about the hardware, for example is the more processing power or more than or double dual-DSP processor architecture than the floor unit? "Helix Rack’s workflow and feature set is virtually identical to that of Helix"..... whats not the same, this is what I want to know about so I can make a decision on whether to wait for the rack or not.... thanks in advance, Jim
  10. I agree but don't ever expect them to say this... the only way you will know this is when they release the M32D (or what ever the next big thing in digital mixing Line 6 comes out with if they ever do) the reason is that all the "in stock" units would become near worthless unless you just couldn't afford the next big thing and you could "settle" for it until you could save up for the other. The Eleven Rack is a good example of this (I love mine and I am not getting rid of it) the only way we know about the "drop of it" is because Avid layed off all of the development team as well as the creator of it. Yes it's related to "GAS" Gear Acquisition Syndrom .... I am currently suffering from symptoms of this for the Line 6 Helix.... " This is actually the "Eleven Rack-2" or the "11-R ii" that everybody has been waiting for! People asked for a floor unit & or a dedicated foot controller, IR loading & much more! Well.........This is it & Sean Healy who worked on the 11R for Avid has been working on this at Line-6 since since he left." Quote from; X-Mann on 11r presets forum
  11. 1 time we played in a box truck that one side opens to become a stage and it was in the mid to upper 90's and towards the end of our playing about 2hr in it cut out bad and the unit was real hot I cycled the power and it made it the rest of the way maybe another 1/2 hr. the unit was in the truck box away from the opening and there was no air flow up in there.
  12. I saw the question but don't see an answer about "how visible is the display in day light" or in the sun or out side.... and what is the 36 month deal?
  13. how about a dual pitch shifter.... I loved the one one my ART SGX 2000 express it had so many things you could do with 2 pitch shifters and the dry part.
  14. 1 of My L3T's did that once and DB sent me a firmware update for it since mine did not have the latest one and it has never happened again
  15. I have used DMX cables for 2 years now. never a problem. the one thing I remember Mr Ron saying about it was to make sure none of the 3 pins are connecting to the shielding or ground. one of mine is 50' also. there "live wire", GC house brand. If you look at the "Hosa brand" offering the sell there cables as AES/EBU- DMX. but if you are going to invest in some and have time go with the AES/EBU. But as SiWatts stated the Protocol is different. and less Ohms is less resistance ie: better connection. Just sayin' what has worked for me. Look for the thread that Mr Ron did on cables it's very informative.
  16. this is on the Fader View is available on the StageScape M20d display as well as the StageScape Remote iPad app. For the best of both worlds, you can use Stage View and Fader View together. For example, set StageScape M20d to Stage View and your iPad to Fader View and bank through faders simply by touching icons on the stage. It’s a faster, more intuitive experience than you get with other digital consoles. sounds cool, never thought about it.
  17. Praise the Lord I have not had a problem!!! thanks for the info and solution... GREAT JOB BRO!!! this should be a sticky somewhere on this forum. O yes and we love Ron Morton... Where is he?!?!?! I haven't been around as much lately either but check in for time to time to see if there is an update on the firmware... I know "don't hold your breath" but I am hopping they will surprise me. My hope was that the sale to Yamaha would spark new life into an already awesome product... My theory is that there has not been good advertisement of most of Line 6 products and I think that the m20d is at the top of that list, nor have I ever seen it in a musician's friends or Guitar Center sales flyers they need to get the Nintendo advertisement team and/or take the page out of there book and flood the market with advertising and product and they would sell a lot more units. Also there's a problem with demos you go to any local music store and you wont find any of their stuff besides amps that you can test drive. You know it can't be a money problem because my goodness you pay top dollar for there stuff. I had to drive from my local Guitar Center about 45 miles to the one in Atlanta to even be able to try out the m20D that was before I bought it almost 3 years ago, now you go up there and they don't even have that demo there anymore it's a shame because now that there are these other companies like QSC and Makie have their own touch screen mixers there on display and guess what no M20D setting their next to them, which IMHO is a much superior unit and I cannot figure out why in the world that you don't have Line 6's offering there in the "mix" for comparison. okay sorry for the rant :wacko: I feel better now :lol: there's my two cents... :D
  18. When using the L6 link for mains and monitors the main XLR's could be monitor sends 5 and 6 also XLR mon sends could be mon sends 7, 8, 9, 10 giving a total of 10 Aux sends... Or a box that can be plugged into the L6 link with the stagesource speakers that has multiple XLR outputs for additional Aux sends. NOTE: I know what I've said in the past about Ideascale but I have tried at it once more. ​here is a link to it:
  19. all of the stagesource speakers and the M20d have built in power conditioning... I asked a long time ago.... I used to a still sometimes do use a monster power 3500 pro
  20. I had a similar issue last month where I had been using an old ART SGX 2000 express during practice (2 - 1/4" linked stereo in combi jacks on m20d) for my rhythm guitar player and at the gig he bought his pedal board. no problem right?!?!? "I'll just use one of the inputs and mess with the trim" WRONG!!! all of a sudden I have this sound as if I was using an unshielded cable with a cranked to 10 Marshall guitar amp coming out of the mains and no matter what cable I used or settings I tried it still happened and after wasting almost all of the prep time before the gig I muted that channel and switched to an empty one and started fresh and all was well... when I got home the next day and thought about trying it with the Art again it still was doing it no matter what the setting so I deleted the channel and relinked and set up again and it's perfect now. That was with No reboot. So save your setup for all the channels and if it happens again try just deleting that channel only and replug the inputs and load the setup or preset for that individual channel and don't reboot to see if it works and that will save time and a little face as well. I thought maybe it was because I used a linked channel and only connected to one side but after reading this thread I am not so sure about that. It is as if the settings for that particular channel got corrupted some how, I thought maybe because I tried to use just one side of the linked pair. But in these other cases it is when at normal use in a linked pair right?
  21. Honestly I have had pretty much worry free usage of this mixer the only thing that has ever happened to me is that error sometimes when you turn it on and it does not load Fully and you just switch it back off and back on and it usually is fixed. only on maybe two or three instances have I had to reboot it more than once. And about firmware updates correct me if I am wrong but when the unit originally came out wasn't it sometime in this part of the year where the 1.1 firmware came out? And last years 1.20 came out around the same time last year maybe we will be seeing another update soon. seems like a year in between each
  22. Ok, I have a question.... Why do you need ideascale anyway? This forum is better and the folks here are great. You could just put a sticky up for new ideas. or we could start new threads with a title that started with some key word like "feature request". I had used ideascale before and find that it was basically a waste of time and people on there are quite anal.... (in my experience) I was on there for the pro tools and avid 11 rack, well that being said the 11 rack has no support from avid anymore and we know that now because avid laid off the whole team of guys that developed the 11 rack and the guy that wrote the code for it. it just seems that it all was falling on deaf ears (and it was). Maybe it will be different for you guys on there, guess I am a bit jaded from the whole thing.
  23. This is what I use and it works great (it's no longer produced) but DB said you don't need a power conditioner because it's built in to the power supplies of each part of your dream stage system. We got it for our old system because we had problems with bad noisy power at the places we have gone. We do outreach in our area so you don't know what kind of hook up you will have. Last gig I ran it wide open at an outside gig and that's m20d turned all the way up and the speakers at 12:00 and the read out on the monster power pro has amps and voltage read outs and it was around 5-7 amps the whole time and it went on for 4 hours and 3 other acts besides our band, 2 were christian rap groups and they want it loud. As far as a UPS you will need a big one and there high dollar.
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